Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3558

Chapter 632 – Advanced Guild Residence

“The Gorgon Queen’s dead!”

“She’s dead?”

“How?! This is a Tier 6 Primordial Godkin we are talking about! What kind of power could possess the strength to raid her?!”

The Holy Race players who arrived at the underground plaza gasped in disbelief when they saw the corpse in the middle of the plaza. They couldn’t believe that the terrifying Gorgon Queen had fallen.

“Quick! Inform the commander!”

“The treasury! The city treasury is open!”

“Charge! There’s no way they could have emptied the treasury in such a short time!”

After recovering from their shock, the Holy Race players promptly contacted their superiors before rushing into the treasury.

“Dammit! Were we too late?” Extreme Feather revealed an ugly expression as she gazed at the empty area in the middle of the treasury.

While mountains of treasures still filled the Nameless City’s treasury, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that the treasury’s most precious items had already been taken. What remained probably didn’t amount to even one-tenth of the value of the taken items.

“What should we do now, Commander Feather? It’s likely that item has already been taken…” an elderly man radiating an aura rivaling Tier 6 Gods asked as he looked at Extreme Feather. “How are we supposed to explain ourselves to that person?”

“Though it’s troublesome, we can only inform that person of the situation,” Extreme Feather said. Then, revealing a rare sneer, she continued, “That item is something that person is determined to obtain. With that person’s power, finding whoever took that item won’t take long. At that time, we’ll see how those people resist that existence!

“Inform everyone to secure the remaining treasures. Do not spare anyone who dares to compete against us! All of the treasures here are ours!”

Subsequently, a brutal struggle erupted within the Nameless City’s treasury. It was the fiercest battle between the Holy Race’s various powers on the Western Continent to date. The battle would go on to last more than ten days and see over a hundred Holy Race powers getting involved. By the end of the battle, over a million Holy Race players would have died, and several Holy Race powers would be thoroughly eliminated from the Eternal Realm. As for the treasury’s wealth, several major powers would end up dividing it among themselves.

While the Holy Race’s various powers were fighting over the Nameless City’s treasury, Shi Feng and the others had logged out of God’s Domain after finding a safe location in the Nameless City.

After resting three hours in the real world, Shi Feng had Gentle Snow and the other Zero Wing members log back into the game before transporting everyone back to the Crystal City of Secrets with a World-Breaking Gate. Following this, Shi Feng logged out of the game to rest for an entire day before teleporting Azure Shadow and the other Night Watch Battle Group members back to the Crystal City as well.

Eternal Continent, Crystal City of Secrets:

When the morning sun covered the land with its rays, the players in Zero Wing’s Residence started a new day of activities.

So, this is Zero Wing?

Looking out the window of the room, Azure Shadow and the other Night Watch battle group members couldn’t help but be astonished by the strength of the Zero Wing members walking around in Zero Wing’s Residence.

Although there were no more than a thousand Zero Wing members in the Residence, it was possible to see quite many fifth-floor experts mixed among them.

It should be known that fifth-floor experts were rare, even in conglomerates and pseudo-apex powers. They were individuals who could be tasked to spearhead the defense of strategic locations. In upper-ranking hegemonic powers, fifth-floor experts would be automatically assigned an Elder position, and there wouldn’t be more than several dozen of them in the entire organization.

Yet, just in Zero Wing’s Residence alone, Azure Shadow and the others had already counted over 50 fifth-floor experts. This was already more than what some upper-ranking hegemonic powers had, and they couldn’t help but have difficulty believing that Zero Wing was only established not long ago.

“All of you have performed excellently this time. Based on your contributions, each of you will receive a copy of the Advanced Bronze Mana Purification Technique. With it, I trust that you will have no problems with the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle group test,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he observed the stunned look on Azure Shadow and the others. “Since there is still some time until the test, feel free to use the Guild Hall’s combat rooms to spar with Zero Wing’s members. It should give you a lot of inspiration.”

“Can we invite the Guild’s fifth-floor experts for a spar, Instructor Black Flame?” Azure Shadow asked tentatively.

Currently, some of their group had already reached the fifth-floor standard, while the rest were very close to reaching it. If they could spar with a large number of fifth-floor experts, it would definitely help them improve significantly.

However, fifth-floor experts were incredibly rare existences in any Realm, and so was the opportunity to spar with them. Moreover, fifth-floor experts were usually very busy. So, they wouldn’t usually waste their time sparring with others unless they stood to gain something.

But after seeing so many fifth-floor experts gathered in one place, Azure Shadow and the others were reluctant to give up on the opportunity to spar with these experts so easily.

“Naturally,” Shi Feng answered, chuckling. “I can prepare a combat room for each of you. I believe many fifth-floor experts will be interested in sparring with you all when the time comes. I only hope that you don’t find it too much trouble.”

Fifth-floor experts were indeed rare outside the Eternal Realm, but they were rather common in the Eternal Realm’s Crystal City of Secrets. Rather than fifth-floor experts, what was rarer were Tier 6 experts like Azure Shadow and the others. Currently, there was not a single Tier 6 player in the Crystal City outside of Azure Shadow’s group. Not to mention, Azure Shadow and the others had extraordinary mana.

In the face of a Tier 6 God’s mana, if players did not have a sufficiently strong grasp over World Laws and precision control over mana, even releasing their mana out of their body would be a challenge. If players could fight in the presence of a Tier 6 God’s mana for a long period, it would absolutely help them to improve in these two aspects, which would, in turn, help them with their Tier 6 promotion.

Hence, for Zero Wing’s fifth-floor experts, the opportunity to spar against Azure Shadow’s group was definitely a fortuitous one. It was especially so since they had already met the level requirement to challenge their Tier 6 promotion.

“Thank you, Instructor Black Flame! We won’t disappoint you!”

When Azure Shadow and the others heard Shi Feng’s reply, excited looks appeared on their faces. At the same time, their worship of him increased even further.

Due to the high status fifth-floor experts enjoyed in the Greater God’s Domain, even upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates would have trouble getting their fifth-floor experts to execute a command. It was especially so if the command involved a thankless task such as being a sparring partner.

Subsequently, after receiving their copy of the Advanced Bronze Mana Purification Technique, Azure Shadow and the others promptly left the room to deposit their loot into Zero Wing’s warehouse. Then, they began wholeheartedly studying the Purification Technique in preparation for Shi Feng’s sparring arrangement.

As for Shi Feng, he paid a visit to the core room of Zero Wing’s Residence after scanning through the loot he obtained from the Nameless City’s treasury.

The Nameless City’s treasury truly is something. I didn’t think it would even have an Advanced Guild Promotion Order. With this, I won’t have to worry about recruiting experts anymore, Shi Feng thought as he pulled out an ancient scroll from his bag space.

System: Advanced Guild Promotion Order detected. Do you wish to upgrade your existing Guild Residence into an Advanced Guild Residence?
“Upgrade it!” Shi Feng decided without hesitation.

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