Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3559

Chapter 633 – Zero Wing’s Warehouse

System: Guild Residence will finish upgrading in 30 minutes.

System: Do you wish to spend 10,000 Eternal Gold Coins to upgrade the existing Guild Hall into an Advanced Guild Hall?

“Upgrade the Guild Hall!” Shi Feng promptly chose to upgrade the Guild Hall as well.

Shi Feng had previously had Hidden Soul return to the Crystal City in advance and secretly sell the Secret Treasures they obtained in small batches. Meanwhile, the popularity of the Secret Treasures far exceeded his expectations. Zero Wing had earned a whopping 100,000 Eternal Gold in just one day, and it only came at the cost of a quarter of their Secret Treasure stockpile. If they sold all of the Secret Treasures they obtained, they could expect to earn about 400,000 Eternal Gold.

After deducting the 60,000 Eternal Gold given to Billowing Water, Zero Wing still possessed a little more than 45,000 Eternal Gold. So, an expenditure of 10,000 Eternal Gold wasn’t anything significant for the current Zero Wing.

Not to mention, the value of an Advanced Guild Hall in the Eternal Realm easily exceeded 10,000 Eternal Gold. It was also one of the most valuable privileges afforded to an Advanced Guild Residence.

Basic Guild Halls had many private rooms where Guild members could spend some Guild Contribution Points to rest in. Not only could these private rooms help players recover their Stamina and Concentration at an accelerated rate, but they could also help in the removal of foreign energies, such as Holy Power. Meanwhile, Advanced Guild Halls took things a step further.

Not only did Advanced Guild Halls have advanced private rooms, the enhanced version of the standard private room, but they also had guild quarters that offered long-term stays for Guild members. Although guild quarters were more limited in number, going by the size of Zero Wings’ Residence, its Advanced Guild Hall should have at least 1,000 guild quarters.

These guild quarters were akin to a Guild City’s private houses. They could be equipped with teleportation arrays that players could teleport to. The only difference between the teleportation feature of a Guild Hall’s guild quarters and a Guild City’s houses was that the former had a 36-hour cooldown, while the latter only had a 24-hour cooldown.

Even so, the teleportation feature of guild quarters was invaluable in the Eternal Realm. With it, Guild members could save their time on making return trips and start to explore more distant locations. Their leveling and resource acquisition efficiencies would be nearly double that of players who couldn’t directly teleport back to a city.

After initiating the Guild Residence and Guild Hall’s upgrade, Shi Feng hurried to deposit his loot into the warehouse.

They had acquired many treasures from the Nameless City’s treasury. Just the items in Gentle Snow’s and Azure Shadow’s bags numbered over 200,000. Among them were over 30,000 bottles of Divine Water of Life, over 10,000 bottles of Soul Essence, and over 150,000 Legendary materials of all kinds. The value of these items was enough to cause even an apex power to lose its mind.

However, compared to the items Shi Feng obtained, the value of these materials paled significantly. In fact, merely the Seven Luminaries Crystals and Eternal God Crystals he obtained were enough to surpass these materials in value.

In the case of Seven Luminaries Crystals, he had obtained over 5,000 Seven Luminaries Crystal Treasure Chests, each containing close to 10,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. All of the treasure chests combined contributed roughly 50,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Even the various apex powers wouldn’t necessarily have such an amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals.

As for Eternal God Crystals, he had looted over 10,000 of them. The several hundred Eternal God Crystals the Holy Race players obtained from the Nameless City’s core region looked like a pittance compared to the amount he obtained.

Aside from Seven Luminaries Crystals and Eternal God Crystals, he had also obtained 1,000 Behemoth Sets, 50 Dragon’s Fury Sets, 3,000 copies of the Bronze Mana Purification Technique, 500 copies of the Advanced Bronze Mana Purification Technique, and 10 copies of the Silver Mana Purification Technique. The Behemoth Set was a Combat Secret Treasure Set, while the Dragon’s Fury Set was an Extraordinary Secret Treasure Set. The combined value of all these items was even greater than the value of the Seven Luminaries Crystals and Eternal God Crystals he obtained.

Only, compared to all these items, what attracted Shi Feng’s interest the most was a pulsating golden heart.

However, no matter how Shi Feng tried to investigate and research the golden heart, he was only given answers such as “Unknown” and “Cannot be appraised” by the system. Even so, every time the golden heart pulsated, it would emit a liquid-like Eternal Energy. In fact, simply letting it out in an enclosed room would quickly turn the room’s Eternal Energy into a mist-like state. Even if this item was used as nothing more than a decoration in a room, its value would easily rival complete Divine Artifacts.

“Are you really going to let Guild members freely exchange all these items, Guild Leader?” Hidden Soul asked, feeling very shocked when she learned that Shi Feng was going to make a bunch of Combat Secret Treasure Sets and Common Mana Purification Technique copies available for exchange.

Currently, although many teams had already started to obtain Combat Secret Treasures from the Underground Crystal Palace, the actual number of Combat Secret Treasures obtained was still pitiful compared to the Crystal City’s player population. Hence, Combat Secret Treasures remained an incredibly rare commodity. As for Combat Secret Treasure Sets, even pseudo-apex powers were unlikely to have more than a few sets.

Yet, Shi Feng had decided to make 50 Behemoth Sets available for exchange in the Guild Warehouse. Not only did this allow all Guild members to inspect the Behemoth Set, but internal members could also freely exchange it with GCPs. If the Crystal City’s various powers were to learn of this, they would absolutely go crazy.

Moreover, as if he wasn’t satisfied with this result, Shi Feng took things a step further by making 50 copies of the Common Mana Purification Technique available for exchange.

Currently, the Common Mana Purification Technique had only started to become popularized among the various pseudo-apex powers. As for everyone else, it remained exceedingly rare. Even the core members of upper-ranking hegemonic powers were not an exception. If it became known that Zero Wing’s internal members could exchange for the technique, it would absolutely cause a huge uproar.

“Mhm. These items might be precious, but fifth-floor experts and geniuses with great potential are more valuable,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “Moreover, this is only the first batch. Later on, I will make the Bronze Purification Technique and Extraordinary Secret Treasure Sets available for exchange as well.”

“Even the Extraordinary Secret Treasure Sets?” Hidden Soul couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in astonishment.

It had only been a day since she had returned from the Western Continent. Previously, Zero Wing didn’t even own a single Extraordinary Secret Treasure. Yet, Shi Feng was now prepared to make Extraordinary Secret Treasure Sets available for exchange to internal members. This situation made her wonder what exactly she had missed by returning to the Eternal Continent ahead of everyone else. How did Zero Wing suddenly become so wealthy?

“By the way, I’ll give this Fantasy Secret Treasure to you on loan for now. As for the GCPs needed to exchange it, you can take your time repaying it,” Shi Feng said as he handed Hidden Soul the Wind Dragon Secret Treasure.

Hidden Soul was one of Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders, yet she was still a step away from becoming a fifth-floor expert. Now that Zero Wing already had many fifth-floor experts, if Hidden Soul’s strength did not improve, she would have difficulty convincing others of her leadership. However, if Hidden Soul had the Wind Dragon Secret Treasure’s help, she should be close to matching even Golden Masters.

Subsequently, time passed, and half an hour went by in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, a pillar of light enveloped the entirety of Zero Wing’s Residence, and all players inside the Residence simultaneously received a system notification.

System: Zero Wing’s Residence has been successfully upgraded into an Advanced Guild Residence.

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