Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3560

Chapter 634 – Zero Wing’s Three Overlords

Zero Wing’s Residence, Guild Hall:

The Guild Hall’s lobby was packed with Zero Wing members waiting in line in front of the Guild’s commission counter, all looking to pick up Guild Quests. So many people were waiting in line that they filled half of the lobby. If players from other Guilds could see this sight, they would most certainly be astonished.

Normally, players in a Guild would be reluctant to take on Guild Quests. It was especially so in the Eternal Realm. This was due to Guild Quests requiring players to leave the confines of NPC Cities and enter the wilderness.

Many Holy Race players currently roamed the Eternal Continent’s wilderness. If players from the two races met, a battle was bound to ensue. And because the risk of death was very high during such events, few members of the various Guilds were willing to challenge Guild Quests.

However, the situation was completely different in Zero Wing. Zero Wing’s members happily took on Guild Quests, their behavior making it seem as if they did not care about the high risk of dying to Holy Race players.

As everyone waited for their turn to select a Guild Quest, a team of twenty players walked into the lobby. The team was of modest size, but nearly half of its members were fifth-floor experts. The leading middle-aged male Berserker was even carrying a Legendary Spear and wore a Legendary Helmet, and his imposing presence was no different than that of Tier 6 players.

Meanwhile, when the male Berserker and his team appeared, they immediately drew the attention of everyone in the lobby.

“Boss Samsara is back!”

“Boss Samsara’s aura is incredible! As expected of the man who led the annihilation of dozens of Holy Race teams! I can see why even the Holy Race’s various powers have started to offer bounties for his head!”

“With how strong Boss Samsara is, I think Boss Black Flame is the only person in the Guild stronger than him. I heard many Guilds have tried to poach him during this period, with some even offering permanent residency in a first-tier city.”

When the Zero Wing members in the lobby looked at the 20-man team’s leader, feelings of awe and envy filled them.

Fervent Samsara!

Formerly the commander of the Samsara adventurer team, Fervent Samara had chosen to join Zero Wing with his adventurer team in order to obtain the Secret Crystal Trading Firm’s advanced membership. Meanwhile, after joining Zero Wing, his performance in the Guild impressed many Zero Wing members, especially in dangerous wilderness maps. He had even made Zero Wing’s name known in the surrounding NPC Cities.

Now, even though Fervent Samsara wasn’t an executive member of Zero Wing, his influence in the Guild had surpassed even that of Zero Wing’s several Vice Guild Leaders.

Amidst everyone’s discussions, Fervent Samsara and his team approached the corner of the first-floor dining area. Seeing this, everyone in the lobby quieted down.

Currently, seated in the corner that Fervent Samsara approached was another team of players. The team was much larger than Fervent Samsara’s team, consisting of 50 players. Moreover, one-third of the team’s members were fifth-floor experts.

Meanwhile, the leader of this larger team was Heavy Abyss, a female Guardian Knight clad in icy-blue heavy armor.

Although Heavy Abyss’s helmet prevented others from seeing her face, going by the outline of her armor, she was definitely a stunning beauty. In fact, many guild members suspected that Heavy Abyss could probably rival the Guild’s several Vice Guild Leaders.

However, compared to Heavy Abyss’s appearance, everyone in Zero Wing was more curious about her strength.

Heavy Abyss was originally a solo player operating in the Crystal City of Secrets. Like Fervent Samsara, she had joined Zero Wing to enjoy the Secret Crystal Trading Firm’s advanced membership. However, unlike Fervent Samsara, Heavy Abyss had only started to form her team after joining Zero Wing and impressing the Guild’s other fifth-floor experts with her strength.

As for how strong Heavy Abyss was exactly, it remained a mystery to everyone in Zero Wing. But based on her performance thus far, everyone knew she was in no way inferior to Golden Masters. Combined with the fifth-floor experts who followed her, her influence in Zero Wing was already comparable to Fervent Samsara, and everyone recognized her as one of Zero Wing’s Three Overlords.

“Have those two ever gone out of their way to interact with each other?”

“What’s going on? Why are two of Zero Wing’s Three Overlords suddenly having a meeting? Is something big going to happen soon?”

The Zero Wing members in the lobby were astonished when they saw Fervent Samsara’s team taking a seat before Heavy Abyss’s team.

Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss were recognized as Zero Wing’s Three Overlords. Each of them held great influence in Zero Wing. All three were also incredibly strong, and many experts were willing to become their followers. However, these three individuals had varying daily activities. Adding on Zero Wing’s loose management over its normal members, these three individuals had almost never interacted with each other.

Yet, two of Zero Wing’s Three Overlords have met up together now. In everyone’s opinion, such a meeting definitely meant a major event was coming up for Zero Wing.

“Greetings, Commander Abyss. This should be our first official meeting, right?” After taking his seat, Fervent Samsara greeted the heavily armored woman before him. Then, in a tone of amazement, he continued, “You are as powerful as the rumors say. In terms of Concentration, I think you are already the undisputed number one.”

Unless his senses were playing a trick on him, he was certain that the Concentration of the woman before him had already reached the Tier 6 Advanced standard. For a Tier 5 Guardian Knight, this was an unbelievable achievement.

“You are too kind, Commander Samsara,” Heavy Abyss replied in a clear and ethereal voice. However, there was no hint of joy or delight in her tone. “You are not bad, either. Now that you have fused an Advanced Law already, you can probably challenge your Tier 6 promotion any time and immediately become the Crystal City’s strongest player.”

“You are indeed amazing, Commander Abyss,” Fervent Samsara laughed heartily, unfazed at having his secret seen through. “In that case, let’s get straight to the point.”

“Are you here to talk about the Skylight Association’s invitation?” Heavy Abyss asked.

“That’s right.” Fervent Samsara nodded. “I’m sure you’ve already looked into it, but Skylight has been developing rapidly at the capital, and it is now looking to expand into the Crystal City. To do that, it needs local experts familiar with the city’s situation. Skylight’s representative has offered me ten permanent residential slots in a first-tier city and a spot on their Board of Elders. They are also willing to help cover my contract penalties with Zero Wing. I trust that you have received a roughly similar offer. I also heard that you have been helping our several Vice Guild Leaders train during this period. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Suggestions?” Calmly smiling under her helmet, Heavy Abyss asked, “Are you suggesting that I suggest to the Guild Leader to further reduce the restrictions on outer members like us?”

Fervent Samsara did not respond verbally and simply looked at Heavy Abyss in silence, obviously acknowledging Heavy Abyss’s words.

If Fervent Samsara had to be honest, he had nothing negative to say about his time with Zero Wing. The atmosphere among the Guild’s outer members was rather lax, with few restrictions, and Zero Wing remained the only Guild that could guarantee players access to the Secret Crystal Trading Firm’s membership. Even now, many independent players still sought to join Zero Wing for these reasons.

However, after all was said and done, he was still more accustomed to being a completely free and independent player. In addition, the Secret Crystal Trading Firm’s attractiveness was decreasing by the day. If possible, he would like to negotiate with Zero Wing to further reduce the restrictions imposed on players like himself and Heavy Abyss.

“If I have to comment…” After pondering in silence for a moment, Heavy Abyss said, “We’ll definitely enjoy unimaginable wealth and status if we join the Skylight Association. But if we want to improve our skills and strength, becoming full-fledged members of Zero Wing may be the better choice.”

“Join Zero Wing to improve our skills and strength?” Fervent Samsara was surprised by Heavy Abyss’s words. “How so?”

At the same time as Fervent Samsara finished speaking, a regional announcement entered the ears of everyone in Zero Wing’s Residence.

Regional Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for upgrading its Guild Residence into an Advanced Guild Residence.

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