Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3563

Chapter 637 – Zero Wing’s Condition

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, silence befell the room. Even Fervent Samsara, the person who had made the request to Shi Feng, was evidently surprised by Shi Feng’s response.

“Me, too?” Although Heavy Abyss’s face was hidden behind her helmet, her astonishment was apparent.

“Of course,” Shi Feng said, smiling.

It was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise that Fervent Samsara could recognize the golden heart as a Primordial Chaos Body. As a thank-you to Fervent Samsara, Shi Feng didn’t mind letting the other party experience the Primordial Chaos Body’s effects once.

Not to mention, Shi Feng didn’t really have a choice.

The Primordial Chaos Body’s value was comparable to a Book of Eternity. In fact, it was even more valuable in certain aspects. With Zero Wing’s current strength, it would be a disaster for the Guild if news of the Primordial Chaos Body got out.

“Please state whatever conditions you have, Guild Leader Black Flame! I’ll do my best to fulfill them all!” Fervent Samsara said without hesitation.

Heavy Abyss also looked at Shi Feng with curiosity.

She would be lying if she said she wasn’t interested in the Primordial Chaos Body. After all, it was one of the few items that could let players reach the realm of Primordial Gods in the Greater God’s Domain. Moreover, unlike players who relied on Divine Artifacts, the strength they gained via the Primordial Chaos Body would belong entirely to themselves.

“My conditions are simple,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “In addition to becoming Zero Wing’s internal members, you only need to use one billion GCPs or five million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to exchange it.”

“One billion GCPs or five million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal?” Fervent Samsara nearly choked when he heard Shi Feng’s condition.

Of course, he wasn’t surprised at the condition of needing to become an internal member. After all, no sane power would give away such a precious opportunity to an outsider. In fact, simply becoming an internal member could already be considered a lax condition.

The only problem was the payment of one billion Guild Contribution Points or five million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. He could afford neither of these two payment methods. It was especially so for the five million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Even conglomerates would have difficulty taking out such a large sum on short notice, let alone an individual player like himself.

Shi Feng’s condition similarly stumped heavy Abyss. Even though there was an opportunity to experience a Primordial Chaos Body’s effect placed right before her, she lacked the money and resources to secure it.

“Of course, I am aware neither of you can afford to make such a large payment right away,” Shi Feng added when he noticed the awkward looks on Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss. “I can loan the two of you the necessary resources once you become internal members of Zero Wing. That way, you two can get promoted to Tier 6 quickly and avoid missing out on the Eternal Realm’s many opportunities.”

“I appreciate your understanding, Guild Leader,” Fervent Samsara said, growing ecstatic when he heard Shi Feng’s words.

“Can we experience the Primordial Chaos Body immediately after signing our contract at the Guild’s headquarters, Guild Leader?” Heavy Abyss asked for further confirmation.

Honestly, she found it hard to believe Shi Feng would offer them such loose conditions. If they were dealing with any other power, she wouldn’t even be surprised if she was required to sell herself to secure this priceless opportunity.

“Yes. Once you arrive at Zero Wing’s headquarters in the real world and sign your contract, you can log in and come to me straight away,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

The cost to use the Primordial Chaos Body might be outside the means of most other powers, but it was still bearable for the current Zero Wing. After all, the Guild had just acquired 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal from the Nameless City’s treasury not long ago.

Moreover, once Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss became Tier 6 players, Zero Wing’s overall strength would increase drastically. After all, in terms of combat standards, the two of them were far above Azure Shadow and the others. Even in the Crystal City of Secrets, they could be considered top-ranking experts.

Meanwhile, after receiving Shi Feng’s assurance, Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss promptly agreed to Shi Feng’s conditions. Then, after contacting their subordinates, they logged out of the game and hurried over to Star Lake City right away, not wanting to waste even a single second.

Shi Feng wasn’t surprised to see the two’s behavior. If he wasn’t worried he might waste a costly opportunity, he would have probably spent five million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal right away to experience the rumored Primordial Chaos Body.

But now that he had obtained a Medium World Fragment, he naturally had to make proper use of it first.

After Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss left, Shi Feng called out to Hidden Soul, who had been standing guard outside the room, and said, “Have the Guild’s Grandmaster Magicians construct a Mana Gathering Array and a large-scale Grandmaster Magic Barrier in the Guild Hall’s underground secret room. The sooner, the better.”

A Medium World Fragment was extraordinary. If he tried to use it without sufficient precautions, it would most likely cause a huge commotion outside. Normally, players would only use a Medium World Fragment inside a Great Grandmaster Magic Barrier to ensure absolute secrecy. However, as he didn’t have any Great Grandmaster Magic Barriers on hand, he could only make do with a Large Grandmaster Magic Barrier.”

“Okay, I’ll get it done right away,” Hidden Soul said, nodding.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng was done making arrangements, he logged out of the game as well to rest. The fight with the Gorgon Queen had greatly affected him mentally. Even though he had rested offline for some time already, he still hadn’t made a full recovery. He was still in need of one or two days of rest.

Star Lake City, Zero Wing Training Center:

Although Star Lake City had only been promoted to a second-tier mobile city not long ago, its population had already increased by several million. Whether it was powers based in the neighboring towns or nearby third-tier mobile cities, all of them had sent many of their talents to Star Lake City. More specifically, they had sent their talents to join Zero Wing. This, in turn, caused the Zero Wing Training Center to become incredibly popular. Even at night, the line outside the building stretched across several streets.

“Have Silk Radish and Jade River come to my office, Angel. Have the Guild’s recently contracted Grandmaster Forgers and Engineers come as well,” Shi Feng said while drinking a bottle of Life Potion. Though, when he saw the tired look on Pace Angel’s face, he couldn’t help but feel a little apologetic toward the other party.

In terms of management capabilities, Gentle Snow and Hidden Soul were undoubtedly more skilled than Pace Angel. However, as they were currently busy with matters in the Eternal Realm, they couldn’t afford to take care of the Zero Wing Training Center’s matters. And as Fire Dance still wasn’t familiar with Zero Wing’s internal affairs, Pace Angel ultimately had to manage the entire training center by herself.

“Okay, I’ll contact them right away,” Pace Angel said, nodding. Then, she started contacting the forging and engineering departments.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng disconnected the call, he took a seat behind his desk and, through his quantum watch, pulled up an ancient design dropped by the Gorgon Queen.

The Silverwing Flying Ship Design!

Items such as the Medium World Fragment and Primordial Chaos Body might let Zero Wing produce top-tier experts, but the Silverwing Flying Ship Design was an item that could enable Zero Wing to compete against the Holy Race for hegemony over the Eternal Realm!

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