Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3566

Chapter 640 – Eternal Magic Armor’s Trial Production

“If you don’t believe me, I can have my sister draw a magic array to prove herself right now, Guild Leader.”

Huo Rong couldn’t help but panic a little when he heard Shi Feng’s sudden question, and he hurried to offer an explanation.

Everyone else present was similarly surprised by Shi Feng’s reaction, and they couldn’t help but wonder why Shi Feng would express such great interest in a girl who was still one step short of becoming a Great Grandmaster Magician. After all, he didn’t even react in such a way when hearing about Huo Rong’s ability to fully manufacture the forging designs he provided.

There was a vast difference between Half-step Great Grandmaster Magicians and true Great Grandmaster Magicians. Over 99% of Advanced Grandmaster Magicians in the Greater God’s Domain could never be able to take the final step.

Hence, while Great Grandmaster Magicians were incredibly rare in God’s Domain, Advanced Grandmaster Magicians who were one step short of becoming Great Grandmasters were not. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that such Advanced Grandmaster Magicians were a dime a dozen. Take the current Zero Wing, for example. So long as Zero Wing gave the word, many such Advanced Grandmaster Magicians would be ready at its service.

“No need. I believe you. Also, very few people can become an Advanced Grandmaster Magician at such a young age, so she is indeed qualified to become a core member of Zero Wing,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Then, he swept his gaze across the other youths in the room and asked, “Is anyone else here an Advanced Grandmaster Magician?”

Following Shi Feng’s question, the other youths in the room turned to look at each other, but none of them raised their hands.

“That’s a shame.” Shi Feng sighed as he looked at the silent crowd.

Half-step Great Grandmaster Magicians were indeed common in the Greater God’s Domain, but Half-step Great Grandmaster Magicians who were also Advanced Grandmaster Forgers were not. Such talent remained precious to the various powers, and it was especially so for the current Zero Wing.

Since returning from the Nameless City, Shi Feng had desperately sought to materialize the Eternal Magic Armor Equipment Set. After all, the Eternal Magic Armor’s forging process wasn’t particularly complicated. Apart from needing sufficient knowledge of magic arrays to engrave the intricate Eternal Battle Array, the only other major challenge was procuring a large supply of Eternal God Crystals. So long as these two requirements were met, any Grandmaster Forger could produce the Eternal Magic Armor.

Originally, Shi Feng had planned to produce the Eternal Magic Armor himself. But as the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, he had many things he needed to do, and he couldn’t afford to spend too much time on manufacturing items. Ultimately, he would need other Lifestyle Players to manufacture the set. Only then could Zero Wing have a long-term supply of the Eternal Magic Armor.

Meanwhile, although Shi Feng had not heard of Huo Ling’s name in his previous life, the fact that she met the Eternal Magic Armor’s manufacturing requirements would naturally catch his interest.

“Since there is no one else, apart from Huo Rong and Huo Ling, anyone who has achieved a completion rate of 70% or above can apply with Pace Angel to become a core member. Once you do so, Pace Angel will give you a set of coordinates in the Greater God’s Domain. Head to the coordinates at the designated time, and someone will bring you to the Eternal Realm.”

After saying so, Shi Feng got out of his seat and left his office. Meanwhile, the youths remaining in the office immediately exploded into an uproar.

“Crap! It was actually true?!”

“The Eternal Realm! I can’t believe we get to go to the Eternal Realm!”

“Dammit! I only managed to get a 65% completion rate this time! If only it was higher!”

Although they had long heard that core members could travel to the Eternal Realm, it wasn’t until Shi Feng said it himself that they truly understood that the opportunity was real and that it wasn’t just a slogan to motivate guild members. This situation caused those who failed to meet Shi Feng’s requirements to feel envious and disappointed.

“This is great, Radish! We are going to the Eternal Realm!” Jade River said excitedly to the person beside her.

Silk Radish nodded in response, though she still couldn’t help but feel like she was dreaming.

Originally, with the appearance of a monster such as Huo Rong, Silk Radish felt their chances of becoming a core member of Zero Wing would fall to zero. However, she didn’t expect those who achieved a 70% completion rate would get to become core members as well. Meanwhile, as luck would have it, both she and Jade River achieved a 70% completion rate in their simulations, securing them a spot among Zero Wing’s core members and an opportunity to enter the Eternal Realm.

Nowadays, there was nobody who didn’t know about the Greater God’s Domain’s Eternal Realm. Everyone knew the Eternal Realm was a place of countless opportunities, and the growth players could achieve there was far superior to other Realms. The speed at which players could earn money was also many times faster.

Take the current market value of Eternal Coins, for example. Just one Eternal Gold Coin was enough for a person to live extravagantly in Star Lake City. One could even stay in the God’s Domain Association’s high-end living quarters for a month.

Ever since they moved into Star Lake City, their daily expenditure had increased significantly. It was especially so after Star Lake City became a second-tier city. But if they could develop in the Eternal Realm, not only could they earn enough money to cover their own living expenses, but they might also make enough to bring their families into Star Lake City.

About a day later, a group of youths wearing Zero Wing’s Guild Emblem appeared inside Zero Wing’s Residence in the Crystal City of Secrets. These youths looked astonished and curious as they took in their surroundings, their behavior making it seem as if this was their first time seeing the Eternal Realm.

However, the appearance of these youths did not garner any attention from the players inside the Residence.

Ever since Zero Wing’s Residence got promoted into an Advanced Residence, many players have sought to join Zero Wing. In just one day, Zero Wing had gained an additional several tens of thousands of experts. Even the Guild’s fifth-floor experts had increased by more than 200. By now, Zero Wing had already become a first-class power in the Crystal City of Secrets.

Meanwhile, after joining Zero Wing, these experts promptly got busy earning Guild Contribution Points. So, even if someone noticed these youths were new faces, nobody could be bothered to spare them a second glance.

“The Guild has already prepared all the designs and materials you need in your designated Special Forging Rooms and Special Engineering Rooms. The rest is up to you now,” Shi Feng said, smiling at the youths before him. “For every component you successfully produce, the Guild will reward you with 5,000 GCPs and 10 Eternal Gold Coins.”

The gathered youths immediately gasped when they heard Shi Feng’s words. The youths who were more knowledgeable about the Eternal Realm were especially astonished by Shi Feng’s generosity.

In the current Eternal Realm, a titled expert would be considered wealthy if they had one Eternal Gold in their possession. As for fifth-floor experts, most of them would only have several Eternal Gold in savings. Yet, Zero Wing was now offering each of them ten Eternal Gold for every component they produced. If they managed to produce several components, they could instantly become wealthy players in the Eternal Realm, and their expenses in Star Lake City would no longer be a concern.

“Alright, head off to your respective workshops. As for you, Flaming Bell, come with me,” Shi Feng said before taking Flaming Bell, also known as Huo Ling, to one of the Guild Hall’s underground secret rooms.

Zero Wing’s Guild Hall had become much bigger after being upgraded into an Advanced Guild Hall. However, the place with the densest Mana and Eternal Energy remained the rooms surrounding the core secret room, which housed the Guild’s core magic array. To take full advantage of this situation, Shi Feng turned two of these rooms into a Special Forging Room and a Special Private Room, and the environment found inside these rooms was far superior to the average Special-ranked room.

When Flaming Bell stepped inside the Special Forging Room, she was immediately stunned by the room’s environment. Whether it was the room’s Mana or Eternal Energy, both were at least twice as dense as what could be found outside. Simply standing inside the Special Forging Room made her feel as if she had ascended to a higher plane of existence.

While Flaming Bell was immersed in the feeling of omniscience, Shi Feng took out a thick and heavy tome from his bag.

Meanwhile, the tome was none other than the Eternal Magic Armor Equipment Set Design he had acquired from the Holy Race.

“Take a look at this and see what kind of success rates you can achieve,” Shi Feng said in a serious tone as he pointed at the tome on the forging table.

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