Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3567

Chapter 641 – Skylight Association

“This is…a Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Set?”

Flaming Bell was greatly shocked when she started studying the Eternal Magic Armor’s design. Although young, her knowledge of God’s Domain was comparable to that of executives of upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

Originally, she thought that with Zero Wing being a new Guild, its foundation should be inferior to the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers, and the Guild would be amazing if it even owned an Epic Equipment Set Design.

After all, mainstream players in the current Greater God’s Domain were only geared in a full suit of Epic Weapons and Equipment, and only the elite members of the various powers would get to use Epic Equipment Sets. As for Fragmented Legendary items, these were items reserved for only a small number of elites.

There might be many titled experts in the Eternal Realm, but there still weren’t many players with Fragmented Legendary items. Most titled experts could only dream of owning a Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set, let alone Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets that came with battle arrays.

Honestly, in the current Greater God’s Domain, if any upper-ranking hegemonic power could get its hands on 20 Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets that could be used to form a Small Bronze Battle Array, they would immediately regard these equipment sets as one of their most prized possessions.

“What do you think? How likely are you to succeed in producing it?” Shi Feng asked when he saw that Flaming Bell had finished studying the design.

Shi Feng dared not act recklessly with the Eternal Magic Armor’s production. After all, each production attempt cost six Eternal God Crystals. Even if he had over 10,000 Eternal God Crystals right now, he still couldn’t afford to mess around. If Flaming Bell’s production success rate was too low, he would rather delay the set’s production.

“Fifty percent!” Flaming Bell answered tentatively after giving the matter some thought. “That is my current limit. But if I can work in this environment, I am confident I can become a Great Grandmaster Forger in three months. My success rate should reach 90% or more at that time!”

Whether it was the opportunity to produce the Eternal Magic Armor or the opportunity to work in this Special Forging Room, she did not wish to give up any of them. However, she dared not lie, either, so she could only pray that Shi Feng gave her a little bit more time.

“You can raise it to 90% in three months?”

Shi Feng couldn’t help but look at Flaming Bell in surprise. He didn’t think the girl would be so talented, so much so that she would dare to promise she could get promoted into a Great Grandmaster Forger in three months. It should be known that Great Grandmaster Forgers were regarded as bigshots, even in the Greater God’s Domain. Although their status was not as lofty as that of Great Grandmaster Magicians, many upper-ranking hegemonic powers still sought to work with them.

Not to mention, Flaming Bell’s current production success rate had also exceeded his initial expectations by 10%.

“Okay, I’ll leave the Eternal Magic Armor’s production to you. All of the materials have already been prepared. For every set you successfully produce, you will receive 1,000 GCPs and 2 Eternal Gold Coins. If you can complete 500 sets in fifteen days, you will receive an additional 50,000 GCPs and 100 Eternal Gold Coins!”

“Thank you, Guild Leader!” Flaming Bell grew ecstatic when she heard Shi Feng’s words. “I won’t let you down! I’ll also make sure to produce 500 sets in fifteen days! I won’t take any payment if I fail to do it!”

“Just make sure you study the design properly. It won’t be easy to make 500 sets in fifteen days,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

In reality, he had only set the goal of making 500 sets in fifteen days as a way to motivate Flaming Bell. He didn’t really expect her to achieve it. After all, even he could only barely accomplish such a task. Seeing as Flaming Bell wasn’t even a Great Grandmaster Magician yet, she would definitely need more time to engrave the equipment sets’ magic array.

Of course, if Flaming Bell could achieve the goal, it would greatly help Zero Wing. After all, 500 Eternal Magic Armor Equipment Sets were already enough to fully activate the Eternal Battle Array, letting 500 Tier 5 players to rival Tier 6 players. At that time, Zero Wing should no longer have any problems defending its city on the Western Continent.

Shortly after Shi Feng concluded his conversation with Flaming Bell, he suddenly received a call.

“Big Sis Qilin brought a group of people to the Residence, Guild Leader. She says those people are from a Guild called Skylight Association and that they wish to discuss something important with you,” Gentle Snow said. “Do you want to meet them?”

“Ink Qilin brought someone here?” Nodding, Shi Feng said, “Alright, take them to the lounge.”

Ink Qilin was a vice commander of Scarecrow Fox. Meanwhile, Scarecrow Fox had been working closely with Zero Wing in the Underground Crystal Palace during this period. Out of respect for their partnership, it would only be reasonable for him to meet with Ink Qilin’s guests.

Moreover, Shi Feng was relatively knowledgeable about the Skylight Association. It was a very famous yet mysterious power in the Eternal Realm during his previous life. Its rise in the Eternal Realm was very sudden, and on the surface, it could even rival the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers in strength. Its Templar Legion was especially famous.

The Templar Legion consisted of 1,000 members. At its peak, every member was a Tier 6 titled expert or above. Every one of them also wielded a special power that allowed them to exhibit strength rivaling Tier 6 Gods temporarily. When the Templar Legion moved as one, it was virtually unstoppable in the Eternal Realm.

Overall, the Skylight Association could be considered one of the Greater God’s Domain’s latest overlords after the Eternal Realm’s appearance.

Zero Wing’s Residence, VIP Lounge:

When Shi Feng arrived at the lounge, he saw Ink Qilin and River Light quietly seated on a magic stone sofa. Presently, they have reached Level 169 and Level 168, respectively. Meanwhile, seated across them was a gray-haired old man who looked to be in his sixties or seventies. Compared to Ink Qilin and River Light, the old man was much higher in levels, reaching Level 171 already.

It was apparent that Ink Qilin and River Light felt great pressure when facing the old man, as both had beads of sweat covering their foreheads.

There were also about a dozen middle-aged men and women standing behind the old man. Not only were they all at Level 170, but they were also experts who had climbed to the realm of Saints. Placed in any upper-ranking hegemonic power, these individuals would definitely be given the position of Elder. Yet, they now behaved like soldiers awaiting instructions as they stood behind the old man.

Meanwhile, following Shi Feng’s appearance, these soldier-like middle-aged players simultaneously turned to look at him, their gazes sharp as knives.

“No wonder Miss Qilin has pushed Zero Wing so strongly to Paradise.” When the old man heard Shi Feng entering the room, he opened his eyes and took a moment to scrutinize Shi Feng. Then, he sighed and said, “Young people nowadays are truly amazing. You’re only in your thirties, yet not only have you mastered Gold Combat Techniques already, but your current strength even rivals true Tier 6 players. You’re even more terrifying than Paradise when he was young.”

“You jest, Elder Sword. I am still far behind the Divine Spear,” Shi Feng said, immediately recognizing the gray-haired old man as Nineteenth Sword, one of the Greater God’s Domain’s current Ten Great Swordsmen. In addition, the old man was also one of the few solo experts who had managed to be awarded a position among the Ten Great Swordsmen. As for the “Paradise” mentioned by the old man, he was the holder of the title Divine Spear, and he currently ranked among the top ten of the Divine Glory List. “May I know what you have come to discuss on behalf of the Skylight Association, Elder Sword?”

“Something good,” Nineteenth Sword said, chuckling. “Zero Wing’s growth in the Eternal Realm is obvious to all, so the Skylight Association has sent me to invite Zero Wing to become a part of the Skylight Association.”

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