Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3568

Chapter 642 – Mythical Race

“Become a part of the Skylight Association?” Shi Feng wasn’t particularly surprised to hear Nineteenth Sword’s words. Instead, he asked out of curiosity, “May I know what price the Skylight Association is willing to offer?”

Many up-and-coming powers in the Greater God’s Domain would receive invitations from the various major powers. Or more specifically, the various major powers saw potential in these up-and-coming powers and wished to make them into their subordinate powers. This was also one of the more common methods the Skylight Association had used to expand its influence in the Eternal Realm during his previous life.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s growth in the Crystal City of Secrets was clear for all to see. The Guild’s current influence in the city was completely different from before. So, it was only natural for some powers to be interested in making Zero Wing their subordinate.

Only, what caught Shi Feng by surprise was Nineteenth Sword’s appearance.

Nineteenth Sword was known for being a lone wolf in the Greater God’s Domain, going so far as to turn down invitations from apex powers. Yet, now, not only did Nineteenth Sword enter the Eternal Realm, but he had even joined the Skylight Association. This was something that did not happen during Shi Feng’s previous life.

“Capital injection will naturally be essential,” Nineteenth Sword calmly said. “For starters, Skylight will invest 200 billion Star Coins and 1,000 drops of Stardew in Zero Wing. Then, it will progressively invest an additional 1 trillion Star Coins and 2,000 drops of Stardew to help Zero Wing expand rapidly in the Crystal City of Secrets.

“Of course, these are only the basic investments. The real benefit for experts such as yourself will be an opportunity to convert into a Mythical Race. The Skylight Association can offer Zero Wing 100 of such conversion slots. In return, the Skylight Association seeks only 51% of Zero Wing’s shares.

“I doubt you will need me to tell you how valuable the Mythical Races are, right?”

When Nineteenth Sword finished speaking, the eyes of Ink Qilin and River Light immediately brightened. It was especially so when they heard the words “Mythical Races.”

The existence of Mythical Races was akin to legends!

The various races in the current Greater God’s Domain had only appeared after the Mythical Era. Or, more specifically, they were the descendants of the Mythical Era’s races, and humans were no exception. Meanwhile, compared to the Mythical Era’s races, even the elven and demidragon races, which were considered the most gifted among modern races, would be considered below average.

For example, according to the Grand Library’s records, the Mythical Era’s elves were easily ten times better at manipulating the various magic elements than modern elves due to the purity of their bloodline. They didn’t even need to focus their minds to perceive the magic elements around them. Instead, they could see the various magic elements with their naked eyes.

Another example would be the subdivisions of the human race, such as the Brave Ones and the Divine Eye race. Brave Ones possessed bodies that were nearly as tough as that of dragons, making them natural-born warriors. Meanwhile, members of the Divine Eye race possessed dynamic vision several times superior to normal humans, making them natural-born hunters.

If they could convert to any of these Mythical Races, they could definitely achieve a qualitative improvement. They might also match, or possibly even surpass, Golden Masters in combat standards.

“Are you perhaps talking about Holy Ring City’s Mythical Races, Elder Sword?” Shi Feng asked.

The Greater God’s Domain’s Mythical Races had long gone extinct, so it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to convert to a Mythical Race. Even if it could be done, these methods should involve Legacies left behind by Ancient Gods or Primordial Gods.

Meanwhile, out of all possible avenues Shi Feng could think of, the only way the Skylight Association could obtain 100 Mythical Race conversion slots currently would be through Holy Ring City, a Neutral City situated in the Eternal Realm. It would also be one of the cities where all powers in the Greater God’s Domain sought to occupy.

However, only a small number of powers could truly ever move into Holy Ring City. This was because human players weren’t the only ones who could enter Holy Ring City. Holy Race players could similarly do so. But as Holy Ring City could only accommodate a limited number of players, only the Guilds that managed to secure one of the city’s 16 Guild Residence slots could let a fixed number of their members enter the city freely. As for everyone else, they would need to obtain an entry slot via the World Ark.

The World Ark was a super-large Level 170 to Level 200 World Mode Regional Dungeon. It was situated incredibly far from any NPC City, and all players and powers could go there to compete for the opportunity to enter Holy Ring City. It wasn’t something the Skylight Association could monopolize.

“It seems you are very well-informed, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Nineteenth Sword said, a hint of surprise flashing in his eyes. Then, he confidently continued, “Indeed, I am referring to Holy Ring City’s Mythical Races. Many pseudo-apex powers have already set their sights on Holy Ring City. Many Holy Race powers will also be participating in the competition. So, ordinary powers shouldn’t even consider participating in the competition, let alone exchange for the right to convert to a Mythical Race. If Zero Wing wants any conversion slots, joining the Skylight Association will be essential. Otherwise, with Zero Wing’s current strength, even stepping into the World Ark will not be possible.”

“If that’s all the Skylight Association has to offer, I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you, Elder Sword,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at Nineteenth Sword’s confident look. “Skylight’s offer is a little too low for Zero Wing to accept.”

“Low?” When Nineteenth Sword saw Shi Feng’s nonchalant expression, he smiled and asked, “Young man, do you know how intense the competition at the World Ark is? Not even the Crystal City’s various pseudo-apex powers can guarantee they can secure 10 conversion slots, let alone 100. If you refuse this offer today, you will definitely come to regret your decision in the future.”

“Regret?” Chuckling, Shi Feng said, “It’s just 100 conversion slots. That’s not enough for me to feel regretful.”

Holy Ring City’s Mythical Race conversion slots were indeed precious, but they were insignificant compared to the resources he currently had on hand. Not to mention, his aim wasn’t merely the Mythical Race conversion slots, but also Holy Ring City itself.

Meanwhile, silence enveloped the lounge following Shi Feng’s statement. His words especially shocked Ink Qilin and River Light.


Absolute madness!

By now, they had already more or less heard about the situation at the World Ark. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was a place only pseudo-apex powers and above could set foot into. While Zero Wing might be a dominant force in the Crystal City of Secrets, it remained insignificant compared to the powers vying for Holy Ring City.

Now that Shi Feng had turned down Nineteenth Sword’s invitation, Zero Wing might not even be able to enter the World Ark, let alone Holy Ring City.

After all, Nineteenth Sword was responsible for overseeing the Skylight Association’s affairs at the World Ark. So long as Nineteenth Sword gave the word, any Zero Wing member would be killed on sight if they set foot into the Regional Dungeon.

Most importantly, to prevent the various Holy Race powers from monopolizing the World Ark’s resurrection camps, the various human powers had agreed to join forces and wrestle control over these camps when they activated in four days. If Zero Wing couldn’t get a share of these resurrection camps, its members would face significantly greater difficulty exploring the World Ark.

“Good! Youngsters nowadays are much bolder than my time.” Standing up, Nineteenth Sword took one last look at Shi Feng and said, “I hope Zero Wing can still be so tough four days later!”

After saying so, Nineteenth Sword left with his entourage, showing no intention of staying any longer.

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