Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3570

Chapter 644 – World Law Paradise

When the God Crystal merged with the Medium World Fragment, wisps of silver-gray mist emanated from the fist-sized void fragment and spread across the room like ripples across a pond. In only a few moments, dense mist filled the entire room, darkening the room.

Meanwhile, standing amidst the darkness, Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished by the unprecedented experience he was currently experiencing. More specifically, he could currently see everything in his surroundings with incredible clarity, particularly the magic elements around him.

In God’s Domain, players’ perception of the various magic elements would increase and decrease with the mana density. Yet, even though the room’s mana density remained the same as before, his perception of magic elements had undergone a qualitative transformation.

Are these the effects of a Medium World Fragment? Shi Feng was greatly shocked as he looked at the countless magic elements moving around him.

The level of his Mana Affinity already ranked at the top of the Greater God’s Domain, but even then, it only allowed him to vaguely see the movements of the magic elements around him. In comparison, after activating the Medium World Fragment, not only could he see the surrounding magic elements with great clarity, but even their movements had seemingly slowed down by a lot.

The magic elements in God’s Domain moved at great speeds. Even with Level 6 Mana Affinity, he could normally only catch glimpses of a magic element’s movement. Observing a magic element move was no different than observing a shooting star for him. So, one could just imagine how challenging it would be to analyze a World Law that was weaved by countless magic elements.

This was also why despite there being countless experts in the Greater God’s Domain, Saint-ranked experts remained exceedingly rare.

But, at this time, Shi Feng found the movements of the magic elements around him had slowed down by more than half. This made it many times easier to observe and analyze the World Laws they weaved.

While Shi Feng marveled at the Medium World Fragment’s amazing effects, over a dozen Zero Wing members entered the secret room. Apart from Gentle Snow, there was Hidden Soul, Su Qianliu, Wordless Ember, Sleeping Quicksand, Rampant Blade, Wu Xiaoxiao, Midsummer, Fire Dance, Jun Luosha, Firecloud, Happy Snow, Lin Yaoyue, Zhuo Yalin, Crimson Heart, and Cleansed Rue.

Lin Yaoyue, Zhuo Yalin, Crimson Heart, and Cleansed Rue were originally members of Mysterious Moon and Hundred Flower Palace. But ever since Zero Wing became the Miniature Ancient World’s overlord and brought many of the Asura Mercenary Alliance’s executives into the Eternal Realm, many of the mercenary alliance’s Guilds had chosen to merge into Zero Wing. Among them were Mysterious Moon and Hundred Flower Palace.

Shi Feng naturally welcomed the addition of the two first-rate Guilds. It was especially so for the individuals Lin Yaoyue, Zhuo Yalin, Crimson Heart, and Cleansed Rue. All four of them possessed exceptional talent, and it was especially so for Crimson Heart and Cleansed Rue.

During Shi Feng’s previous life, Cleansed Rue’s fame was on par with Gentle Snow, being one of their God’s Domain’s Four Goddesses. After entering the Greater God’s Domain, she even became a Saint-ranked expert who had mastered three Basic Laws; she was only short of merging the three Basic Laws into an Advanced Law.

Unfortunately, due to Hundred Flower Palace’s lacking foundations, Cleansed Rue ended up having her potential restricted. Had Hundred Flower Palace been as strong as an upper-ranking hegemonic power and provided Cleansed Rue with a full set of Legendary Equipment, she could have rivaled Tier 6 Gods in strength.

As for Crimson Heart, Hundred Flower Palace’s First Vice Guild Leader, her achievements were even more extraordinary than Cleansed Rue. Firstly, she managed to develop an Exclusive Absolute Technique that rivaled Gold Combat Techniques. Secondly, with a full set of Legendary items, she managed to force a Tier 6 God into retreating after fighting for an entire day, which, in turn, allowed Hundred Flower Palace to occupy an ancient ruin in the Void Sea.

Originally, Shi Feng thought Hundred Flower Palace would remain only as Zero Wing’s ally like in his previous life. He never thought that Crimson Heart would somehow manage to persuade Shadow Flower, Hundred Flower Palace’s mysterious Guild Leader, to incorporate Hundred Flower Palace into Zero Wing.

Mysterious Moon’s decision to merge into Zero Wing did not surprise Shi Feng at all. After all, Mysterious Moon was just your average first-rate Guild. On the other hand, while Hundred Flower Palace might be a first-rate Guild on the surface, whether in quantity or quality, its experts could already rival super-first-rate Guilds.

So long as Hundred Flower Palace waited for their God’s Domain’s World Passage to fully open and enter the Greater God’s Domain, it would be akin to an aquarium shark returning to the ocean. It would quickly grow into an ordinary hegemonic power in the Greater God’s Domain, and it might even have hopes of rivaling upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the future.

Hence, Shi Feng was very much surprised by Hundred Flower Palace’s addition to Zero Wing.

But since Hundred Flower Palace had already merged into Zero Wing, he naturally had to make full use of Crimson Heart’s and Cleansed Rue’s potential.

“What is this place?! I can actually perceive the movements of magic elements here!” Cleansed Rue exclaimed as soon as she stepped into the secret room.

Cleansed Rue had been repeatedly shocked by Zero Wing’s strength since Hundred Flower Palace’s merger into Zero Wing. In addition to having the ability to bring its guild members into the Eternal Realm, Zero Wing also had a frightening number of fifth-floor experts in the Eternal Realm. Compared to Zero Wing, the so-called Five Great Super Guilds of their God’s Domain were nothing but jokes.

Moreover, after joining Zero Wing, they also got to spar with the Guild’s fifth-floor experts daily, achieving rapid growth. Take Crimson Heart, for example. Right now, Crimson Heart was already a pseudo-fifth-floor expert, and it shouldn’t be long before she became a bona fide fifth-floor expert. As for Cleansed Rue, she was a titled expert already, and she also shouldn’t have any trouble achieving the fifth-floor standard in the future.

Originally, Cleansed Rue thought she had already seen everything Zero Wing had to offer and that nothing else could shock her. But after entering this secret room, she realized that Zero Wing still had more shocking secrets she had yet to discover.

Currently, getting promoted to Tier 6 was no longer a problem for her. The only problem was whether she could construct a Divine Body at the Gold rank or above, which required her to master at least one Basic World Law.

However, mastering a Basic World Law was easier said than done. To accomplish such a feat, not only did players need to have sufficient Legacy Guidances, but they also needed to fully familiarize themselves with the movements of the various magic elements. If there was even a slight error in their analysis and manipulation, they would never succeed at mastering a World Law.

Meanwhile, players in God’s Domain could normally only rely on their senses to perceive the movement of magic elements. It was impossible to do so with the naked eye. Yet, not only was it possible to see magic elements moving in this secret room, but the movement of the room’s magic elements was also much slower than normal.

This secret room was essentially a paradise for mastering World Laws.

At this time, Cleansed Rue wasn’t the only one in shock. Gentle Snow, Hidden Snow, and everyone else was similarly stunned. They never thought they would get to observe World Laws under such circumstances.

“The benefits of the environment here are self-explanatory. However, I can only keep it active for a limited time, so make use of it while it lasts,” Shi Feng suddenly said as he swept his gaze across the dazed individuals before him. “The Guild has also prepared sufficient Seven Luminaries Crystals for all of you. If you decide you are ready to get promoted to Tier 6, you can retrieve your share from the Guild Warehouse at any time.”

After saying so, Shi Feng distributed some Eternal God Crystals to everyone before leaving them to their own devices. As for how much they could achieve in this secret room, it was all up to their individual potential.

While everyone was busy analyzing World Laws, Shi Feng made his way to a corner of the room and took out a golden heart from his bag.

Let’s hope I can get something out of this!

After making a silent prayer, Shi Feng injected five million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal into the Primordial Chaos Body.

TL Notes:
Lin Yaoyue = Clear Sky
Zhuo Yalin = Nightingale

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