Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3571

Chapter 645 – Superior Divine Body

Starlight Continent, First-Tier Mobile City, Galaxy City:

A plane measuring over ten thousand meters in length was currently parked above the city’s airport, dwarfing the many supersonic passenger planes traveling to and away from the city. Needless to say, the gigantic plane attracted the attention and shock of many in the airport.

The Greater World was composed of numerous continents. For the average person, they would usually never leave the city they resided in, let alone travel to a different continent. But for those looking to travel to other continents, supersonic passenger planes were no longer sufficient. Instead, FTL(faster-than-light) passenger planes would be required.

However, FTL passenger planes were incredibly costly, and only the various conglomerates could afford to own such planes. Even then, they would be limited to owning only a few, and they would normally only use these planes for their own development purposes. Outsiders shouldn’t think of hitching a ride on a conglomerate’s FTL plane.

Yet, the group of people that had just alighted from the FTL plane clearly weren’t here on official business. Judging by their varying casual attires, they were evidently tourists who had come to visit the Starlight Continent. It also didn’t seem like they had flown here using their own organization’s exclusive FTL plane. This was a level of extravagance that even the Galaxy Conglomerate had never done before, so how could Galaxy City’s inhabitants not react in shock?

Meanwhile, walking among the tourists were about a dozen or so young men and women. These youths were akin to well-trained warriors, each giving off an astonishing presence. After arriving at Galaxy City, these youths promptly started to scrutinize the city around them, gathering as much information as they could with their eyes.

When these youths walked along the streets of Galaxy City, many passersby subconsciously turned to look at them. After all, not only did these youths possess sharp temperaments, but every one of them was also a three-star mental strength grandmaster. Even in a first-tier city like Galaxy City, experts of such caliber remained incredibly rare. Not to mention, walking in the lead of these youths was a middle-aged man whose mere presence suffocated even nearby mental strength grandmasters.

“This is such a backwater place. Whether it is in development or energy density levels, this city can’t even compete with our continent’s second-tier cities,” a tall young woman said, a hint of disdain flashing in her eyes as she surveyed the city around her. “Are we really going to develop in that so-called Star Lake City from now on, Big Brother Samsara?”

Their group operated a mercenary unit in the real world under Fervent Samsara’s leadership. Even among the Greater God’s Domain’s Twelve Sanctuaries, their mercenary unit was rather well-known, and many conglomerates would usually hire them to fight against other powers. So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that their mercenary unit thrived in the Twelve Sanctuaries. Although they recently had to put their mercenary activities on hold because Fervent Samsara got dragged into the Eternal Realm by chance, they could promptly resume their activities once the Eternal Realm’s coordinates were found.

Yet, even though the Eternal Realm’s coordinates had yet to be discovered, Fervent Samsara had suddenly gathered them together and insisted they move to a backwater place like the Starlight Continent to develop. On top of that, they wouldn’t even be operating from one of the Starlight Continent’s first-tier cities. Instead, they would be setting up base in a newly-promoted second-tier city.

No matter how they racked their minds, they simply couldn’t understand why Fervent Samsara would make such a decision.

“I already told you that I won’t force you if you don’t want to come. Since you’re here already, stop asking questions,” Fervent Samsara sternly said as he glanced at the youths behind him. “I still can’t tell you why I am moving into Star Lake City. But if you join Zero Wing later, I will ask the Guild Leader if I can share this information with you.”

The Primordial Chaos Body!

This was an item Primordial Gods used to construct their Divine Bodies. Although Shi Feng never explicitly mentioned it, Fervent Samsara knew he must never share this secret with a third party, even if it was someone he deeply trusted. After all, even the slightest information leak could bring about disaster to them.

“I didn’t mean to question your decision, Big Brother Samsara,” the young woman hurriedly said when she saw Fervent Samsara suddenly becoming stern. “But we all have families that rely on us for money and resources. We’re just worried we can’t continue to provide for our families if we suddenly join Zero Wing.”

The other youths in the group agreed with the young woman’s words.

Every member of their mercenary unit came from a small family. Their families had to go through great effort to nurture them to their current states, so it was only natural that they repaid their debt now that they had become capable experts. But it cost a lot of money and resources to let their family members live in first-tier cities. If joining Zero Wing negatively affected their income, they might lose the ability to support their families.

Not to mention, they had gone through a lot of trouble to develop their mercenary unit to its current prosperous state. For them to join an up-and-coming Guild, which they had never even heard about until recently, would be no different than having them start all over again. The hardships they had experienced in the past really weren’t something they wished to go through another time.

“Don’t worry. When have I mistreated you all?” Fervent Samsara said, chuckling when he saw everyone’s worried looks. “If you join Zero Wing with me, I guarantee you’ll be better off than you are now.”

The current Zero Wing might seem like it was still an upstart power with an uncertain future, but Fervent Samsara was certain Zero Wing would eventually become a major player in the Greater God’s Domain. It might even become a pseudo-apex power in the future. Meanwhile, the best time to join Zero Wing would naturally be when the Guild was still starving for manpower.

Of course, he couldn’t just join Zero Wing by himself. If he wished to step into Zero Wing’s core circle and hold influence in the Guild, he would need more people to help him.

Crystal City of Secrets, Zero Wing’s Residence, underground secret room:

After Shi Feng injected five million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal into the Primordial Chaos Body, divine patterns lit up all over the golden heart. Immediately afterward, segments of information flooded his mind, making him feel as if his brain was about to explode.

After this situation continued for nearly half an hour, the Primordial Chaos Body finally stopped transmitting information. Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s face was pale and sweated profusely. Yet, despite looking clearly exhausted, excitement filled his eyes.

Incredible! I didn’t think the Primordial Chaos Body would hold such a Legacy! No wonder the Primordial Gods would create their Divine Bodies with the help of Primordial Chaos Bodies! Shi Feng mentally exclaimed as he watched the golden heart’s divine patterns fade out of existence.

In God’s Domain, all players seeking to get promoted to Tier 6 needed to construct a Divine Body suited to them. Meanwhile, players could construct two types of Divine Bodies: ordinary Divine Bodies and Superior Divine Bodies. However, this was a secret most players weren’t privy to, and it was something Shi Feng had only come across by luck during his previous life.

In the current God’s Domain, whether it was players or Gods, the Divine Bodies they created were only Divine Bodies. Only Primordial Gods and a small number of Ancient Gods had constructed a Superior Divine Body for themselves. This was also why there was such a huge difference in strength between the two groups.

During his previous life, Shi Feng had only gotten the opportunity to construct a Superior Divine Body because of a Primordial God Legacy he obtained.

Different from ordinary Divine Bodies, Superior Divine Bodies could not be constructed without the guidance of a Legacy. Even if he had experience constructing a Superior Divine Body, he couldn’t construct one without the necessary Legacy.

Originally, he thought he would not get to construct a Superior Divine Body in this life, and the most he could achieve was construct an ordinary Divine Body that was at the Legendary rank. After all, the opportunity he had come across in his previous life was not something that could be actively sought after.

But now, he actually had another chance to construct a Superior Divine Body!

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