Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3574

Chapter 648 – Choice of Divine Body

Zero Wing’s Residence, underground secret room:

As soon as Shi Feng finished injecting the 100 Eternal God Crystals, the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal promptly transformed into a red streak of light that flowed into the depths of his mind. Simultaneously, the scene before him transformed into a boundless darkness.

A moment later, a golden dragon suddenly appeared amidst the darkness, the dragon’s body measuring over 10,000 meters in length. Aside from having a titanic body, the golden dragon also radiated an aura so powerful that it easily surpassed any Ancient God Shi Feng had encountered thus far.

In front of the golden dragon, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the average Ancient God was a speck of dust. Simply the breaths of the golden dragon were enough to stir the mana within a several million-yard radius. And if the golden dragon exhaled strongly, its breath could most likely shatter the World Barrier of a God’s Domain.

“You have one opportunity to receive my guidance, Adventurer. What do you wish to learn from me?” the golden dragon asked as it gazed upon Shi Feng, its eyes looking like it could see through all of Shi Feng’s secrets.

“Esteemed Golden Dragon, may I ask that you let me experience this magic array that I have created?” Shi Feng asked as he looked at the golden dragon.

Due to the Hundred Refinement Mana Body quest, he needed to construct a Divine Body at the Legendary rank. Combined with his aim to construct a Superior Divine Body, he naturally wouldn’t dare to act recklessly.

While the Divine Body Magic Array he created could function normally now, how strong the Divine Body would be exactly also remained unknown. If he wished to find out, he would need to construct a Divine Body with it and experience it for himself.

Not to mention, even if he had a functioning Divine Body Magic Array on hand, it wasn’t a guarantee that he could construct a Divine Body successfully.

It might still be tolerable if he successfully constructed his Divine Body. At worst, he could abandon the opportunity to get promoted to Tier 6 and wait a month before challenging his Tier 6 promotion gain. But if he failed to create one, he would need to wait for several months before he could challenge his Tier 6 promotion again.

Meanwhile, if the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal could let him experience the Divine Body Magic Array he created, he could get a rough estimate of what rank the Superior Divine Body he created would end up at. Moreover, the experience should also increase his construction success rate.

Of course, if the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal couldn’t provide such guidance, he could still switch to a more extravagant method to test his Divine Body Magic Array.


After taking a look at Shi Feng’s Divine Body Magic Array, the golden dragon held up one of its claws over Shi Feng.

Immediately, under the golden dragon’s manipulation, Shi Feng started to experience the process of constructing a Divine Body using his Divine Body Magic Array. The process was methodical and specific, from engraving the necessary magic arrays to the guidance of mana into the engraved magic arrays. Every step was also executed flawlessly and without any fanfare.

When the Divine Body’s construction ended, Shi Feng felt himself becoming vastly stronger than before. If he were to return to the outside world in such a state, he could easily devastate a large area with his every move. But this feeling of power quickly disappeared, indicating the end of the Legacy Guidance.

It’s still slightly weaker than my last Superior Divine Body?

After carefully analyzing his experience, Shi Feng felt that although his new Superior Divine Body allowed him to exhibit strength much greater than he could exhibit in his previous life, it was mainly due to the Mana Purification Technique he had mastered. Not to mention, the World Power he felt the instant he completed his new Superior Divine Body was slightly weaker than when he completed his former Superior Divine Body. In other words, his new Superior Divine Body’s upper limit should be inferior to that of an Epic Superior Divine Body.

Subsequently, after his consciousness returned to the secret room, Shi Feng carefully made some minor adjustments to the nodal magic arrays’ arrangement.

Fortunately, the Divine Body Magic Array was also activated successfully this time. So, he promptly spent 100 Eternal God Crystals for another trial.

According to Kalisha, the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal could be used up to ten times, each use costing 100 God Crystals. So, he had ten chances to try.

Once he expended all ten uses of the Legacy Crystal, he would need to conduct his experiments via actual construction attempts. And if he couldn’t produce satisfactory results within a certain period of time, he would have no choice but to forgo constructing a Superior Divine Body and settle for an ordinary Legendary Divine Body to complete his quest.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was rather fortunate on his second attempt, as he constructed a Superior Divine Body slightly stronger than the Epic Superior Divine Body in his previous life. The new Superior Divine Body had evidently exceeded the Epic standard already.

However, for safety’s sake, Shi Feng still chose to expend all ten Legacy Guidance opportunities, consuming 1,000 Eternal God Crystals in the process. This was a cost that could cause any power to suffer a heart attack.

Only the second, fifth, and tenth attempts managed to surpass my past life’s Divine Body… Shi Feng couldn’t help but grow hesitant as he looked at the ten successful Divine Body Magic Arrays he had drawn.

The outcome of his ten attempts was better than he anticipated, as three of the ten attempts had yielded a Superior Divine Body stronger than what he had in his previous life. But what rank these three Superior Divine Bodies could achieve remained uncertain.

Because he could only experience each Divine Body for a brief instant after it was completed, there was very little information he could base his judgment on.

Firstly, if he were to rank the three Superior Divine Bodies by the World Power he sensed, the fifth attempt would be the strongest, while the tenth attempt would rank second, and the second attempt would rank last. Though, in reality, the difference between the three was tiny.

Secondly, if he were to judge the strength of their mana, the second attempt would be the strongest, while the tenth attempt would rank second, and the fifth attempt would rank last. The rankings were essentially flipped.

Lastly, if he were to judge them by the density of their mana, the tenth attempt carried the densest mana, while the second and fifth attempts were tied for second place.

It seems a gamble is inevitable.

After hesitating for a moment, Shi Feng decided to construct the tenth attempt’s Divine Body.

While the amount of World Power influenced was a good indicator of a Divine Body’s strength, Shi Feng also understood that mana was the foundation of everything in God’s Domain. Furthermore, his understanding of his Divine Body Magic Array had grown with each passing attempt. This, in turn, allowed him to continuously perfect the magic array.

Meanwhile, even the tiniest improvements were noteworthy when it came to Divine Body construction. Logically, no matter how bad his tenth attempt turned out to be, it shouldn’t be worse than his first attempt. Not to mention, the tenth attempt’s Divine Body possessed significantly denser mana than the second and fifth attempts; it wasn’t a minute difference like in the World Power influenced.

After making his decision, Shi Feng followed the step-by-step instructions he learned through the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal and began earnestly engraving the Divine Body Magic Array with Seven Luminaries Crystals. And because he already had experience engraving the magic arrays, while he didn’t manage to replicate the Legacy Guidance’s perfection, he still managed to engrave all 2,000-plus Grandmaster Magic Arrays without error.

After Shi Feng engraved the magic arrays, he took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. Then, using the two Advanced World Laws he had mastered, he began guiding the Seven Luminaries Crystals’ mana into the Divine Body Magic Array, powering it and using it to create a complete miniature world.

The process of guiding mana into the Divine Body Magic Array and activating it was much more challenging than the engraving process. Not only was it more time-consuming, but it also placed a huge toll on his Concentration and tested his control over mana.

Had Shi Feng attempted to manipulate the 2,000-plus Grandmaster Magic Arrays with his base Tier 6 Advanced Concentration, he would have definitely failed. But with the help of an Eternal God Crystal and the Mental Condensation technique, he managed to elevate his Concentration to the Tier 6 Peak standard, which was just barely enough to let him manipulate the 2,000-plus Grandmaster Magic Arrays. As a result, though, he felt as if he was crossing a log bridge while carrying a thousand kilograms on his back; he would slip and fall if he let his focus slip for even a moment.

One minute… Three minutes… Ten minutes…

After manipulating the Grandmaster Magic Arrays for over ten minutes, even with the help of the Eternal God Crystal, Shi Feng still exhausted himself to his limits. The system had even warned him to log off and rest as soon as possible.

Almost… Just one last step…

Shi Feng bit his tongue to keep himself conscious. If he were to fall unconscious here, all his efforts would have gone to waste. The advantages he had accumulated in the Eternal Realm would also vanish.

Fortunately, most of the Divine Body’s core magic arrays had already been activated, and there were only five more to go.

Five… Four… Three…

Just as Shi Feng was about to black out, the sound of a system notification rang in his ears.

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