Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3575

Chapter 649 – Star Soul

System: Congratulations! You have successfully constructed a Superior Divine Body. The constructed Superior Divine Body’s Completion Rate is at 96% and has reached the Tier 6 standard. The constructed Superior Divine Body is evaluated to be at the Legendary rank. Do you wish to get promoted to Tier 6?


Shi Feng was both shocked and pleasantly surprised when he saw the system notification. He didn’t think he would actually make the right choice.

System: Warning! Your Concentration has fallen to a dangerous level. You will be forcibly logged out and prohibited from logging in for twelve hours.


When Shi Feng noticed his vision gradually darkening, he chose to be promoted to Tier 6 without hesitation.

Once players finished constructing their Divine Bodies in God’s Domain, if they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to be promoted to Tier 6 within a few minutes, the system would assume they didn’t wish to be promoted by default. Meanwhile, once players abandoned the opportunity to get promoted to Tier 6, not only would they need to spend another 100,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal when they wished to be promoted in the future, but they would also have to wait for a month before they could challenge their Tier 6 promotion again.

In the ever-changing Eternal Realm, A month’s time was enough for any expert to be disqualified from the frontlines. Not to mention, only by reaching Tier 6 could players truly start to explore the Eternal Realm’s many vital regions.

Currently, many powers already had experts who were qualified to get promoted to Tier 6. The only reason they still didn’t have any Tier 6 players was because they feared their experts might encounter failure during their promotion. After all, the penalty for a failed promotion was many times more severe than the penalty for abandoning a successful promotion. Hence, the various powers forbade any of their experts from challenging their Tier 6 promotion until they were 100% confident in success.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng gave his response, he promptly logged out of God’s Domain.

Star Lake City, Zero Wing Training Center, top-floor living quarter:

After climbing out of his gaming cabin, Shi Feng dragged his exhausted body over to the fridge, took out a small bottle, and consumed the drop of Stardew inside. Immediately, his tired expression started to recover.

Now, all that’s left is to hope Snow and the others can succeed, Shi Feng thought as he looked out the window at the long line of people waiting outside the Zero Wing Training Center.

Although Zero Wing had acquired unimaginable wealth from the Nameless City’s treasury, most of this wealth couldn’t be used immediately. Meanwhile, Zero Wing had recruited many guild members in both Star Lake City and the Eternal Realm’s Crystal City of Secrets recently. This, in turn, had increased Zero Wing’s expenditure significantly. It was especially so on Star Lake City’s side.

Currently, members recruited in the Crystal City of Secret could enjoy all of the benefits Zero Wing had to offer. They even had fifth-floor experts leading them on expeditions to the Underground Crystal Palace and Dungeons out in the fields. They didn’t have to worry about money or equipment in the slightest.

In comparison, as most of the internal members recruited in Star Lake City were scattered across the Starlight Realm’s various kingdoms and empires, Zero Wing couldn’t even offer them a proper place to train in God’s Domain, let alone provide them with a stable supply of weapons and equipment. To make matters worse, most of them were only Tier 4 players.

For the sake of developing these internal members, Zero Wing had no choice but to purchase items from the Eternal Chamber of Commerce at a high price before letting these members exchange for these items at a low price. With the revenue Zero Wing was currently generating via the Secret Crystal Trading Firm and the sale of Common Secret Treasures, it could still afford to provide for a few thousand internal members using such a method. But as Zero Wing’s internal member count continued to increase, it would need to further increase its income.

Meanwhile, if Zero Wing wished to make more money to sustain its development, securing territory in the World Ark would become imperative.

The World Ark was the only place players could reliably obtain entry passes for the Holy Ring City. But if players died in the World Ark, they would be automatically resurrected in a nearby NPC City’s Resurrection Temple, and they would need to spend more than ten hours traveling back to the Regional Dungeon. So, exploring the World Ark could be said to be a very troublesome task.

Of course, the World Ark’s automatic resurrection problem wasn’t without a solution. There were many resurrection camps in the World Ark. If players occupied and registered themselves at one of these camps, they would be automatically resurrected at the registered camp if they died inside the World Ark. Not only would this save them a lot of travel time, but they could also halve their death penalty. Because of this, the resurrection camps were essential for players looking to explore the World Ark.

Meanwhile, so long as a power could occupy a resurrection camp, even if they only charged players a fee of one Eternal Silver a day, they could still make a fortune. In Shi Feng’s previous life, if powers managed their resurrection camps well, they could stand to make two to three fortresses’ worth of revenue from each resurrection camp. Moreover, these were fortresses situated on high-level maps they were talking about.

The only problem was whether a power could occupy a resurrection camp for a long period.

Unlike towns, cities, and fortresses, the World Ark’s resurrection camps had no defensive facilities. Players could only rely on themselves to defend their resurrection camps from invaders. Meanwhile, as the Holy Ring City was of utmost importance to both human and Holy Race powers, it went without saying that competition over the World Ark’s resurrection camp would be intense, so much so that it could be equated to a Realm War. If a power didn’t have sufficient strength, occupying a resurrection camp would be out of the question.

While Shi Feng was resting his mind, Pace Angel suddenly contacted him.

“Guild Leader, a man going by the name of Fervent Samsara says he is here to join the Guild. He came with a group of roughly twenty people. He says he already has Vice Guild Leader Soul’s approval,” Pace Angel said. “But I can’t get in touch with Vice Guild Leader Soul right now. Should I register them?”

That’s quick of him. Shi Feng was a little surprised to hear Fervent Samsara’s name. Immediately, he said, “Go ahead and register them. Afterward, have them come to my office.”

Shi Feng had previously heard Fervent Samsara saying he would bring some companions to join Zero Wing with him and that these companions were all Tier 6. Since they had arrived so soon, he could get them to help him with some matters.

Meanwhile, Pace Angel disconnected the call and quickly registered Fervent Samsara’s group once she received Shi Feng’s answer.

Roughly half an hour later, Fervent Samsara’s group entered Shi Feng’s office under Pace Angel’s guidance. Upon entering the room, the youths following Fervent Samsara immediately scrutinized Shi Feng with curious eyes.

“So, he’s the rumored Lord of War Goddesses?” the charming and candid-looking young woman standing next to Fervent Samsara exclaimed as she looked at Shi Feng.

After they had chosen to join Zero Wing, Fervent Samsara shared the fact that Shi Feng was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader Black Flame with them, looking to have them be in awe of Zero Wing. After all, few people did not know of Black Flame’s deeds in the current Greater God’s Domain.

“Enough from all of you. Especially you, Bygone. Don’t disgrace the Star Soul adventurer team’s name,” Fervent Samsara said as he glared at the young woman beside him.

When Fervent Samsara officially announced he would join Zero Wing, Shi Feng had shared his true identity with him. The revelation shocked him greatly, as he never thought Zero Wing’s Guild Leader had started from nothing and didn’t have any powers backing him. But it was also because of this that he grew even more confident in Zero Wing’s prospects, going as far as to persuade his companions to join Zero Wing with him.

“I’m sorry for the unsightly display, Guild Leader Black Flame.” After glaring at the young woman named Bygone Magic, Fervent Samsara apologized to Shi Feng. Then, he asked, “May I know what you have summoned us here for?”

“Star Soul?” Shi Feng suddenly stopped the work he had on hand and looked at Fervent Samsara’s in surprise. “You all are from the Star Soul adventurer team?”

Although Shi Feng had long known Fervent Samsara was extraordinary and the companions he brought would most likely be extraordinary as well, he didn’t think they would be of such extraordinary origins.

There were eight legendary adventurer teams in the Greater God’s Domain. These were all adventurer teams that had accomplished miraculous achievements.

Meanwhile, Star Soul was one of these legendary adventurer teams, and the whole adventurer team only consisted of twenty members. Yet, despite having so few members, not only did Star Soul successfully help a Holy City fend off one of the Greater God’s Domain’s Twenty-Two Taboos, but the adventurer team had also heavily injured said Taboo-level monster. When Star Soul accomplished this feat in Shi Feng’s previous life, its fame instantly spread across the Greater God’s Domain.

However, because Star Soul’s members normally kept their identities a secret, nobody had any concrete information on the adventurer team’s members.

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