Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3576

Chapter 650 – Zero Wing Branch Guild

Star Soul’s name might be somewhat well-known among the Twelve Sanctuaries, but outside of the Twelve Sanctuaries, only conglomerates would be aware of the adventurer team’s existence. So, Fervent Samsara found it hard to believe Shi Feng would have heard of Star Soul before.

“I’ve heard of you all in the Sanctuaries,” Shi Feng explained after calming his initial surprise. “I heard that every member of your adventurer team is incredibly strong and that you all can slay even Tier 6 Gods.”

Star Soul had aided the various conglomerates in many crusades in the Twelve Sanctuaries during his previous life. Among them included raids of Tier 6 Gods. However, after Star Soul’s well-known battle against one of the Twenty-Two Taboos, the adventurer team stopped accepting commissions completely, and its name gradually faded into obscurity.

Although many people speculated the cause of Star Soul’s disappearance, most agreed that it was likely due to the adventurer team’s final battle. In the fight against the Taboo-level monster, Star Soul lost more than half its members, including its commander and vice commander. These individuals had permanently lost their qualifications to log into God’s Domain, and even God’s Domain’s many resurrection methods were ineffective against them. This had most likely led to the adventurer team being incapable of continuing its activities.

Even so, Star Soul remained a legend in the Greater God’s Domain.

After all, the Greater God’s Domain’s Twenty-Two Taboos were publicly regarded by the various powers as existences that should never be provoked. Simply being able to escape from one of these Twenty-Two Taboos was already an incredible feat. Yet, Star Soul had managed to heavily injure one of these existences.

“You exaggerate, Guild Leader Black Flame. We simply got lucky while helping those conglomerates with their raid,” Fervent Samsara answered. Then, he repeated his question, “May I know what you need us to do for you?”

Hearing Fervent Samsara’s question, Shi Feng got straight to the point and said, “I hope you can head to Gazing Moon City of the Starlight Realm’s Ancient River Kingdom and establish a branch for Zero Wing there.”

The Eternal Realm might be crucial for the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers, but it was still only a small part of the Greater God’s Domain.

Currently, while it might seem like Zero Wing had become one of the Crystal City of Secrets’ leading powers, apart from fifth-floor experts, it couldn’t even come close to matching ordinary hegemonic powers in other aspects. If no changes were made, Zero Wing’s advantages would instantly disappear once the various powers located the Eternal Realm. It might even have difficulty protecting its current territories.

Hence, Zero Wing needed to expand its development in the Greater God’s Domain. It was especially so now that there wasn’t much time before the World Passage of his home God’s Domain opened.

Once the World Passage was fully opened, whether it was the Ancient River Kingdom or the surrounding kingdoms and empires, all of the powers based in these countries would invade his home God’s Domain and occupy the resources there.

Every God’s Domain was the foundation of development for the world it was tied to. If a world were to lose its God’s Domain, all of its inhabitants would face much greater difficulty surviving in the Greater World in the future.

The reason for this was that the inhabitants of each world could only create a God’s Domain account in their own God’s Domain. If a world lost its God’s Domain, it would mean that future generations could no longer create a God’s Domain account easily.

Not to mention, every God’s Domain had some unique Legendary- and Inferior Divine Artifact-rank materials. The World Bosses that periodically spawned was also a stable source of Fragmented Legendary Weapons and Equipment. And, while not a reliable source, the occasional Legendary Quest that emerged was also an opportunity for players to obtain Legendary Weapons and Equipment. These were all items crucial to a Guild’s development.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, it might not be difficult for Star Soul to establish a foothold in the Ancient River Kingdom, but I’m afraid developing a Branch Guild there isn’t going to be easy,” Bygone Magic, who was Star Soul’s vice commander and the young woman standing next to Fervent Samsara, said. “Even if we have the necessary resources and offer attractive benefits to recruit members, the local powers won’t just stand by and watch as we take a cut of their profits. They will try to drive us out at all costs. We simply don’t have the ability to keep guild members safe out in the fields with only so few of us.”

While it was important for a Guild to recruit new members, it was even more important for the Guild to have the ability to help these new members level up. While Star Soul was strong enough to fight against hegemonic powers, it simply didn’t have the necessary manpower to protect guild members grinding out in the fields from ambushes. Not to mention, Star Soul’s members needed to level up themselves as well. They couldn’t afford to play nanny around the clock.

“You don’t have to worry about this,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Once you arrive, just focus on recruiting members. You won’t have to participate in low-tier battles. All you need to do is protect the Guild’s Residence and one particular building. In return, your GCP compensation will be three times higher than the Eternal Realm’s members. In addition, you can also exchange for items limited to only internal and core members.”

Shi Feng was not at all worried about whether Zero Wing could develop itself in the Ancient River Kingdom. His only concern was whether Zero Wing had enough combat power to protect the Hundred Refinement Building.

Originally, he had planned to wait for Zero Wing’s forces in the Miniature Ancient World to grow stronger and for his home God’s Domain’s World Passage to fully open before opening the Hundred Refinement Building to the public. At that time, with Mysterious Moon and Hundred Flower Palace’s strength, defending the Hundred Refinement Building shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

“Items exclusive to internal and core members?” Bygone Magic had her interest piqued when she heard Shi Feng’s words.

She knew that Zero Wing’s internal members had access to incredible items. Not only could they exchange for the Behemoth Set, a Combat-ranked Secret Treasure Set, but they could also exchange for Mana Purification Techniques, items which were incredibly rare even in the Eternal Realm. These items were also one of the reasons they had followed Fervent Samsara to Zero Wing.

“Here is the exchange list. You can take a look for yourselves,” Shi Feng said as he shared with everyone present information on the Extraordinary Secret Treasure Sets and Bronze Mana Purification Techniques that only Zero Wing’s core members could exchange. Then, he smiled and continued, “If you don’t have any more questions, you can head to Gazing Moon City right away.”

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