Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3577

Chapter 651 – Tier 6 Sword Law Saint

Zero Wing Training Center, internal members’ lounge:

The lounge was half the size of a sports stadium, and its walls were fully covered by holographic screens that vividly depicted tall mountains, flowing waterfalls, and lingering mist. There was also a restaurant, various training equipment, and many of the latest virtual gaming cabins prepared in the lounge.

After leaving Shi Feng’s office, the members of Star Soul were led to this lounge by Pace Angel, many of them wearing shocked faces. Of course, the reason for their shock wasn’t the lounge’s environment but something else entirely.

“What kind of origin does Zero Wing have exactly, Big Brother Samsara? Those items are simply…terrifying,” Bygone Magic asked Fervent Samsara immediately after seeing Pace Angel leave.

Following Bygone Magic’s question, everyone else from Star Soul also looked at Fervent Samsara. At this time, all of the contempt they previously held toward Zero Wing had vanished without a trace.

After all, the items made available to Zero Wing’s core members were simply too frightening.

Even now, Secret Treasures remained incredibly precious in the Eternal Realm. According to their intelligence, the various powers’ elites would be fortunate to have a full set of Common Secret Treasures at this stage of the Eternal Realm, and it was only the main force members of upper-ranking hegemonic powers who could get their hands on a couple of Combat Secret Treasures.

As for the Mana Purification Technique, it was something completely outside the reach of most upper-ranking hegemonic powers. Only conglomerates and pseudo-apex powers could get their hands on some.

The fact that Zero Wing could let their internal members exchange for Combat Secret Treasure Sets and Common Mana Purification Techniques was already highly unbelievable. Originally, when they heard about this from Fervent Samsara, their immediate reaction was to doubt him. After all, such an act of generosity was outside the capabilities of even pseudo-apex powers. It didn’t make sense an upstart Guild could afford such a feat.

However, when they saw the item exchange list exclusive to Zero Wing’s core members, they couldn’t help but wonder if they were hallucinating because of jetlag.

The Dragon’s Fury Set, an Extraordinary Secret Treasure Set!

Bronze Mana Purification Techniques!

These were items that they doubted even apex powers could afford to share with their executives, let alone core members.

“I don’t know,” Fervent Samsara said, shaking his head. Then, in a definitive tone, he continued, “But I can tell you one thing, and that is if you become an executive of Zero Wing, your future achievements should be no less than that of the various pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones.”

Fervent Samsara knew very clearly that be it the Dragon’s Fury Set or the Bronze Mana Purification Techniques, neither of these things was Zero Wing’s biggest trump card. Instead, the Primordial Chaos Body was the true killer.

The Primordial Chaos Body was directly related to the strength of Primordial Gods. It was a Godly Relic that could change a player’s Divine Body. It might even have something to do with the rumored Superior Divine Body, which, according to rumors, could only be constructed with the help of a complete Primordial God Legacy.

Meanwhile, once a player constructed their Divine Body, it wasn’t as if they couldn’t change it. So long as they were willing to pay the price, they could reconstruct their Divine Body. Only, under normal circumstances, nobody would be willing to do so. After all, if a player’s Divine Body didn’t undergo a qualitative transformation, it wouldn’t affect their strength much. However, it would be a different story if a player could upgrade their ordinary Divine Body to a Superior Divine Body.

If Bygone Magic and the others could become Zero Wing’s executives, it was entirely possible that Shi Feng would allow them to experience the Primordial Chaos Body. At that time, if they could successfully construct a Superior Divine Body, it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to match Ancient Gods of the same level in strength.

“Achievements no less than the pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones?”

The eyes of Bygone Magic and the others lit up when they heard Fervent Samsara’s words.

In the first-tier mobile city they came from, the various pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones were existences that ordinary citizens like themselves could never hope to reach.

After all, every pseudo-apex power’s chosen one was slated to take over the management of their respective Guild’s Divine Artifacts and become a Taboo-level existence in the future. At that time, they would be tasked with safeguarding the resources of an entire Realm. They were also the reason the special-tier mobile cities’ powerful families got to enjoy the status they currently enjoyed.

“Alright, enough talking. Quickly log back into God’s Domain and head to Gazing Moon City,” Fervent Samsara said, smiling when he saw the yearning looks on Bygone Magic and the others. “The sooner you complete the Guild Leader’s assignments, the sooner you’ll become an executive of Zero Wing.”

Hearing this, Bygone Magic and the others promptly borrowed one of the virtual gaming cabins in the lounge and logged into God’s Domain. They also secretly vouched to perform well in the Ancient River Kingdom and earn as many GCPs as they could.

As for Fervent Samsara, he also logged back into God’s Domain to prepare for his eventual experience of the Primordial Chaos Body. He did not wish to waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng rested for six hours, he returned to his room and logged into God’s Domain once more.

Crystal City of Secrets, Zero Wing’s Residence, underground secret room:

When Shi Feng came back online, he could feel a tremendous change in his surroundings. However, he quickly realized that it wasn’t his surroundings that had changed. Instead, it was the sensitivity of his five senses being amplified dozens of times. Meanwhile, following this change, he no longer felt like an insignificant ant when he perceived the world around him. Instead, he felt as if he had become equal with the world.

Is this the effect of a Superior Divine Body with two Advanced Laws merged? Shi Feng was greatly shocked when he sensed the rich mana radiating from his body. Its density and purity were already on par with the mana of Seven Luminaries Crystals.

Although he had previously gotten to experience a complete Superior Divine Body with the Primordial Dragon’s help, those experiences only lasted for a brief moment. Not to mention, the density of his current mana was not only superior to any of the ten simulated Superior Divine Bodies, but the strength of his mana was also slightly superior to that of Ancient Gods.

However, after Shi Feng looked at the bonuses he received from his Tier 6 promotion, the improvement to his mana suddenly felt inconsequential.

System: Congratulations! You have become a Tier 6 Sword Law Saint (Sword God). All Basic Attributes +12,000, all Resistances +1,000, Mana recovery rate increased by 500%, Mana Strength increased by 200%, Concentration increased by 200%, Stamina recovery speed increased by 100%, HP recovery speed increased by 100%, Concentration recovery speed increased by 100%, all physical, magical, and mental attacks received that are below the Tier 6 Peak standard will be weakened by 60%, all Basic Attributes increased by 270%, and reaction speed improved by 200%. Rewarding 500 Legacy Skill Points.

System: The God of Time’s curse has been weakened. There will no longer be an experience gain penalty. The curse will only double the gravity you experience now.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the third phase of the Legendary Quest Hundred Refinement Mana Body. You have obtained the qualifications to be the Hundred Refinement Building’s owner, and all of the Hundred Refinement Building’s functions will now become available to you. Rewarding 100 Free Legacy Skill Points.

With my current strength, even soloing a Level 170 God shouldn’t be a problem, Shi Feng thought when he finished reading the system notifications. Even though he wasn’t fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment right now, he was confident he could suppress a Tier 6 God of the same level. Moreover, it would be without the use of Law Projection.

Meanwhile, after looking at his Attributes, Shi Feng turned his sights to the Tier 6 Legacy Skills he could learn.

Tier 6 Skills and Spells were of utmost importance to Tier 6 players. Every additional Tier 6 Skill or Spell players learned would increase their overall strength by a large margin. Meanwhile, the stronger a player’s class in God’s Domain, the stronger the Legacy Skills and Spells they could learn at each tier.

Previously, Shi Feng already found it astonishing that he was allowed to learn a Tier 5 Super Spell when he got promoted to a Tier 5 Sword Law Saint. However, when he saw what he could learn at Tier 6, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

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