Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3578

Chapter 652 – Ten Tier 6 Players

When Shi Feng saw the three Tier 6 Super Legacy Spells he could learn, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

[Sword Law World]
Requires: Sword
Tier 6 Super Legacy Spell
Create Chains of Law using World Power to weaken all enemies within a 30,000-yard radius by 30%.
Duration: 10 minutes
Cooldown: 30 minutes
Learning condition: 300 Legacy Skill Points

[Divine Shadow]
Requires: Sword
Tier 6 Super Legacy Spell
Allows the caster to transform into 100 Judgment Swords. Each Judgment Sword will carry 200% of the caster’s Attack Speed and 300% of the caster’s Strength.
Cooldown: 3 minutes
Learning condition: 300 Legacy Skill Points

[Divine Aurora]
Requires: Sword
Tier 6 Super Legacy Spell (Super Large Destruction Spell)
Exert the Law Break effect once on a 500*30,000 yard area.
Cooldown: 1 natural day
Learning condition: 300 Legacy Skill Points

Every one of these three Super Legacy Spells was incredibly terrifying. Moreover, unlike other Tier 6 Super Spells, these three Tier 6 Super Legacy Spells did not have any limitations.


None of them had any strength limitations!

Normally, Tier 6 Super Spells would have a strength limit clearly defined in their descriptions. No matter how strong a player was, they could never exceed this set limit. However, the Sword Law Saint’s Super Legacy Spells did not have such limits defined.

Take Sword Law World, for example. Its description simply stated that it could weaken all enemies within range by 30%. In other words, the Super Spell could take effect against even Ancient Gods, and affected Ancient Gods would be weakened in all aspects by 30%. The Super Spell’s effects would not diminish simply because of an Ancient God’s extraordinary strength.

As for Divine Shadow, each of the Judgment Swords it created would possess 200% of the user’s Attack Speed. In a sense, the Super Spell provided a 100% increase in Attack Speed, which was an incredibly rare and powerful effect. With Shi Feng’s Attack Speed, the Judgment Swords he created would be so fast that not even Tier 6 Gods of the same level could keep up with them. On top of that, each Judgment Sword would carry 300% of his Strength, and it was a modifier without any upper limits. If he were to fight the Nameless City’s Gorgon Queen again, he did not doubt he could heavily injure the Primordial Godkin with a single use of Divine Shadow.

As for Divine Aurora, it was similarly an astonishing Super Spell. Although it had a short and simple description, any player who had a good understanding of God’s Domain would know that the world of God’s Domain was composed of many World Laws that prevented it from being destroyed easily. If he were to use Divine Aurora against a player, getting injured would be the least of said player’s worries. If the other party failed to defend themself adequately, they might cease to exist in God’s Domain permanently. Not to mention, Divine Aurora’s range could practically cover an entire map. So long as he cast the Spell, there would be no escape for his enemies.

Long story short, each of the three Super Spells had their respective strengths. If he could learn all three, he would become a natural disaster for his enemies. Unfortunately, he currently only had a little over 700 Legacy Skill Points, so he could only afford to learn two of the three Tier 6 Super Spells.

After hesitating for some time, Shi Feng ultimately chose to learn Sword Law World and Divine Shadow, leaving Divine Aurora for the future.

Sword Law World and Divine Shadow were incredibly useful in battles of all scales. They also complemented each other well. If he had access to both, they should be enough to let him deal with most situations.

Shortly after Shi Feng finished learning the two Super Spells, multiple mana pillars suddenly appeared in the secret room, one after another.

One… Two… Three…

A total of nine mana pillars appeared in the secret room, their presence illuminating the room brightly.

Nine of them succeeded? Shi Feng couldn’t help but be a little surprised to see nine mana pillars emerging so soon.

It should be known that most players would need at least two or three days to construct their Divine Bodies. The only reason he managed to complete his Divine Body so quickly was due to the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal’s Legacy Guidances. Logically, even if he had left God’s Domain for twelve hours to rest after completing his Divine Body, it should still be some time before Gentle Snow and the others could complete their Divine Bodies.

Not to mention, the construction of a Divine Body was a challenge where even fifth-floor experts weren’t guaranteed success. Although Gentle Snow and the others had the Medium World Fragment’s assistance, their chances of success still shouldn’t be very high.

Originally, Shi Feng thought that he would be fortunate if he could bring three or four Tier 6 players with him to the World Ark. Yet, contrary to his expectations, nine people had succeeded in their Tier 6 promotion.

“Tier 6! I am finally at Tier 6!” Hidden Soul exclaimed, an unprecedented excitement coloring her face as she sensed the frightening mana she radiated.

“So, this is what being at Tier 6 feels like?” Standing nearby, Gentle Snow also couldn’t help but analyze her Divine Body in wonder. When she tried punching and kicking at empty air, her every movement caused the Large Grandmaster Magic Barrier protecting the secret room to tremble. Her current strength was vastly superior to her strength at Tier 5.

Interesting! So, this is what having God-ranked mana feels like? Crimson Heart curled her lips upward when she looked at the trembling magic barrier.

At this time, Gentle Snow, Hidden Soul, and Crimson Heart weren’t the only ones immersed in joy and surprise. Wordless Ember, Sleeping Quicksand, Fire Dance, Jun Luosha, Cleansed Rue, and Rampant Blade were also happily familiarizing themselves with their new bodies.

Meanwhile, as none of these nine individuals did anything to suppress their Divine Might, it felt as if nine Tier 6 Gods currently stood in the secret room. Moreover, as each of them radiated mana denser than even that of Tier 6 Gods, the mana in the secret room instantly reached a solid state. If not for the Grandmaster Magic Barrier protecting the others in the room, this mana would have definitely suffocated them.

While Gentle Snow and the others were busy researching their newfound strength, Shi Feng suddenly received a call from someone he hadn’t heard from in quite a while.

“Long time no see, Miss Frey. What made you remember me all of a sudden? Do you have some good news for me?” Shi Feng joked when he saw Frey’s smiling face through the screen.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Frey said, nodding with a smile. “I wish to procure your help with something, Guild Leader Black Flame. Might you be interested?”

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