The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6882

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6882-Chapter 6882 His words immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Faced with their hostile glares, Morgott shrugged and said indifferently, “Don’t get me wrong. I meant everyone here except James and Thea.”

Hearing his provocative words, everyone except James and Thea stood up, eager to fight him.

Truett retorted, “Damn it, you devil…”

Morgott pointed at Truett and said, “You shouldn’t be angry. You don’t even understand how the Greater Realms are divided, so it’s ridiculous for you to be commenting on rules and regulations.”

Everyone was furious at his words but was listening intently for an explanation.

Morgott slowly got up from the ground and said solemnly, “From nothingness to

From the nothingness comes the Wuia; from the Wuia emerged the Five Primal Evolutions. Thus, from nothingness to existence, death to life, stillness to movement. Ultimately, it came to forming the Xyloria Tai Chi and the Six Xyrisia Sacred Spirits.”

“Then, Yin and Yang emerged from the Xyloria Tai Chi, heralding the opening of heaven and earth, the birth of the Great Realms, and the emergence of all living beings.

Everyone present paid close attention as if listening to a sermon.

Morgott took a sip of his wine and said casually, “In truth, this is the process of Dernaturae. However, what disrupted this natural order was none other than the Wuia that created it after observing and comprehending the emotions and desires of sentient beings. Wuia was the first out of the Six Xyrisia Sacred Spirits to gain an independent consciousness, which we later came to know as the Supreme Path.

Everyone present, including James, was surprised at his words, as it was their first time hearing such a theory.

Morgott elaborated, “The birth of the Wuia’s consciousness is the mere beginning. The emergence of a consciousness necessitates the manifestation of a new form, marking the birth of humanity.

“For a significant duration following the Greater Realm’s living beings, humans did not exist. However, after the Wuia gained consciousness, it wasn’t satisfied with the countless beings that had been created. Hence, it gathered the good characteristics of many creatures, ultimately giving rise to humankind.

“It further developed the Five Primal Evolutions, resulting in the current humanity.”

James looked at Morgott and asked, “So we’re basically creations of the Supreme Path?”

Morgott affirmed with a nod. “Yes. It was a complete accident stemming from Wuia’s first selfish desire following its birth of consciousness. Hence, human nature is inherently inclined toward greed and selfishness. Their emotions and desires represent all sentient beings and are a natural occurrence overtime.

“Because of this, possessing a human form is the prerequisite for embarking upon the true cultivation path. As for non-human entities in the world, should they aspire to pursue the path of cultivation, they must cultivate to acquire a human form first.”

“However, even by doing so, they remain distinct from humans. Even after they adopt human emotions and desires, they could easily forsake them in their cultivation paths.

“Humans, on the other hand, are vastly different. We’re born with greed and selfishness. Emotions and desires are ingrained in US. Despite repeated efforts to sever them, they persist and will return when going through different experiences.”

Suddenly, Morgott’s face darkened.

“Perhaps Wuia eventually recognized its desires had betrayed the Dernaturae’s natural order. Hence, it painstakingly tried to correct these errors. Ultimately, it made the nature he had bestowed upon humans the greatest obstacle and source of suffering on our cultivation journey.

“Just look at those supreme beings in Zymurgy. Among them, none are humans that were conceived and born naturally, nor were they raised from childhood into adulthood by their parents. They did not have to walk every step to achieve what they have today.”

Morgott pointed at Truett and said, “You’re a human conceived and were birthed naturally but aren’t a supreme being. You’re merely a disciple of Tirta, who married her daughter, right?

Yegor faltered at his words.

Morgott snorted. “Your achievements and status are already the pinnacle of humankind. That’s so unfair. Why should we be punished for something not in our control?

“We aren’t able to severe our emotions and desires. Wuia never considered the fact its desire was what bestowed them upon US.”

These words ignited an uproar amongst the crowd.

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