The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6884

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6884-After everyone else had left, Herodias slowly sat down with a solemn expression.

Thea and James looked at each other, hesitant to speak.

After contemplating, Herodias said, ‘Tell me the truth, James. Did you receive Emperor Yarden’s inheritance?”

James was momentarily stunned but nodded at her question.

Herodias further inquired, “Was it all of his inheritance?” James replied uncertainly, Ì encountered his remnant soul and am not sure Herodias pressed, “Did you obtain his Soul Condensation Art?” Thea looked at James nervously.

James was momentarily taken aback before he turned his hand over and summoned a vibrant fire lotus from his palm.

Thea’s eyes sparkled with excitement, whereas Herodias covered her mouth in astonishment, her wide eyes reflecting shock.

James asked, “Is this the one?”

Herodias stood up and channeled a purple-gold Tirta Power into the fire lotus. A translucent figure instantly materialized within the flames.

However, it was still and devoid of consciousness.

James watched in awe at the spectacle.

Thea stated, ‘There’s insufficient Tirta Power. It’s still unable to move or speak.”

Herodias clenched her teeth, extended her palms toward James, and unleashed a torrent of Tirta Power into the fire lotus.

Gradually, the translucent figure took the form of a handsome man with welldefined features, thick eyebrows, and large eyes.

Thea exclaimed, “It worked! It really worked! It’s the Xyloria Tirta!”

James wore a look of astonishment at the sight. He had not anticipated to have inherited such extraordinary Supernatural Power from Emperor Yarden.

However, the use of Chaos Essence in casting the Supernatural Power was staggering. Most of what he saved was almost used up, and the consummation was still ongoing.

James had no choice but to take out a Chaos Absinthe and consume it to replenish his Chaos Essence.

The man within the fire lotus suddenly said, “If you have something to say, hurry up. Although this young man has acquired Emperor Yarden’s inheritance, his Chaos Essence is limited.”

Upon hearing this, Herodias continued to infuse Tirta Power into the fire lotus. At the same time, she cast a glance at James and said, “Dad, this man is the hope of the Greater Realms. Not only is he the Chosen One, but he has always successfully integrated the Three Treasures. Now, he only needs to regulate the Five Spirits…”

The Xyloria Tirta nodded lightly and replied, “I understand. Give it to him.”

Herodias gasped in shock, “But Dad, you may never return without the Xyloria Tirta Pearl. Then what about the Tirta Sect…”

“Haha,”the Xyloria Tirta let out a carefree laugh and responded, “Silly child, what exactly is the purpose of our existence?”

Herodias was left stunned.

The Xyloria Tirta said, “Now that a hero has emerged, he will undoubtedly elevate the Supreme Path to its pinnacle. For this very reason, not only would our lineage be willing, even the Five Evolutions will sacrifice.”

Herodias took a deep breath and nodded in agreement.

At that moment, Thea suddenly interjected, “Sir, I’m curious. Morgott can also be considered a hero, so why did you…”

“The Yin governor?” The Xyloria Tirta turned to Thea and scrutinized her. “

Ah…you’re incomplete.”

Thea bowed respectfully and extended her hands toward him.

The Xyloria Tirta came to a realization. He sighed and asked, ‘The Morgott you speak of, it’s Havelock Darrow, right?”

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