The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6885

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6885-Morgott’s original name was revealed to be Havelock Darrow.

Thea, James, and Herodias were utterly astonished.

The Xyloria Tirta sneered, “He isn’t worthy of being called a hero. He is bloodthirsty and ruthless. His heart harbors excessive hatred and has no consideration for the lives.

“He lacks morality and only thinks of himself. Even though the Supreme Path was at fault, he would still have been forced to go into hiding.” The Xyloria Tirta directed his gaze towards James, who was consuming Chaos Absinthe and restoring his Chaos Essence.

“This individual has encountered difficult circumstances and endured numerous hardships, yet has been sheltered and mentored by many. Even Emperor

Yarden vouched for this being. How could I not acknowledge him?”

Thea looked at James with pride, her eyes gleaming with admiration.

James said abruptly, “But I have no interest in becoming the Supreme Path. I don’t want to become ruthless and indifferent or be a formless entity devoid of desires and feelings…”

Before he could finish, the Xyloria Tirta’s laughter cut him off. “Who said you would have to become all those to be the Supreme Path?”

James asked, “Isn’t that what the Supreme Path should be like?” The Xyloria Tirta replied smilingly, “That was the requirement imposed for the Xyloria gods. The Xanadu Realm is of the past, and you’re currently in the Haleth Realm.

“The Xanadu Realm transitioning into the Haleth Realm is a natural process that occurred where life is derived from energy. With life being formed from energy, the outcome would always be a birth of consciousness.

“The Tai Chi, Yin, and Yang are existences formed through energy. The genesis and renewal of all things signify the end of the Xanadu Realm.

Now, it’s the era of the Haleth Realm, where beings that reproduce dominate.

“As for us, entities born through energy are merely here to serve you now.”

James took a deep breath and asked, “What’s the ultimate goal of cultivation?”

The Xyloria Tirta shook his head and said smilingly, “I can’t answer that. Every living being has their own fate. Perhaps knowing yourself is the only way to discover the ultimate goal of cultivation.

James asked, “So even if I become the Supreme Path, I won’t be able to know myself completely?” The Xyloria Tirta replied, “I’m not sure. But I can share the Supreme Path’s creed-the Supreme Path accommodates and is tolerant.” James fell silent, contemplating these words.

Xyloria Tirta’s body began to flutter and disperse.

Herodias cried out anxiously, “Dad! No…”

The Xyloria Tirta said gently, “Don’t be sad. My final wish to witness the person who will become the Supreme Path has been fulfilled.

As he spoke, he looked at James again, “Integrating the Three Treasures gives you immortality, but the Fire Spirits will allow you to gain a Limitless Body, Ultimate Serenity, and converge to all paths into one.

“My daughter has the Xyloria Tirta Pearl and can pass it to you anytime.

Thank you for allowing me to see her one last time.”

Stunned, James murmured, “Sir…”

The Xyloria Tirta suddenly shouted, “Remember, Herodias. There is no eternity in this world apart from paths. Do not cling to gains and losses. It will be a great blessing if you can take a step forward in your cultivation path. The Tirta Sect and I will be proud of you.”

After speaking, the Xyloria Tirta’s body became transparent and disappeared.

“Dad!” Herodias suddenly shouted hysterically.

It was a pity that the Xyloria Tirta would never return.

When James retrieved the fire lotus, he discovered a purple-gold Tirta Power merging into his body.

Shortly after, a flood of unfamiliar information surged into his mind, including the secret of Morgott’s seal and many unknown anecdotes about Zymurgy.

Herodias collapsed to the ground with a thud.

Thea quickly rushed to support her, but Herodias raised her hand and stopped her.

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