The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6782

This continuous back and forth made Jacob feel tortured. Before he really understood and visited Dubai, he already felt disgusted with Dubai. He only thought that after this time, he would never come to Dubai again in his life.

During the flight, Jacob couldn’t control his random thoughts.

He no longer expects to get back the money he lost. His only hope is that President Pei can successfully secure himself the position of vice president.

Fortunately, President Pei had promised him that he would at least have a director, so although he always had random thoughts, he never thought that he would be kicked out of the Painting and Calligraphy Association.

As soon as the plane landed, he couldn’t wait to turn off the airplane mode of his mobile phone and wait for the Internet to ask President Pei about the progress and details of today’s meeting.

After being connected to the Internet, WeChat received a lot of messages at once, including push notifications from public accounts and many inquiries from acquaintances.

Many people knew that he had left the Painting and Calligraphy Association and sent him messages asking for details, including Matilda.

When Jacob saw Matilda’s profile picture among the unread messages, his spirits suddenly lifted.

Although the events of the past few days had made him no longer have illusions about Matilda, he still couldn’t help feeling a little excited when he saw her sending him WeChat messages.

Moreover, Ma Lan was not around now, which gave him an exciting feeling similar to having an affair.

So he quickly clicked on Matilda’s message and found that Matilda asked him why he resigned. He didn’t think much about it, thinking that Matilda knew that he had sent an email to voluntarily resign, so he casually replied: “It doesn’t count as resignation. I just sent a resignation email, which you can interpret as being polite. Speaking of Matilda, how come you are so well-informed? You also know the internal email exchanges of our calligraphy and painting association.”

Matilda replied: “It’s not your internal email. It’s your association’s official account that has issued a statement, you don’t know, right?”

When Jacob saw this news, he was a little confused at first, but then he came to his senses and hurriedly looked for the Calligraphy and Painting Association in the official account information.

After scrolling through dozens of spam notifications, he immediately saw the one posted by the Painting and Calligraphy Association. The title was: Instructions on the Appointment and Removal of the Executive Vice President of the Painting and Calligraphy Association.

Jacob thought to himself: “Looking at this, I should be kicked off the position of executive vice president, but it doesn’t matter, there is no hope of keeping it anyway.”

With that, he clicked on this push notification .

The moment the push text was opened, Jacob’s eyes stared at the phone as wide as bells, and he wanted to pop out of his eye sockets!

His eyes were splitting and he gritted his teeth and cursed: “Pei has tricked me!”

The sudden curse made the passengers around him look sideways.

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