The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6783

Jacob didn’t have the energy to care about others’ opinions of him at this time, so he called President Pei directly.

President Pei had already returned home at this time, and he and his wife were on the sofa in the living room, watching their cell phones, waiting for Jacob to call and ask questions.

President Pei knew very well that he must give Jacob an explanation for this matter. If he just avoided seeing it and refused to answer questions, it would be equivalent to confirming the fact that he was playing tricks on him.

In order not to cause unnecessary trouble to himself, he decided to explain it clearly to Jacob.

Of course, his so-called explanation is nothing more than the logic of killing someone with a borrowed knife that his wife pointed out to him.

So, he answered Jacob’s call and said with shame: “Oh Jacob, I can’t help you!”

Jacob was so angry that he directly attacked: “Pei! Are you f*cking kidding me? ? You said you asked me to send a resignation email, but you just fired it right away? You told me so much, but you actually fired it. It’s just a trick, isn’t it? You are too damn grandson to treat me so well and regard you as my close brother. I am so f*cking blind!”

President Pei said quickly: “Oh, jacob, listen to me. This matter is not as simple as you think. I really want to keep you, and I called all the vice presidents to my office early this morning to discuss this matter. However, they insisted that what you did had a great impact on the reputation of the association. They also said that the people below also had great opinions on you, forcing me to hold a vote among all members of the association. The results of the vote At that time, everyone except me voted for you to leave. At that time, everyone was staring at the result and waiting for me to express my position. “

As he said, he added: “By the way, you. Looking back at the email, the HR director should have sent you all the meeting minutes. “

President Pei passed the blame to everyone, but Jacob didn’t appreciate it. He cursed angrily: “The surname is Pei. You don’t need to talk to me about so many things. I only know that you promised me yesterday that you would at least leave me a director position. But now? Let alone the director position, you and I have no f*cking relationship. He just said hello and turned me on! ”

After that, Jacob shouted with a trembling voice and even a hint of crying: “Pei, you don’t know how much effort I put in to join the Painting and Calligraphy Association. Ever since I was still hanging out in the antique street, I have always wanted to join the Painting and Calligraphy Association. ! After I joined the association, I didn’t say anything to you as the president, right? The few times you wanted to go to Tianxiang Mansion to see the world, I took you to the diamond box, and I introduced you to Mr. Albert Wu. Because I have a very good relationship with you, I am very polite to you. If you treat me like this now, how will you face him in the future?”

President Pei looked disgusted and thought to himself: “How long has it been since the f*ck, and you still take advantage of Don Albert? If Mr. Don Albert comes out to show off to me, if Mr. Albert expresses the slightest intention to protect you on the phone, I will definitely do my best. “

However, President Pei will not dare to blame Mr. Albert. , so he could only say coldly: “Jacob, I have made it very clear to you just now. This matter is not my decision, but the decision of everyone else in the entire calligraphy and painting association except me! They all want to Go away, what can I do? You have time to question me here, why don’t you ask yourself, why are you so popular in the association? How could you be so popular in the association? You have to understand, no one wants you to stay, please listen clearly! No one! No one!”

Jacob said through gritted teeth. It’s useless to talk about this. I only know that you promised me to secure a position as vice president and director at the end, but you didn’t do it! If you didn’t do it, you broke your promise! “

President Pei! He said coldly: “Then if you think so, I can’t help it. It’s up to you. Whether you scold me or hate me, I have nothing to say. But I just want to remind you, Jacob, the reason why you are where you are today.” This end is all your own fault! If you don’t do that dirty thing, not only will you not be expelled from the association, but you will also have a high probability of succeeding me as the president, so I advise you to stay in Dubai during this time. Reflect on it and look for problems within yourself instead of blaming all the faults on others!”

After that, he didn’t wait for Jacob to speak and continued: “By the way, contact Xiao Wu as soon as possible when you come back. He usually walks close to you, so just ask him to go through the resignation procedures for you, learn to use your personal belongings, and ask him to help you pack them up. You’d better not come here again, otherwise everyone will not I know how to look at you, so in terms of our friendship, I can only do this for you. Whether you appreciate me or hate me, I can say that I have a clear conscience. So let’s do it. You can take care of yourself in the future. Goodbye.”

Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Jacob beat his chest. Unexpectedly, he thought that this matter was finally over, but he ended up holding back a big trick for himself!

Now that I have been kicked out of the Painting and Calligraphy Association, won’t I become a vagrant again in the future?

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