Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1185 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1185

After Zachary closed the door, Serenity yawned and went back to bed. She lay down and closed her eyes to rest.

She would wait for Zachary. She wanted to know how the investigation had been going with him, Clive, and Josh.

There was also Duncan.

Duncan must have gone to find Zachary after he left Brynfield.

Zachary came out of the bathroom after some time.

Serenity heard his footsteps and opened her eyes. She saw that he was half–naked and that his hair was still wet with water dripping down.

She sat up abruptly and rolled off the bed to fetch a clean towel. She sat the man, who did not dry his hair, in front of the dresser.

Following that, she helped dry his hair like a mother and said, “Why did you wash your hair so late at night? It’s fine if you wash it, but you didn’t even dry it with a towel. Men’s hair is only that long, so it’ll dry in no time if you use a dry towel.

“Even so, you’re lazy to dry it. Look at how wet the floor is now.”

Zachary enjoyed his wife’s thoughtfulness and let her nag him.

After coming home from a tiring day at work, he was delighted to hear her nags.

He was definitely different from others.

Other people would be afraid of being nagged by their wives, but he was the opposite.

This was because Serenity was not naggy.

She was also not at the age of being naggy.

“I brought you a set of pajamas, but you only wore the pants. Where’s the shirt?”

Zachary smiled with his eyes squinted. “I’m going to sleep soon and will be taking it off anyway, so I might as well not wear it and save the trouble.”

Serenity smacked him lightly.

After drying his hair for him, she still went into the bathroom to get his shirt. She forcefully put it on for him and said, “You sometimes kick off the blanket after you sleep, so you’ll catch a cold if you don’t wear a shirt.”

On top of that, Zachary did not like to turn on the heater.

It was because he wanted Serenity to move closer to him for warmth.

If the heater was on, she would only kick him away and would not ask for his embrace.

“Me? Kicking the blanket? No way.”

Zachary was doubtful.

Serenity could not be bothered arguing with him. The next time she were to see him do it, she would take a video of it and show him the next day. He would believe it if there was evidence.

“How’s the progress of the analysis done by you, my cousin, and Mr. Bucham? Could it be the Newmans?”

Serenity cut to the chase.

Zachary stood up and carried her like a princess. He reached the bed in a few steps and put her down on the bed. He lay down afterward.

“For now, we can’t prove that the Newmans did it. The people Josh sent to keep an eye on Mr. and Mrs. Newman say that they’ve only been begging people to get Ms. Carrie out and haven’t been doing anything else. There also hasn’t been any news from the people who are investigating their business from outside.”

“I can’t think of anyone else besides them.”

Serenity only had a serious beef with Mrs. Newman and her daughter.

Zachary continued after a moment of silence, “Seren, they might not be after you, but me.”

He had offended too many people.

Zachary embraced Serenity and added, “But you don’t have to worry. Do what you should do and treat today’s incident as an accident. The police, Josh, and Duncan will continue looking into it. Duncan used to be a part of the underworld, so he has some connections there.

“If we think it’s a scheme, they’ll come at us again after failing the first time. So, we do what we need to do and let them think that we’re treating it as an accident and have let our guard down. When the time comes, they’ll strike again. That way, we can collect evidence and find the mastermind.

“There are still people protecting you openly and covertly. Duncan is looking after your sister and Sonny. They won’t make a move so soon since they’ve failed once. They’ll at least wait until the zoo incident dies down and nobody talks about it anymore before planning a second attempt.”


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