Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1190 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1190

Grandma May only muttered for a while. She did not continue the topic.

“Babe, ask Mrs. Lane to drive the car you gave me during Valentine’s. It’s too inconvenient to go out without a car,” Serenity suggested.


Zachary agreed with a smile.

He finally gave his wife a Valentine’s gift.

Grandma May said to Serenity, “Seren, this is how it should be. Your man earns money for you to spend, so spend as much as you want. The more you spend, the happier he’ll be, and the more motivated he’ll be to earn more money. If you don’t spend enough, the money he earns is just a string of numbers to him. He doesn’t feel anything and won’t feel accomplished by looking at them.”

Serenity said with a smile, “Nana, I’m not short of money to spend.”

Zachary often transferred money into the card for her daily spending.

She had almost finished her savings, but she could not finish spending the money from Zachary no matter what.

Besides, she was not a reckless spender.

Everything she wore was taken care of by Zachary.

Now, even her skincare and makeup were bought by him.

If Serenity went shopping, she would not know what she should buy as she did not lack anything at the moment.

“Nana, I wanted to give Seren my entire fortune, but she refused to accept it.”

Grandma May said that Serenity was silly. She said that if Serenity accepted Zachary’s fortune, she would become Wiltspoon’s richest woman. Why would she need to run a bookstore and invest? She only needed to squeeze everything out of Zachary.

Zachary was dumbfounded.

After breakfast, Zachary and Serenity went to All You Can Eat to pick Sonny up. Following that, Zachary sent his wife to the bookstore before going to work.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Newman was pointing and cursing at Camryn in their villa.

Regardless of what her mother said, Camryn finished her toast and cereal calmly, then cleaned up the table and washed the dishes in the kitchen.

Her breakfast had always been very simple.

She always had toast and cereal.

The Newmans hired a cook as well, but the nutritious breakfast prepared by the cook had nothing to do with Camryn.

It was good enough that she was given toast and cereal.

Camryn could not see and could not make food for herself. As such, she ate whatever she was given and was not given any choices.

“Useless trash. All you do is eat and drink while your sister is suffering. You’re not worried and anxious at all, and you’re eating and sleeping well. Why did I give birth to a heartless daughter like you? I might as well have strangled you to death as soon as you were born.”

Mrs. Newman was in a bad mood.

Since her precious daughter was detained, she was so heartbroken that she could not sleep all night long.

One who did not sleep well would not be in good spirits and would have a bad mood.

That was why Mrs. Newman took it out on Camryn.


Mr. Newman put down his fork and knife. He helplessly said to his wife, “You’ve been scolding her for the whole morning. You might not be tired from scolding, but I’m tired from listening. This has nothing to do with Camryn, so why are you scolding her?”

“How does it have nothing to do with her? If not for her, would Carrie and that woman from the Hunts become enemies? Would Carrie have done something like that? It was all because of her!”

After washing the dishes in the kitchen, Camryn walked out silently and faced Mr. Newman. She said indifferently, “Uncle, I’m going to the store.”

Mr. Newman hummed and responded, “Go ahead. Let the driver drop you off. It’s raining outside.”

“A driver? She has always gone to the store by herself. She’s not allowed to be dropped off!”

Mrs. Newman disallowed Camryn from using the family’s driver.

Camryn did not say anything. She went to take her walking stick and then took an umbrella from where they were stored. She walked out of the house in silence.

She had lived in this villa for over 20 years. Even though she was blind, she could move around with ease.

“D*mn that blind girl. Why isn’t she the one in trouble?”

Mrs. Newman cursed again after Camryn left.


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