Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1191 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1191

Honey, you must think of a way to save Carrie. She has never been treated roughly before.Mrs. Newman was worried about her younger daughter.

She had not even been that worried about her son, who was still in high school.

However, her son went to a boarding school and was in his senior year. He could only return home once a month, so she only had to transfer money to her son’s card. Her son was much more mature than her daughter, but she did not like that he was protective of his elder sister, Camryn.

Whenever Mrs. Newman’s son was at home, she had to be gentler toward Camryn to prevent her son from quarreling with her.

Carrie is just in detention for fifteen days. She’ll be out when the days are up. We should be worried about Mrs. York suing her.

Mr. Newman sighed. We have to apologize to them.

He was also anxious that his cherished daughter had caused trouble. However, unlike his wife who simply thought of getting their daughter out, he thought further ahead.

It’s not like we haven’t already apologized. I even asked Camryn to go to Hunt’s store to beg for forgiveness. It’s useless. Hunt is intentionally getting Carrie into jail. I’m already heartbroken by the fifteen days of detention. If Hunt files a lawsuit and a sentence is given

Mrs. Newman’s eyes reddened as she spoke.

After a moment of silence, Mr. Newman said, “If so, we can only hire the best lawyer for Carrie and fight for a light sentence. Carrie’s action might be counted as a criminal offense … You should refrain from doing anything for now.

“A child kidnapping occurred in Wiltspoon Zoo yesterday. Even Mrs. York’s nephew almost got kidnapped. This isn’t your doing, right?”

Mr. Newman understood his wife’s character. He reminded her, “Don’t act rashly. Think about our daughter. This is Wiltspoon. This territory belongs to the Yorks, Stones, and Buchams. There’s also the Lewis family. If those four wealthy families work together, you won’t even stand a chance.”

Mrs. Newman wiped her tears and said, “I’m not in the mood to do anything right now. I just want to get my daughter out.”

“It’s best that you don’t do anything behind my back. If you did, you have to inform me so that it’s easier for me to deal with the aftermath. Be extra careful whenever you head out too. The Bucham family excels in collecting information. Zachary might have already sent the Buchams‘ people to keep an eye on us.”

Mr. Newman was more aware of the four wealthy families‘ power compared to Mrs. Newman.

“Got it.

Mrs. Newman promised.

Camryn did not know what her stepfather and mother discussed after she left. She exited the villa with an umbrella and walked toward the gates slowly.

Their family had a driver, but the driver did not serve her.

She had no choice but to walk and take a bus to the flower store herself.

Luckily, she was familiar with that path as she traversed it every day.

Sometimes, she would even meet neighbors who would give her a ride.

All the neighbors knew about Camryn’s misfortune. Everyone pitied her but could do nothing to help her. After all, the person who mistreated her was her biological daughter.

Some people had advised Mrs. Newman that she should not treat her elder daughter like that, no matter how biased she was toward her younger children. Her eldest was the only child of Mrs. Newman’s deceased ex–husband.

Mrs. Newman would not listen. It was useless no matter how other people or even her family advised her. She simply did not like Camryn. It was to the point she wanted Camryn to die.

Honk, honk.

The sound of a car horn blared behind Camryn.

She continued walking calmly.

She knew she was walking by the roadside and would not be blocking othersway.

If it were unfamiliar surroundings, she might have panicked and walked in the wrong. direction or taken the wrong way. However, she used that road every day and knew it well. She could even touch the plants by the roadside if she stretched her hand. How could she be blocking someone’s way?

The person who was honking was probably reminding someone else to give way.

Honk, honk.

The horn continued blaring. It got closer.

Camryn stopped. After touching the roadside bushes, she moved inside and stayed close to the bushes. She thought she would not be blocking anyone’s way if she did that.

The car stopped beside her.


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