Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1196 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1196

Callum and Camryn had not even started dating. Well, he had started, but she did not know about it. It was understandable that she refused to give him roses.

“The flowers are pretty. Thank you for the bouquet, Ms. Newman.”

Callum accepted the flowers and admired them. After thanking Camryn, he said to her while holding the bouquet, “I’ll head to work now, Ms. Newman.”

Callum walked out of the store and went to his car. He opened the passenger’s seat door and placed the bouquet on the seat. He turned to glance at Camryn before getting in the car and driving away.

Camryn listened to the sounds at the entrance. She let out a breath of relief when she heard the sound of a car engine starting.

She felt like Mr. York was targeting her. Not targeting, to be exact, but he seemed interested in her. Maybe he had never seen a blind person.

Camryn never thought Callum would fall for her. She was blind, after all.

Callum brought the bouquet Camryn gave him to York Corporation. After getting out of the car, he walked into the office building with the bouquet, showing off. He would greet others first whenever he saw someone.

York Corporation’s employees thought, ‘Is the COO being possessed by a flower fairy? He’s holding the bouquet and smiling brighter than the flowers.”

Callum even went to his brother’s office on purpose.

Zachary raised his head and saw his brother walking in with a bouquet and smiling eyes. After Callum sat down, Zachary teased him, “Have you made a move? Didn’t you say you refused to submit? You even talked to Kevin about going to Archvale to escape marriage.”

Kevin’s rejection of marriage was the strongest.

He thought his nana was biased. She chose a tomboy for him. Hayden looked more masculine compared to him.

After spending a considerable amount of money getting Josh to dig deep into obtaining Hayden’s information, Kevin aggrievedly complained to Zachary about their nana’s biased behavior.

Kevin nagged about getting Callum to go to Archvale together to escape marriage and make their nana regret it.

In the end, Grandma May gave him an air ticket and his passport to go overseas.

However, Kevin was just all talk. He would not actually run to Archvale, go under the sun, and get himself tanned. He would be sad if he turned a shade darker.

After that, Kevin only dared complain in private to Callum.

Zachary only overheard a few things because he had good hearing.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t submit. Nana arranged all of this. We can’t possibly escape. If only you had refused to follow instructions and set a precedent for us, then we could’ve done the same.”

Callum placed the bouquet on the table. “Brother, my future wife gave me this bouquet. It’s pretty, right?”

“You’re even calling her your wife. You’re right on track, yet you’re blaming me? I wanted to hang in there too, but I was fighting alone and couldn’t put up a defense. You two, as my brothers, even laughed at my misery. Now that Nana’s targeting you two, you’re blaming me for not defying her orders.”

Callum said honestly, “Well, I was merely a spectator since the target wasn’t me yet.”

Zachary was speechless.

His younger brothers were all useless.

Everything was fine to them as long as it was their brother in trouble and not them.

“The flowers your sister–in–law gave me were roses. Ms. Newman gave you a mixture of flowers. It’s just a messy mix–and–match, yet you brought it to the office and showed it off.”

They have been brothers for thirty years–Zachary knew Callum’s intentions well.

“It’s pretty. I think Camryn matched the flowers well. It’s obvious that she’s skilled in flower arrangements.”

Zachary remained silent.

The bouquet Camryn made was indeed beautiful. It was lavish but not tacky.

“Is she really blind?”

Callum replied in the affirmative. “She can’t see right now but I think she’ll be able to recover her eyesight in the future. Zack, do you know who the best ophthalmologist is? Can you introduce a few of them to me to give her a checkup and see if she can be cured?”

Zachary said, “I don’t know any good ophthalmologists, but I know where the rumored genius doctor appears. There might be hope if we get the genius doctor to check on Ms. Newman.”


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