Married at First Sight Chapter 2168 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2168 by desirenovelAlthough the son of the Matriarch of the Farrell family took their father’s surname and could not take over the Farrell Group, her elder brother was always his own son to her mother, and his mother couldn’t bear to beat her son until he couldn’t straighten up.

However, as the head of the family, he must maintain the inheritance of power centered on the head of the family, and couldn’t allow other people to fight against the head of the family.

The wolf raised by the mother must be slaughtered by her.

Kathryn had no brotherhood towards her three elder brothers, they didn’t treat her as a younger sister at all.

In the eyes of the brothers and sisters-in-law, Shiloh was their younger sister, and they teamed up with Shiloh to trip her up, dig holes for her, and frame her in various schemes.

Kathryn was very happy to let her do something to her brother and sister-in-law, but now her brother and sister-in-law had some power, and she needed to work hard to settle the accounts after she took over.

Kathryn just thought that if the Farrell Group didn’t need her to take over, she wouldn’t see anything.

It could be said that when facing this matter, Kathryn was more or less evasive.

Mrs. Stone now told her that she didn’t have to snatch the position of family head. Mrs. Stone, with her current position and status, did not look down on the Farrells.

Among the several major families in Jensburg, the Farrell family had already belonged to the tail of the crane, and one generation was not as good as the next.

If she couldn’t rejuvenate the Farrell family, it is estimated that the Farrell family would soon slip out of the upper-class circle of Jensburg.

Mrs. Stone’s younger sister was the mother of Liberty and Serenity. She had been dead for more than ten years and could be ignored. As for Serenity, she was the oldest mistress of the York family, so she probably wouldn’t go to Jensburg to take over the Farrell family.

Liberty was working hard in the catering industry, and Mrs. Stone’s biological daughter, Elisa, probably won’t take over the Farrell family. Elisa didn’t have so much planning.

Among these three people, perhaps only Liberty could take over the Farrell family.

After Kathryn cleared her mind, she looked at Liberty like she was looking at a savior.

Liberty noticed that she was looking over and nodded slightly.

“Mrs. Stone, I understand what you mean. I will do my best to help you find out about this matter. Then we can go to the hospital to do the DNA blood relationship test now? I will do it later. Now I’ll go back to Jensburg.”

Kathryn came to Wiltspoon secretly.

She couldn’t let her parents, brother and sister-in-law know, not even her clansmen know.

Even the confidants and cronies she cultivated after returning to Farrell’s house didn’t know that she had come to Wiltspoon.

After all, she ran several companies independently, from a little girl with nothing to a high position like today, she was someone who had seen big winds and waves.

She could still do it by sneaking a trip to Wiltspoon without telling everyone.

People in the Farrell family still didn’t know that she was actually worth tens of millions before returning to the Farrell family.

Now, her net worth had exceeded 100 million.

Mrs. Stone said: “Ms. Farrell, if you don’t go to the appraisal center, I can accompany you to the hospital at any time.

“If we don’t go to the hospital right away, Mrs. Stone, you will give me a knife, I’ll cut my finger and drop some blood for you to take for identification.” After thinking about it, Kathryn said: “Mrs. Stone, you should give me a knife. I suddenly felt that it would be safer for you to take a little of my blood for identification, and my mother would not find out.”


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