Married at First Sight Chapter 2172 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2172 by desirenovelShe told her sister and aunt privately about her grandmother’s suggestion. Both sister and aunt told her to wait a little longer. If she couldn’t conceive after three years of marriage, and the couple really had no problems, then they would do as grandma said.

Adopt a child to be a flower receiver.

After Lilian said that her pulse was for joy, Serenity relaxed, and even Zachary couldn’t feel the excitement.

“My parents said that they will transfer $200 million to my account tomorrow.” Serenity suddenly said to her husband.

“My parents said this is a reward for me. They said that I am not afraid of being deformed after pregnancy, and that I will also give them a grandchild. It is a great contribution to your York family. They insist on rewarding me. We want children, not a couple…The most normal thing?”

Serenity was still a little depressed as she spoke.

She felt that her in-laws rewarded her with $200 million directly, which made her feel like she was doing business when she was pregnant and had a baby.

It’s a deal.

She felt that pregnancy and childbirth were the crystallization of love between her and Zachary, and the child was the continuation of their lives.

It was nothing to do with money.

Zachary smiled, he sat leaning against the head of the bed, and also pulled Serenity into his arms.

“Seren, this is the habit of our big families. It should be said that it is the habit of the wealthy. Whether it is our York family or other wealthy families, as long as a junior is pregnant, the elders will give them a lot of money. Jewelry, even private jets, private yachts, etc.”

He also had a gift for Serenity.

Now that she was pregnant, he wanted to add a few more gifts to her.

The parents gave the money directly, and Zachary thought about giving his beloved wife some money as well. Although the husband and wife were no longer separated from each other, Serenity’s independent personality made her always spend the money she earned.

Zachary gave her a black card, but she never swiped it.

Zachary was helpless because he had married an independent wife and expected her to help him spend some money.

In the past, the couple had agreed that he would unconditionally support her in starting a business, and she could do whatever she wanted without being bound by the rules of the wealthy family.

Now Serenity’s business was getting bigger and bigger.

She discussed with Elisa and planned to get involved in other industries.

As her business grew, wouldn’t her wallet become more and more bulging, and she could spend the money she made by herself, and she could spend it chicly, so where did she need to spend Zachary’s money?

Zachary scolded that sc*mbag Hank countless times in his heart. Hank was previously so cruel to his sister Liberty. How did he convince Serenity to remain financially independent after their marriage and refuse to help him spend money?

Serenity: “…”

“Uncles and aunts also gave you money… It turns out that the fastest money come is to give birth to your baby.” Zachary lowered his head and kissed her forehead, and said with a smile: “That’s the expression of the elders, you just accept it and you don’t need to have a psychological burden. My parents and their personal assets are very rich, they can’t spend them all, take it when you are happy Come to reward the junior.

When our baby is born, if it’s a daughter, your net worth will directly exceed one billion.”

Serenity: “…”

Zachary: “Grandma hasn’t come back yet. Grandma’s reward is really generous. Just wait.”

Serenity: “…I don’t know what else to say.”

She worked so hard to develop her career, and flew around with Elisa in order to get the order, and the money she earned was not as big as her belly.


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