Married At First Sight Chapter 2804 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2804-Silence returned to the ward.

The city gradually became calmer as the night grew longer.

The next day.

Yuvinn villa area.

A Maybach was parked at the door of Hayden’s private villa.

The person who got out of the car was Kevin. He was not only carrying a bouquet but also several exquisite bags.

He walked to the door of the villa and rang the doorbell.

After a while, the butler came out and opened the door. When he saw it was Kevin, he smiled and said, “Good morning, Mr. York; our eldest young master hasn’t gotten up yet.”

Hayden came back very late last night. However, she went home late every night because she was too busy with work and had too many social activities.

She stole the show at the banquet last night and became the center of attention.

She didn’t stay in the Talbot family for too long. She showed up to say hello to some of her familiar bosses and talk about business. After staying for about half an hour, she and Kevin left the Talbot family with the bodyguard group.

When she returned to the Queen family’s old house from the Talbot family, she immediately changed back to men’s clothes, but she didn’t use fake abdominal muscles anymore. She was not plump originally, but the weather had gotten colder, so she put on an extra layer of clothes and a suit jacket. She was still the handsome Young Master Queen in her eyes.

After that, Hayden returned to the Yuvinn Villa area and spent the night in his private villa.

Kevin said with a smile, “It’s okay; there’s no need to disturb her. I left the house a little early, and I’m afraid I’ll be late and won’t have the chance to have breakfast with her.”

The Butler looked at Kevin’s car and asked him, “Why won’t Mr. York’s car drive in? If you don’t drive in, it’s okay to park at the door.”

He took a position to prevent the media reporters, relatives, and friends of the Queen family from running over and blocking the entrance to the villa.

The Butler closed the door of the villa.

“Did you hear anything?” Kevin asked the butler as he walked into the house.

The butler thought that Kevin was asking about his love affair with Hayden, so he said, “I’ve heard it a lot, Mr. York; don’t you and our eldest young master not care? As long as you live a happy life, it doesn’t matter what others do.”

After Hayden and Kevin got together, they both became much gentler.

Kevin smiled. “That’s right, go your own way and don’t care what others say.”

The Butler hadn’t heard that Hayden was a woman.

Hayden’s private villa was located in the Yuvinn villa area. Very few people could come in, and the landline phone number had not been leaked. No one had called here. It was normal that the butler didn’t know yet.

Kevin guessed no one would call the Butler to ask.

A butler was just a butler.

Many relatives and friends of the Queen family did not know that Hayden turned out to be a woman. They always thought that Mrs. Quuen gave birth to twins.

After entering the house, Kevin put down the exquisite bags. The bags contained two new sets of clothes, women’s clothes, a necklace, and a pair of earrings.

They were all gifts he prepared for Hayden.

Hayden had confessed that she was a woman. If he gave her a gift that girls like, she should accept it, right?

“I’ll go upstairs and have a look.” Kevin went upstairs, holding the bouquet.

He was a regular visitor here, so the butler didn’t stop him and allowed him to go upstairs with the bouquet.

When Kevin arrived at the door of Hayden’s room, he freed up his hands, tugged on the tie he was wearing, and smoothed his clothes to ensure that he was in the best condition when Hayden opened the door and saw him.

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