Married At First Sight Chapter 2805 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2805-Kevin knocked on the door, feeling that he was in the best possible condition right now.

Kevin said, “Hayden, it’s me, Kevin.”

Hayden had only just gotten out of bed when she heard Kevin knock on the door. She stayed in bed for two minutes before getting up helplessly and walking out of the bedroom to open the door for Kevin.

“Hayden, good morning.”

Kevin handed the bouquet of flowers to her with affectionate eyes and said affectionate words: “Hayden, this bouquet of flowers is for you. I hope you will be as beautiful as a flower every day and always smile.”

Hayden twitched the corner of her mouth, looked at Kevin, then looked at the bouquet of flowers in front of him, and finally, while reaching out to take the bouquet, she said to him, “You came here to disturb me so early in the morning just to give me a bouquet of flowers?”

Kevin said, “I came here to have breakfast with you and give you a bouquet of flowers. You said the flowers I sent were beautiful and fragrant, so I sent them to you every day. Don’t you like receiving bright and dazzling bouquets every day?”

Hayden turned around and walked back with the bouquet in her arms. As she walked, she said, “Even if I say I don’t like it, you will still give it to me every day.”

When it came to pursuing Hayden, Kevin wouldn’t listen to anything she said and would just do what he wanted.

At first, Hayden was so annoyed by him that she wanted to have someone put a sack on him and beat him up. But Kevin coaxed her parents first. With her parents supporting him, even the Queen Enterprise allowed him to come and go.

Hayden said: “You haven’t come over to have breakfast with me in the past, so I won’t eat as usual.”

She complained that Kevin was too domineering and would send the bouquet to her regardless of whether she liked it or not. She walked to the vase with the bouquet, inserted it into the vase, took two steps back, and admired the beauty of the flowers.

Kevin came in and closed the door. Seeing that Hayden was wearing pajamas, he quickly went to the cloakroom to get her clothes, handed them to her, and said, “The weather is getting colder now, especially in the morning. It feels so cold. Hurry up and change clothes; don’t catch a cold.”

Hayden didn’t say anything. She took the clothes from his hand and said, “Sit on the sofa and wait for me. I’ll go change clothes.”

Kevin said, “Okay.”

After Hayden walked away, Kevin thought of what happened last night and told her loudly: “The news about you wearing women’s clothes last night spread throughout Jensburg. It will probably be on the headlines in Jensburg, and there will be a lot of entertainment reporters who are still staying in front of your company and the Greenrest Hotel. Do you want to take a day off? You won’t go back to the company today.”

The places where Hayden must go every day are the company and the Greenrest Hotel.

Entertainment reporters would definitely be squatting in those two places, waiting to interview Hayden and verify whether Hayden is a woman.

Most people would not cause such a big sensation if they disguised themselves as men for more than 20 years, but Hayden was the dream lover of countless girls in Jensburg. There were girls from all walks of life who admired her. She had always been called president of the Queen Enterprise and the eldest son of the Queen family.

With this identity and status, it was suddenly revealed that she was a woman, and entertainment reporters naturally asked for confirmation. This was explosive entertainment news, and it was very eye-catching to readers.

Kevin guessed that there would be paparazzi guarding the Fortress Hotel because he and Hayden were lovers, and Hayden often visited the hotel.

Hayden did not respond to Kevin.

Kevin didn’t mind whether she responded or not, but she must have listened to what he said.

Kevin was still saying, “How about I ask someone to help you clear the place to ensure that you can enter the company safely? As long as you enter the company, they can’t interrupt your work.”

“No need.” Hayden’s voice came out.

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