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Married At First Sight Chapter 2806-Hayden added, “They will stay on guard as long as they stay. My bodyguard team and the company’s security personnel can ensure that I can enter the company directly without being disturbed.”

This wasn’t the first time she faced the entertainment reporter’s squatting, so she didn’t need to be so nervous.

Kevin said, “They can’t get the answer from me. I’m afraid they will pester you. Just pay attention.”

Kevin was her boyfriend. Entertainment reporters would not let Kevin go. They would definitely surround him and ask him if he has known her identity as a woman for a long time, so he suddenly pursued her publicly?

Kevin smiled and said, “What am I afraid of!? When they asked me, I could silence them with just one sentence. I responded, “Since I have not removed your underwear, how can I determine whether or not you are a man?” As for women reporters, they can’t ask any more questions.

Anyway, we were included on the gay team from the beginning. If I said that, what could they do to me? If they had claimed I was gay, wouldn’t they have accepted me as gay a long time ago? If they said I knew you were a woman, do they have evidence? I said I only knew it last night, and they just believed it.”

Hayden was silent. Kevin was the most eloquent. Those entertainment reporters had failed countless times in his hands. If he didn’t want to say something, even if they tried their best to explain, there was nothing they could do. After getting useful information from Kevin, it was easy for Kevin to change the subject.

The entertainment reporters would gradually awaken after Kevin had deceived them once more and leave.

In the past, when she and Kevin were the subject of questions and interviews by entertainment reporters, the reporters would guard her rather than surround Kevin. Even if Kevin seemed to talk better than her, they would not exclude interviews from entertainment reporters.

But entertainment reporters didn’t want to look for Kevin anymore. They always felt that Kevin was the monkey tricker, and they were the monkeys being tricked.

Hayden changed her clothes and came out of the bathroom. She was already in high spirits. She was the handsome young master Queen again.

If I were a woman, I would be enamored of you and love you to death, Kevin joked as he looked at the woman he loved.

Hayden glared at him.

Kevin chuckled, “I am such an excellent man, but when I stand in front of you, I lose to a fake man like you. Oh, how can I be so embarrassed?”

Hayden said, “Let’s go.”

“Where to go?” Kevin asked casually.

Hayden asked, “Why did you come here so early?”

Kevin stood up and said with a smile, “I will have breakfast with you and then send you back to the company. By the way, I will help you block the entertainment reporters who are surrounding you, as well as the rich ladies who once admired you. They will definitely come to you and ask you if you are a woman.”

At the banquet last night, everyone was shocked. More people thought that Hayden was dressing up as a woman for him.

For the rich ladies who had admired Hayden, they would rather Hayden dress up as a woman for love instead of Hayden really being a woman. In that case, they would become collectively blind.

They had been admiring and pursuing a woman for so many years!

It’s so shocking. When looking for a boyfriend in the future, did they have to verify their identity first and make sure the other person was a man before they could fall in love?

They’re afraid that talking about a woman disguised as a man would be too irritating.

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