Married At First Sight Chapter 2808 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2808-Kevin chuckled. “You must not be used to it. Hayden, you really have to practice. Facing me, if you feel embarrassed, you can practice in your room without anyone listening. I won’t laugh at you.”

Seeing that he was still talking, Hayden cut a piece of steak, picked it up with a fork, and stuffed it into his mouth.

There was so much food, but it still couldn’t stop his mouth.

“Ring ring ring…”

Kevin’s cell phone range. He took out his cell phone and looked at the caller ID. It was Liberty’s calling.

Kevin answered it. He said, “Sister Liberty, what’s wrong?”

Liberty smiled and said, “It’s nothing; I just want to tell you that there are too many entertainment reporters from Jensburg squatting in front of the hotel. The entertainment reporters asked, Has Hayden really admitted the fact that she is a woman? They probably want to get the truth out of you. I guess they will go to your hotel and squat there. There are probably people squatting in the Greenrest Hotel opposite.

Jim went to take a look. There were people squatting there, and more people came to the hotel today than usual. Kevin, what did you and Hayden do last night? The gossip was blowing too fast. I just came downstairs to have breakfast, and I smelled the flavor of gossip.”

Kevin was a little embarrassed. “Sister Liberty, look at what you said; it’s like Hayden and I were caught having an affair last night. Hayden and I didn’t do anything. She went to the Talbot family to attend the banquet last night. I went with her, and then she wore an evening dress; it was that simple.”

Liberty smiled and said, “That’s it, Kevin. Congratulations. Hayden has really fallen in love with you now and considers you wholeheartedly. I’m just waiting to drink your wedding wine.”

Hayden’s feelings for Kevin came very slowly. Kevin had been chasing her for almost a year. She was really in love. If she is really in love, she will feel sorry for Kevin and can’t bear to let people misunderstand him.

Therefore, Hayden took the initiative to wear women’s clothing and told the world that she was originally a woman and Kevin was a normal man. They were a normal couple and not homos*xual.

Kevin also smiled happily and thanked Liberty with a smile.

Liberty guessed that Kevin was at Hayden’s house, so she said, “I won’t disturb you anymore; I’m going to eat first.”

When she came to Jensburg, what she heard most was the gossip about how Kevin shamelessly pestered Hayden, the eldest young master of the Queen family.

Knowing that Kevin went to Hayden’s private villa every two days.

Even if Hayden didn’t welcome him, he would come.

He was not allowed to enter the villa, so he waited at the door until Hayden came out.

It is said that a brave girl is afraid of being entangled by her husband, and this is how Hayden was entangled by Kevin.

After ending the call, Liberty received a call from Serenity as soon as she entered the cafeteria on the first floor.

The two sisters chatted about their daily routine as usual. At the end, Liberty told Serenity: “Hayden revealed that she is a woman, and the news that the eldest young master of the Queen family turned out to be a woman has become a trending topic in Jensburg’s entertainment search.”

Serenity smiled and said, “Kevin got his wish. He doesn’t have to worry about not being able to enter the villa’s gate when he comes back for the New Year.”

Wildridge Manor would become more and more lively.

Liberty said, “That’s right, your house will become more and more lively. In a few years, when you have a few children, it will be lively. If there are not a few children in the house, it will be quiet. When Sonny went to kindergarten, I felt that the house was very quiet.

The weather is getting cold now, so Sonny must be staying in bed again.”

Liberty knew what kind of virtue Sonny had.

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