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Married At First Sight Chapter 2809-Serenity smiled and said, “Don’t talk about Sonny. He wanted to stay in bed in the morning and couldn’t get up. Sister, Jensburg must be colder. I noticed a lot of people had shared snow-related videos on Moments. Wiltspoon won’t see any snowfall, but it will still get colder here as the cold air moves south after snowfall in the north.”

There was the coldest weather in Wiltspoon. It was probably 8 degrees Celsius at night, and it can get up to 10 degrees Celsius during the day. This temperature was not considered cold by northerners, but it was extremely cold for Wiltspoon residents who were used to the heat.

Liberty said, “Help him wear two more clothes. The winter clothes in the kindergarten are not thick.”

Sonny was just over three years old, and he was no longer with her. Liberty was lying when he said he wasn’t worried.

Serenity said, “Sister, don’t worry, I won’t let Sonny get cold. Sister, you should also pay attention to your health in Jensburg; wear more clothes; don’t get cold.”

Liberty said, “Seren, I’m not a child, and I’ll look after myself. Did you go back to the company today? The temperature in Wiltspoon has dropped in the past few days; it’s a bit colder. Otherwise, you can raise your baby at home first and don’t go back to the company for the time being. Zachary can support you, and we don’t need you to work to earn money to support the family.”

Liberty was so busy that she wanted to persuade Serenity to raise the baby at home.

Serenity said, “It’s fine. In our company, we don’t have much to do. I’ll simply return and sit. Later, I’ll go to the bookstore. Josh has been on leave for the past two days. I’ll also give Jasmine some time to rest. There is no need to return to the store. I’ll just sit there and watch the store while the husband and wife relax.”

To prevent Josh from always telling Zachary that he couldn’t go with his wife to hot pot, even if his wife wanted to go.

Liberty said a few words, but Serenity would not change because of this, and she said no more.

Liberty used to raise Sonny at home and gradually lost touch with society. After giving birth, she focused more on Sonny and did not pay attention to taking care of herself, which resulted in her figure being out of shape and excessively fat.

Her brother-in-law, Zachary, would not be like Hank, but her failed marriage had always been a lesson for Serenity, who tried her best to avoid repeating her old path.

Anyway, Serenity was always surrounded by bodyguards, so there was no need to worry about what would happen to her.

The child was in Serenity’s belly. Serenity loved the fetus in her belly more than anyone else and would not let it get tired.

There was also Elisa helping to manage the company. And there was no hard work in the bookstore; it was simply collecting money and relaxing.

So after Liberty said that, she didn’t try to persuade Serenity.

“Sister, how is the Farrell family doing now?” Serenity asked with concern.

“On the surface, everything seems to be calm. Holden was admitted to the hospital on the night of the incident. Matriarch Farrell did not allow others to visit. The outside world does not know how injured Holden is. According to what I’ve heard, Holden shielded his marriage from the palace, and there will be no divorce.

Shiloh was kicked out of the Farrell family mansion that night and now seems to be living in Marco’s private villa. I have asked someone to pass this news on to Erika. It is best for her to take action against Shiloh. “

Liberty came here not only to develop Jensburg but also to cause havoc in the Farrell household. The more disorganized the Farrell family was, the more people were dispersed. Only then, as the descendant of the previous family head, would she have a chance to reclaim power.

She was able to find out what happened by talking to some older people in the Farrell family when things were really bad in the family and everyone was upset. This helped her get justice for her grandparents.

Serenity said, “Sister, please pay attention to your safety.”

“Yes, I will be okay. I’ll be fine. I won’t have to worry as long as you and Sonny are safe in Wiltspoon. Seren, when you break out, I will be your supporter from now on.”

Liberty always felt that Serenity was in the York family, and her natal family background was not good enough. All her sisters-in-law were wealthy ladies. She wanted to become strong and become the supporter of Serenity and Sonny.

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