Married At First Sight Chapter 2810 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2810-Let people know that Serenity’s natal family was not without strong men.

Liberty followed Audrey’s arrangement and came to Jensburg. In addition to continuing to investigate the truth about the car accident that happened to her grandmother’s family, she also wanted to regain her position as the head of the Farrell family. She just wanted to let Serenity’s natal family have a background.

The Farrell family in Jensburg was gradually declining, but it was still a wealthy family, better than the Hunt family today.

There were many family members in the Hunt family, but those top relatives in her hometown will only hinder Serenity if they don’t keep in touch with each other.

Liberty automatically ignored the relatives in her hometown.

Serenity said, “Sister, you have always been my supporter. We sisters have been relying on each other for more than ten years. Sister, you are my supporter, and I am also your supporter.”

Liberty smiled. “We are just two sisters for the rest of our lives, so we won’t say provocative words anymore. You go to work first. I’m just having breakfast now.”

Serenity said, “I’ve just finished eating and am getting ready to go back to the company. Sister, I’ll have breakfast first, and you can contact me anytime if you need anything. I’ll pick up Sonny in the afternoon and ask Sonny to video chat with you. Oh, by the way, Brother Duncan said he would pick up Sonny in the afternoon, so it saves me the trouble.”

Duncan came back from Jensburg and picked up Sonny from kindergarten, so he rushed to do it.

The two sisters ended the call, and Serenity was still holding the phone, seeming to be thinking about something.

Zachary asked her warmly, “What are you thinking about?”

Serenity smiled brightly and said, “I miss you. Human destiny is really strange.”

She rested her head on Zachary’s shoulder and said, “I could never have dreamed of living like this before. I never imagined that my mother would turn out to be the daughter of a wealthy family, let alone that I would marry you. People also have very strange fates; nobody can control their own destiny, and no one can predict what will happen to them tomorrow.”

Zachary said, “I heard you and your sister talking on the phone. You were talking about everyday things. Why are you so emotional?”

Zachary kissed her on the face and added, “Are you going back to the company first or to the bookstore? I’ll take you back to the company after you arrive.”

Serenity said, “Let’s go back to the company first. At this time, the students are all in class, and there is nothing going on in the store. I have time to swat flies. It’s cold now, and there are no flies to swat.”

Zachary said, “Alright.”

Serenity said, “By the way, my sister said that when Hayden attended the banquet last night, she regained her identity as a woman. Kevin finally managed to see the moonlight.”

Zachary smiled and said, “I knew it a long time ago. Kevin happily sent me a message last night to share the good news with me. Callum and Kevin now have their results. Evan and Elian will grow if things go as planned.”

Last time, a girl went to the York Corporation to find Evan. She asked Callum about Evan. Callum asked Evan if he had stolen someone else’s things and was approached by someone, but Evan denied it.

Nothing happened after that.

Zachary meant that if his brothers don’t come to him, he won’t meddle in his brothers’ private affairs.

They were all adults. They had the ability to act on their own and naturally had the ability to handle their private affairs well.

“Who did grandma arrange for Evan and Elian? Which family’s daughter? Are they from Wiltspoon? I wonder if they get along well?”

Serenity was quite curious about it.

Zachary thought that she was afraid that her sister-in-law would be difficult to get along with, so she consoled her: “I believe in grandma’s vision. The one she chooses must be a sensible person.”

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