Married At First Sight Chapter 2812 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2812-The employees in the company saw the young couple and said hello with a smile.

Zachary stayed in Serenity’s office for another half an hour before leaving at the urging of his wife.


Queen Enterprise, Queen Family Mansion, Fortress Hotel, and Greenrest Hotel all have many entertainment reporters squatting there.

They had only one purpose: to verify whether Hayden was really a daughter.

The door to the villa at the Queen family’s old residence was closed. The entertainment reporters rang the doorbell. Someone came out to take a look, but the reporters were not allowed in.

When they asked the person who came out to see it, they didn’t know anything about it.

The mobile phones of Donald and his wife were still turned off, so Hugh’s phone calls could be answered, but Hugh had learned the lesson and wouldn’t answer calls that were not familiar to him.

At this moment, Hayden was on her way back to the company.

Kevin accompanied her.

When the car was approaching the Queen Enterprise, Kevin’s car passed in front first.

The entertainment reporters who were squatting at the entrance of the company saw the familiar Maybach and swarmed around it, forcing Kevin to brake urgently.

After everyone surrounded Kevin’s car, they realized that the car was not Hayden’s and had the wrong license plate. Moreover, Hayden usually brought a bodyguard group with her, and there were often two bodyguard cars following her. This was Kevin’s car.

Kevin pressed the car window.

“Mr. York, what do you think about the fact that Mr. Queen is a woman?”

“Mr. York, did you already know that Mr. Queen is a woman?”

“Mr. York, you attended the Talbot family’s banquet together last night. How did you feel when you saw him wearing women’s clothes?”

Although Hayden has not been caught yet, Kevin was caught, and everyone hurriedly asked questions.

They knew Kevin was Hayden’s homos*xual.

The two of them might have done something intimate. How did Kevin know that Hayden was a woman?

Kevin replied, “I haven’t confirmed whether Mr. Queen is a woman, so I don’t know. Whether Mr. Queen is a man or a woman doesn’t matter to me. It’s not her gender that I love, but Mr. Queen as a person. If Mr. Queen’s a woman, then I love her too. Despite his gender, I still love him.”

I had a positive feeling when I saw her dressed like a woman. I think Hayden looks especially nice dressed as a woman. She is extraordinarily gorgeous. She looks fantastic in a suit as well. She is extremely attractive and very handsome. She can captivate me, whether she’s a man or a woman.”

Everyone was speechless for a moment.

Kevin said this, but there was no answer.

Was Hayden a man or a woman?

“You guys are staying here so early in the morning. Are you hungry? Are you cold?”

Kevin asked everyone with concern: “Would you like to eat something? Let’s go to the breakfast shop opposite and have something to eat. I’m treating you. You can eat as much as you want. Only when you are full and drink enough can you have the strength to continue.

However, I suggest you stop guarding. It’s useless. It’s not the first time you’ve met Mr. Queen. You know his character better than I do. Only when he’s willing to tell you can you know the answer. He’s not willing to tell. Can you still pry open his mouth?”

Everyone was speechless.

Kevin said, “Let’s all disperse. This city is so big. There is a lot of news happening every moment of every day that is worthy of your attention and interview. Stop staring at Mr. Queen’s gossip. What’s the point?

So what if you know she’s a woman? She’s a man disguised as a woman, so what does that have to do with you? Just as I dressed up as a woman to make her happy, she is simply doing it to make me happy.”

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