Married At First Sight Chapter 2813 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2813-Everyone felt that Kevin was right.

However, they felt unwilling to let them disperse like this.

They just wanted an answer and wanted to know why Mr. Queen disguised himself as a man, or why a man disguised himself as a woman.

Kevin said, “If you don’t want to leave, please make way first. I want to go in. You continue to wait.”

“Mr. Queen hasn’t come yet.” A reporter said, “Mr. York, you can’t see Mr. Queen even when you go in.”

“Mr. Queen is behind me. Didn’t you see her motorcade? The ones you dare to stop are my car and Hayden’s car. Do you dare to stop it like this?”

When everyone took a look, Hayden’s motorcade was really coming slowly.

They really wanted to swarm up to surround Hayden, just like they had surrounded Kevin.

But no one acted.

Kevin was not from Jensburg. Even if he is the third young master of the York family, he will return to Wiltspoon sooner or later.

Moreover, he was easy to talk to, so entertainment reporters were not afraid of him.

But Hayden was from Jensburg, and her cold temperament was also famous in Jensburg. If they offend her, it will be difficult for them to get along in Jensburg.

However, these people still wanted to know an answer. They did not rush forward, but they also blocked the car.

Hayden pressed down the car window and said in a deep voice, “In one year, everyone will have the answer.”

After saying that, she pressed the car window.

A year later, she would definitely become Kevin’s wife. She might also be pregnant. She would have a big belly. Wasn’t she just a woman? This gave everyone the answer.

Hayden felt that there was no need to explain her private affairs clearly to these entertainment reporters. In Kevin’s words, what did it have to do with them?

The security personnel of Queen Enterprise came out and stopped the entertainment reporters. The company door opened. Kevin and Hayden’s cars drove into the company one after another, and the door was closed immediately.

Entertainment reporters: “…”

After spending a whole morning squatting, they got the answer that was paradoxical.

A year from now, everyone will have the answer: What did this mean?

Why couldn’t they give them an answer now?

Say it’s a woman; tell them why it’s not enough for a woman to dress up as a man.

Hayden didn’t want or bother to answer. That was it. As long as she answered, there would be a series of questions asked of her, wasting her time.

So, she simply didn’t answer and let them guess.

No matter what others thought, she lived her life, went to and from work, ate and rested as usual, and would not let irrelevant people affect her life.

ten minutes later.

CEO’s office.

Kevin thoughtfully picked up Hayden’s coffee cup and said to her, “Hayden, let me make coffee for you.”

Hayden didn’t stop him, and she thanked him.

“We don’t have to be so polite.” Kevin looked at Hayden with love in his eyes.

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