Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3579

Chapter 653 – World Ark

“Help you? With what?” Shi Feng curiously asked as he looked at Frey.

He was more or less aware of Frey’s current circumstances. Due to her accomplishments in the Courtyard of Space, Frey’s influence in the Red Dragon Nation had increased substantially. As a result, she was now tasked with managing three NPC Cities and one NPC Fortress occupied by the pseudo-apex power, and the forces under her were achieving rapid development every day. Hence, he found it hard to imagine Frey would need any sort of assistance from him.

“The Seven Luminaries Alliance has recently invited the Eternal Realm’s various pseudo-apex powers for a meeting in the World Ark’s inner area. The invitation mentions a joint coalition to deal with the Holy Race’s invasion,” Frey leisurely explained. “As for the World Ark’s importance, I’m sure you are already aware of it, right? It is crucial to both the human race and the Holy Race.”

“An invitation to the World Ark’s inner area?” Shi Feng had his interest piqued.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance might be an apex power, but it would rarely interfere with other powers’ affairs. Most of the time, it would take a neutral stance in the Greater God’s Domain, and the only times it would call for collaboration with other powers were usually for major events.

Of course, even when such rare events occurred, not just anyone could participate in them. Without an official invitation from the Seven Luminaries Alliance, anyone who tried to get a cut of the action should be prepared to face severe consequences. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that doing so would be no different than making an enemy out of the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

“It is likely to have something to do with the inner area’s resurrection camps that will soon activate,” Frey added. Then, she got straight to the point, saying, “Those invited have invited many other powers to attend the meeting with them, and I am no exception. What do you think, Guild Leader Black Flame? Think you can spare some time for me? If you are interested in the World Ark’s resurrection camps, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. If your forces and mine work together, we can likely secure ourselves a spot in the inner area. ”

“Since you have already said so, I naturally can’t miss it, Miss Frey,” Shi Feng said, accepting Frey’s offer without hesitation.

Competition over the World Ark had been extremely intense during his previous life. It was especially so for the competition over the inner area’s resurrection camps. Those were places where only pseudo-apex powers and above could step into.

Although he was confident he could secure a resurrection camp for Zero Wing, it would only be limited to the World Ark’s outer area. With Zero Wing’s current capabilities, the inner area’s resurrection camps were completely out of the question.

After all, Frey had already mentioned that the Seven Luminaries Alliance was spearheading the campaign for the inner area’s resurrection camps. Uninvited powers that dared to poke their noses where they didn’t belong, retribution would swiftly come for them.

In fact, the Seven Luminaries Alliance wouldn’t even need to make a move. It simply needed to do nothing, and the Holy Race would gladly deal with the interlopers on its behalf.

It should be known that the Holy Race’s various powers had only revealed a small portion of their true strength thus far. Meanwhile, the Seven Luminaries Alliance was a big reason the various human powers could trade blows and survive against the Holy Race in his previous life. Without the Seven Luminaries Alliance holding back several of the Holy Race’s strongest powers, the various human powers would have long been annihilated.

Now that Frey was inviting him to join the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s campaign, Shi Feng naturally couldn’t miss it.

“Great. We’ll meet outside the World Ark’s Horizon Mountain Range,” Frey said, nodding before disconnecting her call with Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, after seeing Frey finishing her call, Unrestrained Lionheart, the Grand Wizard standing beside Frey, worriedly said, “The competition this time isn’t going to be simple, Vice Guild Leader. Zero Wing might have secured itself a place in the Crystal City of Secrets, but I heard it provoked that person from the Skylight Association. If we come across the Skylight Association at the World Ark, the other party will definitely cause trouble for us.”

The Skylight Association’s rise in the Eternal Realm was extraordinary, so much so that it had been invited to the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s meeting this time. This proved that the Seven Luminaries Alliance recognized the Skylight Association to be at the level of a pseudo-apex power.

While the Red Dragon Nation might be a pseudo-apex power as well, Frey could only mobilize a portion of the Guild’s forces this time. Compared to the forces the Skylight Association had mobilized to the World Ark thus far, her forces were much more inferior.

“I know.” Looking at Unrestrained Lionheart, Frey faintly smiled and said, “I invited Zero Wing precisely because it has offended the Skylight Association.”

“You did it on purpose?” Unrestrained Lionheart was confused.

“You should know of the intense competition in the Guild, right? If I want to compete for the top three Vice Guild Leader positions, I must have sufficiently strong allies,” Frey explained. “Although Zero Wing is still not strong enough, it has incredible potential. It is especially so now that Black Flame can command so many Tier 5 War Goddesses. If he can progress further, he might even rival the various pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones. It will benefit me greatly if I can receive Zero Wing’s and Black Flame’s support at that time.

“Also, while Black Flame might have provoked the Skylight Association, does that make the Red Dragon Nation a pushover?”

Upon hearing Frey’s reasoning, Unrestrained Lionheart more or less understood her decisions.

Zero Wing’s overall strength might be inferior to even upper-ranking hegemonic powers right now, but the Guild had a high-end combatant like Black Flame. Even alone, Black Flame’s strength could greatly help them in raiding World Mode Regional Dungeons and World Bosses.

Now that Zero Wing was in danger, it was the perfect time for them to get the Guild to owe them a favor. As for the matter with the Skylight Association, it wasn’t a big problem at all. After all, the Red Dragon Nation was also a pseudo-apex power. The Skylight Association wouldn’t dare to recklessly provoke or go to war with it.

World Ark, outer area, Horizon Mountain Range:

The Horizon Mountain Range was a majestic mountain range extending across the World Ark. It was shrouded in a layer of thunderclouds, and countless lightning bolts bombarded it like rain. Each of these lightning bolts carried power at the Tier 6 standard and could heavily injure Tier 5 Legendary monsters. The thunder they generated also echoed across dozens of kilometers, intimidating the nearby Legendary monsters from getting close to the mountain range.

At this time, though, hundreds of thousands of players were gathered at the mountain range’s entrance. Each of these players was at Level 170 and above, and many of them were equipped with Fragmented Legendary items and a mix of Common and Combat Secret Treasures. Even if these players were placed in the Crystal City of Secrets, their equipment standard would be considered top-notch.

“The Seven Luminaries Alliance is going as far as to mobilize a complete Luminous Battle Array? The Holy Race is going to suffer this time.”

“I know, right? The full Luminous Battle Array can let 500 Tier 5 experts gain Tier 6 strength. Who can possibly stop a force of 500 Tier 6 players?”

“Several of the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers have also appeared this time, and the forces they mobilized are similarly astonishing. Each of them has mobilized more than 10,000 members. And although they don’t have something as powerful as the Luminous Battle Array, they still have 100-man battle arrays to let their members achieve near-Tier 6 standards. They’re way stronger than the other pseudo-apex powers.”

When the members of the invited powers saw the 500 figures guarding the Horizon Mountain Range’s entrance, they couldn’t help but be awed by the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s strength.

“It’s nearly time. Why isn’t Zero Wing here yet? Go and take a look for me, Lionheart,” Frey said, frowning.

“I’ve already contacted the members at the World Ark’s entrance. They say they haven’t seen any Zero Wing members thus far,” Unrestrained Lionheart said, shaking his head helplessly.

As Frey and Unrestrained Lionheart stood anxiously outside the Horizon Mountain Range, dozens of Flying Mounts appeared in the distant sky. The crowd gasped in amazement as the Flying Mounts drew closer, revealing a thousand players equipped with standardized Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets.

The players’ equipment linked with each other to form a battle array, and the combined aura they exuded made it feel like a legion of a thousand Tier 6 experts had just arrived. The sheer presence of these players was so overwhelming that many players down below started to suffocate.

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