Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3580

Chapter 654 – Tier 6?

“So, this is Skylight’s Templar Legion?”

“Incredible! I didn’t think Skylight’s main force would be comparable to the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers already!”

When the crowd in front of the Horizon Mountain Range’s entrance saw the approaching Skylight Association members, they experienced a mix of shock and awe. It was especially so for the powers that never had any dealings with the Skylight Association before today.

For the gathered powers, a force of several dozen Extraordinary Flying Mounts and above wasn’t anything significant. Even a collection of 1,000 Fragmented Equipment Sets was something the various pseudo-apex powers present could easily take out.

But it was a different story for Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets that came with battle arrays. Even the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers could not take out a thousand such sets in the Eternal Realm.

Of course, everyone could also tell that the Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets worn by the Skylight Association members could not create 500-man Large Bronze Battle Arrays. Instead, these sets could only form 100-man Medium Bronze Battle Arrays that could only let Tier 5 players gain near-Tier 6 combat power. Nonetheless, it was still a very frightening collection of equipment in the Eternal Realm.

Shortly afterward, the Skylight Association’s Flying Mounts descended in front of the mountain range’s entrance under everyone’s gaze, and its members quickly gathered on the ground in organized ranks. Their movements resembled well-trained soldiers, and it didn’t look like they were members of an upstart Guild.

Meanwhile, after the Skylight Association’s members put away their Flying Mounts, the organized legion separated into two, opening a path for three individuals. Of the three individuals, walking in the lead was Nineteenth Sword, while following behind him were a man and a woman. Upon seeing these three individuals, everyone present fell silent for a moment.

“Heavy Shield Titan! Mjolnir Milia!”

Unrestrained Lionheart couldn’t help but gape in shock when he saw the two individuals walking behind Nineteenth Sword.

“So Skylight managed to recruit these two as well… No wonder the capital’s pseudo-apex powers are wary of provoking it…” When Frey saw Nineteenth Sword’s group of three, a hint of fear appeared in her eyes.

As one of the Greater God’s Domain’s current Ten Great Sword Gods, Nineteenth Sword’s strength need not be said. As for Heavy Shield Titan and Mjolnir Milia, while they weren’t as strong as Nineteenth Sword, they were still veteran Divine Glory experts. Titan, in particular, was an expert who had mastered two Gold Combat Techniques already, and he was only some ways away from entering the ranks of the Ten Great Guardian Knights.

Similar to Nineteenth Sword, both Titan and Milia used to be solo players. Even though the various pseudo-apex powers had made many lucrative offers to them, none had managed to catch their attention. So, seeing them operating under the Skylight Association now was very surprising.

Meanwhile, with Nineteenth Sword, Titan, and Milia operating together, even the Red Dragon Nation must be wary of them. Not to mention, they also had the Skylight Association’s Templar Legion backing them. Among the gathered forces, the overall strength of the Skylight Association’s forces should only be second to the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

“How interesting. It seems Skylight is rather serious about the resurrection camps this time.” Amidst the crowd, an imposing middle-aged man clad in dark-gray armor and carrying a blood-red axe revealed a look of intrigue as he scrutinized the Skylight Association’s forces. Then, he looked toward the two-meter-tall female Blood Elf standing next to him and smiled wickedly, saying, “I heard you are rather close with Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Aurebeth. Nineteenth Sword has already stated he is going to deal with Zero Wing. Are you sure you’re not going to join my side? With my help, ensuring Zero Wing a place in the World Ark shouldn’t be a problem.”

The middle-aged man’s words were calm and arrogant. However, none of the surrounding experts refuted or ridiculed him. On the contrary, everyone did their best to avoid looking at the middle-aged man, afraid they would catch his attention.

Indeed, the appearance of Nineteenth Sword’s group of three was astonishing. But the middle-aged man was no ordinary expert, either.

Garut the Blood Emperor. In addition to being one of Azure Fang’s Two Great Vice Guild Leaders, he was also crowned as one of the Ten Great Berserker Gods this year. In terms of combat standards, he was not at all inferior to Nineteenth Sword and Titan.

Furthermore, Garut had behind him several hundred experts equipped with Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets that could form 100-man Bronze Battle Arrays. While his team’s overall strength might be inferior to the Skylight Association, the difference wasn’t significant. Not to mention, Azure Fang was a pseudo-apex power with a long history. Its foundations vastly surpassed that of the Skylight Association. So, nobody knew what other cards the Blood Emperor had up his sleeve.

“You can keep your kind intentions to yourself. I am only here to fulfill my agreement with the Guild Leader,” Aurebeth said as she glanced at Nineteenth Sword’s group. Then, she closed her eyes and continued, “Also, Guild Leader Black Flame doesn’t need my help.”

The name of Black Flame rang loudly in his ears. It was especially so after Black Flame had defeated Sleeping Spark, the Star Dynasty’s strongest chosen one, becoming one of the Sacred Glory List’s top powerhouses. In the future, there was no doubt Black Flame could enter the ranks of the Divine Glory List.

However, Black Flame’s strength was one thing, while Zero Wing’s clash with the Skylight Association was another thing altogether.

Simply a comparison in numbers would put Zero Wing far behind the Skylight Association, let alone a comparison in overall strength. Even if Black Flame was strong enough to match Nineteenth Sword, the Skylight Association still had Titan and Milia. If those two were left unchecked, they could deal devastating damage to Zero Wing’s forces. And even if Aurebeth decided to intervene, the best she could do was distract those two for some time. So, Garut found it hard to imagine what could possibly allow Zero Wing to not fear the Skylight Association.

However, Aurebeth did not bother to explain herself. She simply rested her eyes while waiting for time to pass.

“Not saying, huh?” Garut did not get angry at Aurebeth’s behavior. Instead, he calmly smiled and said, “Have it your way, then. The Guild Leader is planning to rectify the Crystal City’s situation after the expedition this time anyway. When that time comes, I’ll have plenty of time to learn about Zero Wing.”

While Garut and the various pseudo-apex powers’ executives were waiting for the Seven Luminaries Alliance to initiate the meeting, a dragon that was over a hundred meters in length flew over from the distant sky, its appearance immediately attracting everyone’s attention.

“A Tier 5 Dragon?”

“Why would a Tier 5 Dragon appear in this place?”

“Wait, there are people riding on that dragon!”

When everyone got a closer look at the approaching Frostflame Dragon, they couldn’t help but be astonished.

Dragons were incredibly rare in the Greater God’s Domain. Meanwhile, as one of God’s Domain’s apex races, dragons possessed immense strength. It was especially so once they reached Tier 5 and above. Under normal circumstances, a Tier 5 Dragon could already rival Tier 6 Divine monsters, requiring many Tier 6 experts working together to slay it. Even for the various pseudo-apex powers present, they would need to mobilize at least a 100-man team with a Medium Bronze Battle Array to stand a chance against a Tier 5 Dragon.

Yet, now, someone was using a Tier 5 Dragon as a Mount. How could they not be surprised by this situation?

Meanwhile, the Frostflame Dragon whipped up a storm under everyone’s gaze as it descended in front of the Horizon Mountain Range. Then, when the players riding atop the Frostflame Dragon hopped onto the ground, the players gathered in front of the mountain range were stunned once more.

“Tier 6?”

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