Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3581

Chapter 655 – Apex War

“Am I dreaming? Ten Tier 6s?”

“I’ve never seen this six-winged Guild Emblem before. Which Guild are these players from?”

“Ten Tier 6s! I doubt even the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers can take out so many!”

A hundred experts had jumped off the Frostflame Dragon’s back, of which ten radiated Divine Might. When everyone felt the Divine Might of these ten players, they couldn’t help but fall into a daze.

It was very easy to distinguish Tier 6 players from Tier 5 players so long as they weren’t trying to hide the fact that they were at Tier 6. It was especially so if they did not restrict their Divine Might. Any player below Tier 6 would experience immense mental suppression when standing in the presence of a Tier 6 player’s Divine Might. Even if a Tier 5 player’s Concentration had reached the Tier 6 standard, they would still feel strong oppression, and they must divert some of their attention into resisting it.

“Guild Leader Black Flame?”

Shock colored Frey’s beautiful eyes as she watched Shi Feng put the Tier 5 Frostflame Dragon away. As for Unrestrained Lionheart, he couldn’t help but doubt his eyes as he looked at Zero Wing’s members.

Tier 6 was currently the primary goal of the Eternal Realm’s various powers. However, achieving it wasn’t easy, as the Tier 6 promotion required a significant amount of Seven Luminaries Crystal and had an unreliable success rate.

Before the various powers could ensure a higher promotion success rate, they wouldn’t dare let their experts challenge their Tier 6 promotion. Otherwise, they would risk throwing away the precious advantages they had built up through their head start in the Eternal Realm.

Moreover, even if the various powers had some experts capable of reliably completing their Tier 6 promotion, the best they could hope for was a few players successfully getting promoted to Tier 6 in the near future. A force of ten Tier 6 players was something not even the Red Dragon Nation would dare think of having in the near future, let alone now.

It should be known that there was a qualitative difference between Tier 5 and Tier 6 players. Even though the various pseudo-apex powers present had experts equipped with Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Sets, these experts could only achieve near-Tier 6 combat power.

In a situation where the difference in combat standards wasn’t significant, a Tier 6 player could easily go up against dozens of Tier 5 players in a battle array. Only with the help of a Large Bronze Battle Array would it be possible for several Tier 5 players to distract a Tier 6 player.

Moreover, this was under the assumption that the Tier 6 player in question was only equipped with Fragmented Legendary items. If the Tier 6 player was equipped with a Legendary Weapon, it would take dozens, if not a hundred, Tier 5 experts to resist them, even with the help of a Large Bronze Battle Array.

Currently, if Zero Wing’s ten Tier 6 experts worked together, after factoring in Shi Feng’s extraordinary capabilities, they could probably match even the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s complete 500-man Luminous Battle Array.

While Frey and everyone else were immersed in shock, Nineteenth Sword couldn’t help but frown as he gazed at Shi Feng’s group.

“I’m afraid we’re going to have difficulty dealing with Zero Wing, Elder Sword,” Titan, carrying a thorny shield on his back, whispered to Nineteenth Sword as he watched Frey approach Shi Feng’s group.

If they were outside the Eternal Realm, a force of ten Tier 6 players would be trivial. After all, even ordinary hegemonic powers would have dozens of Tier 6 players, let alone pseudo-apex powers.

But in the current Eternal Realm, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Tier 6 players were one-man legions. Even as a Divine Glory expert who had mastered two Gold Combat Techniques, Titan could, at most, go up against one or two Tier 6 players equipped with only Fragmented Legendary items. If the other party was equipped with a Legendary Weapon and at the fifth-floor standard, the best he could hope to accomplish was to distract one of them.

If all ten of Zero Wing’s Tier 6 experts were to fight together, the Skylight Association’s chances of victory would be slim. That wasn’t to say the Skylight Association was made up of unskilled players. It was just that the difference between Tier 5 and Tier 6 players was just that big. Otherwise, the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers wouldn’t determine a Guild’s strength based on the number of Tier 6 experts it had.

“I know. Our current priority is to occupy a resurrection camp. Everything else comes later,” Nineteenth Sword said as he took a long look at Shi Feng. Then, he turned away and stopped paying attention to Zero Wing’s team.

The resurrection camps of the World Ark’s inner area were vital for the Skylight Association to enter Holy Ring City. Therefore, before securing a resurrection camp, he had never intended to do anything else.

Meanwhile, over at Azure Fang’s team, Garut looked astonished as he scrutinized Zero Wing’s team.

“It seems I have really underestimated Zero Wing. No wonder it dares to go against Skylight,” Garut commented with a smile. “It’s a pity that even Tier 6 players would have limited effect on the upcoming battle. Otherwise, I would have really liked to partner with them.”

Hearing Garut’s comment, Aurebeth, Azure Fang’s Saintess, remained quiet. Though, a hint of astonishment still flashed in her eyes when she took a glance at Shi Feng.

Shortly after Zero Wing’s team arrived, an elderly Grand Wizard emerged from the World Ark’s inner area and stood before the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s forces. The Grand Wizard looked considerably old, having white hair and a white beard. Even the aura he gave off felt decrepit.

“Apologies for the long wait. I am Gray Eagle, an Elder of the Seven Luminaries Alliance.” After surveying the crowd gathered in front of the mountain range, the old man spoke in a voice that resonated across the skies. “As some of you may have guessed, apart from the matter regarding the inner area’s resurrection camps, another reason the Seven Luminaries Alliance has invited you all here today is to discuss forming a joint resistance against the Holy Race’s various powers.”

When Gray Eagle started to speak, the various powers’ representatives promptly perked up their ears, wondering what kind of plan the Seven Luminaries Alliance was concocting this time.

“The Holy Race is incredibly strong. I am sure those of you who have fought in the World Ark should know this by now,” Gray Eagle continued when he saw that everyone was paying attention. “According to our investigations, the Holy Race has ten royal powers, and each is as strong, if not stronger than our apex powers. Previously, as you have only been competing in the outer area, none of the Holy Race’s royal powers have bothered to intervene, but the activation of the inner area’s resurrection camps has garnered the attention of one of them.”

Before Gray Eagle even finished speaking, the various powers’ members were already in shock. It was especially so for those who had experienced clashing with the Holy Race in the World Ark’s outer area.

“Each royal power is as strong as our apex powers? And there are ten of them?”

“Is this going to be an Apex War?”

Frey and the other pseudo-apex powers’ representatives had difficulty digesting the information Gray Eagle shared.

Although they had long known the Holy Race was powerful, they didn’t think it was this strong. It should be known that their Greater God’s Domain only had several apex powers. Yet, the Holy Race had ten apex power equivalents. Moreover, one of these apex power equivalents would even be participating in the battle over the World Ark this time.

An Apex War!

This was a taboo in the Greater God’s Domain, and it was a battle that non-apex powers should never think of interfering in. The last time an Apex War occurred, countless powers faced permanent elimination, and among them was a pseudo-apex power and five upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

If the battle over the World Ark’s resurrection camps turned into an Apex War, how were they supposed to compete?

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