Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3582

Chapter 656 – Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Foundation

Following Gray Eagle’s words, the hundreds of thousands of experts gathered before the mountain range fell silent. Even Shi Feng couldn’t help but be surprised by the old man’s revelation.

Even a royal power has gotten involved? Shi Feng experienced a mild headache as he tried to digest Gray Eagle’s words.

Currently, the various human powers still knew very little about the Holy Race’s might, and even the Seven Luminaries Alliance was no exception. The Seven Luminaries Alliance might have uncovered the existence of the Holy Race’s royal powers, but it still didn’t understand the true extent of these royal powers’ strength.

When the war between the two races officially began in his previous life, the strength the Holy Race’s royal powers exhibited could easily be described as horrifying, with even the weakest royal power being able to rival the Seven Luminaries Alliance!

It should be known that the Seven Luminaries Alliance was the Greater God’s Domain’s oldest apex power. It was so strong that even Demon’s Gate, an organization made up of a bunch of lunatics, only dared to pick small and inconsequential fights with it; never would it dare to escalate any confrontations to the level of Realm Wars.

Yet, despite being so powerful, the Seven Luminaries Alliance was only roughly equal with the Holy Race’s weakest royal powers.

Honestly, the only reason humans had managed to trade blows with and survive against the Holy Race in his previous life was that only four royal powers had participated in the invasion. Had one or two more royal powers involved themselves with the war, not only would humans lose complete control over the Eternal Realm, but even a portion of the Twelve Sanctuaries would have been taken over.

So, the fact that one of the Holy Race’s royal powers had decided to get involved with the competition over the World Ark definitely wasn’t good news for the various human powers.

“There is no need to despair,” Gray Eagle continued as he looked at the depressed crowd. “The reason the Seven Luminaries Alliance has invited everyone here today is to help you secure a resurrection camp and establish yourselves in the World Ark.”

“What do you need us to do, Elder Gray Eagle?” an Assassin, the representative of Flaming Bee, asked.

Upon hearing Flaming Bee’s representative’s question, everyone else perked up their ears, wondering what they had to do to secure themselves a place in the World Ark’s inner area.

Normally, a war between apex powers was one that even pseudo-apex powers couldn’t hope to involve themselves with. It wasn’t because they didn’t have as many experts as apex powers. Instead, it was because of the qualitative difference between their apex combatants. So long as they didn’t have a way to bridge this gap, trying to defend a resurrection camp from an apex power would be nothing but a pipe dream.

After taking a moment to scan the crowd, Gray Eagle faintly smiled and said, “The Seven Luminaries Alliance has been active in the World Ark’s inner area for quite some time already. As soon as the resurrection camps were activated, we immediately occupied six camps that were closest to the Holy Race’s side. Our presence there will largely prevent the Holy Race’s powers from invading our side.”

Everyone immediately grew excited when they heard Gray Eagle’s words.

The World Ark had multiple entrances. A portion of these entrances were on the human race’s side, while a portion was on the Holy Race’s side. Moreover, these entrances led to distinctly different sections of the World Ark, and it was the same as the inner area.

If the Seven Luminaries Alliance was willing to position itself at the forefront of the human side, the Holy Race would have much greater difficulty interfering with the human race’s resurrection camps. After all, even if the Holy Race chose to sneak past the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s defensive line and attack the resurrection camps behind it, the greater distance their resurrected forces would have to travel would make it a lot easier for the various human powers to defend their resurrection camps.

“But the Holy Race won’t let us get away with occupying those six resurrection camps easily, so we hope that all of you here can help us defend those six camps first,” Gray Eagle said. “So long as we can thoroughly secure our hold over those six camps, we will leave the rear line resurrection camps to you. As for how many camps each of you can occupy, it will depend on your own capabilities. If nobody has any questions, you may follow me to our camps.”

Following Gray Eagle’s words, everyone fell silent, all wondering if they should go along with the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s arrangement.

“Azure Fang is fine with this arrangement, but what if other apex powers try to snatch our resurrection camps?” Garut asked.

Although Gray Eagle spoke in a calm tone, his voice exuded confidence and resolution, allowing everyone present to understand that no human power would dare to break the rules.

Immediately, over ten thousand of Flying Mounts flew toward the six frontmost resurrection camps on the human side of the World Ark’s inner area.

World Ark, Deadzone Forest:

The World Ark was a Level 170 to Level 200 World Mode Regional Dungeon. It covered a massive area, and it was separated into many map zones of varying levels. Among them, the Deadzone Forest was a Level 180 to Level 190 map situated in the World Ark’s inner area.

Even though Shi Feng’s team rode on the Tier 5 Frostflame Dragon, many Level 180-plus Legendary-rank soul monsters in the Deadzone Forest still chased after them.

All of the Deadzone Forest’s soul monsters were made up of death energy and couldn’t be damaged by normal physical attacks. If players wished to harm these monsters, they would need to expend a large amount of mana to wear down these monsters’ death energy first. Only then could their physical attacks start to deal damage.

If players were to clash with the Deadzone Forest’s monsters, they would need to end the fight as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they might deplete their mana and lose their ability to damage the monsters. Once that happened, it would only be a matter of time before they exhaust their Stamina and Concentration and die.

Fortunately, the Tier 5 Frostflame Dragon had no trouble shaking off the pursuing soul monsters with its speed, and Shi Feng’s team safely arrived at a small basin lined with countless tombstones. This basin was one of the resurrection camps that had recently been activated in the World Ark’s inner area.

When Shi Feng and the others arrived at the basin, they saw multiple Grandmaster Magic Arrays covering it, each maintained by 1,000 players. Meanwhile, inside the basin, not only were there tens of thousands of players, but there were also hundreds of Magic Elven Cannons set up. Each of these Magic Elven Cannons could exhibit power at the Tier 6 standard, and they had a firing range of 5,000 yards and a blast radius of 500 yards.

In addition, there were also hundreds of Dark-Gold Combat Puppets stationed across the basin’s perimeter. Each combat puppet was twenty meters tall and possessed Strength rivaling Tier 6 Berserkers. They also possessed Defense that made them nigh-impervious to damage from weapons under the Legendary rank.

“The defenses here are already on par with that of Holy Cities…” Frey couldn’t help but be shocked when she saw the resurrection camp’s defensive measures.

However, the shock Frey and everyone else experienced was quickly replaced when they entered the resurrection camp and got a closer look at the players inside.

Of the many Seven Luminaries Alliance members stationed in the resurrection camp, more than 20 were bona fide Tier 6 players. There were also 200 Tier 5 players radiating auras on par with Tier 6 players, and they were even equipped with Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets that could form an incomparably rare 100-man Advanced Bronze Battle Array…

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