Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3583

Chapter 657 – God Hunter

“Is that the rumored Sacred Glory Battle Array?” Unrestrained Lionheart couldn’t help but be awed as he looked at the 200 Tier 5 players radiating auras on par with Tier 6 players. “No wonder so few powers can survive after getting dragged into an Apex War.”

The Seven Luminaries Alliance had three mighty battle arrays in its possession, of which the one with the greatest renown was the 500-man Luminous Battle Array. When used at full capacity, the Luminous Battle Array could strengthen Tier 5 players to a point where they could match Tier 6 players. In other words, the complete Luminous Battle Array could be used to create a force of 500 Tier 6 players.

However, while the Luminous Battle Array might be the most famous of the three battle arrays, it wasn’t the strongest. Instead, the Sacred Glory Battle Array, an Advanced Bronze Battle Array, ranked above it.

Although the Sacred Glory Battle Array was only a medium battle array and could only accommodate up to 100 players, it could let each Tier 5 player in the battle array to create a powerful Law Projection superior to that of the average Tier 6 player. Besides that, the battle array also gave players a tremendous boost in Basic Attributes, putting them on par with Tier 6 players fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary Equipment and one piece of Legendary Equipment.

With the help of the Sacred Glory Battle Array, a Tier 5 player could overwhelm an ordinary Tier 6 player in battle.

Moreover, unlike the Luminous Battle Array, the Sacred Glory Battle Array’s effects weren’t limited to Tier 5. Tier 6 players could also benefit from the Sacred Glory Battle Array, albeit much less than Tier 5 players.

According to rumors, if 100 Tier 6 players activated the Sacred Glory Battle Array, each would gain a 10% increase in Physique and Basic Attributes. And although Tier 6 players wouldn’t even get to share their senses, these bonuses were still significant improvements for Tier 6 players nonetheless.

Currently, although the Sacred Glory Battle Array wasn’t being used by Tier 6 players, it still allowed the Seven Luminaries Alliance to gain an additional 200 experts capable of overpowering the average Tier 6 player. This was an overwhelming advantage that no pseudo-apex power could overcome in the current Eternal Realm.

“Does the Seven Luminaries Alliance even need our help? They can easily defend this place with the forces they have,” Frey muttered and sighed dejectedly when she saw the difference between the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s forces and the various powers that had come to assist with the resurrection camp’s defense.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance had occupied six resurrection camps, so the various powers’ forces were split into six legions and sent to assist each camp. Among them, the legion sent to reinforce the Deadzone Forest’s resurrection camp consisted of 80,000 players, with the weakest member being a titled expert. In addition, 3,000 of these players could employ the help of 100-man Medium Bronze Battle Arrays.

On paper, the various powers’ forces outnumbered the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s forces. However, in terms of overall combat power, the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s forces wouldn’t even need to break a sweat to obliterate them.

Is this the strength of an apex power? Fire Dance similarly couldn’t help but be shocked when she saw the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s defensive forces.

Ever since she joined the Green God Corporation, she had participated in many battles across the Greater God’s Domain, and she felt that she had already learned much of what there was to learn. But after coming to the Eternal Realm, she had her worldview shattered time and again, and it was especially so this time.

Even without including the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s experts, the several hundred Dark-Gold Combat Puppets in this resurrection camp were probably enough to eradicate any Realm Empire. Yet, these Dark-Gold Combat Puppets were only one of the defensive measures prepared for the resurrection camp. Moreover, this was only one of six resurrection camps occupied by the Seven Luminaries Alliance…

At this time, Fire Dance wasn’t the only person from Zero Wing stunned by the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s might. Everyone else was in a similar situation, and they were once again made to realize how far of a path Zero Wing still needed to travel to reach the apex.

Of everyone present, Shi Feng was the only one unfazed by the resurrection camp’s defensive measures.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance was the Greater God’s Domain’s oldest power. Its foundations far surpassed the other apex powers. In his previous life, the human race could have never withstood the Holy Race’s invasion if it wasn’t for the Seven Luminaries Alliance shouldering the frontline.

Shortly after the various powers’ forces arrived, a young woman from the Seven Luminaries Alliance approached them and stood on an elevated platform. The young woman had a silver ponytail reaching down to her waist, and she had a gaze that was as sharp as a knife. She was a Level 173, Tier 6 Ranger, and she was equipped with exquisite mail armor and carried a strange longbow made entirely out of crystals.

“I am Verdant Rainbow, the commander-in-chief of this resurrection camp. Since you all have agreed to the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s conditions, you should know of the camp’s significance. Once the battle begins later on, the Seven Luminaries Alliance will take on the brunt of the enemy forces. You all simply need to take care of any rabble that manages to slip by,” the young woman stated loudly as she surveyed the crowd before her.

“Personally, I only have one condition for you all: do not let any Holy Race player set foot into the core circle. If any manages to do so, chase them out at all costs.

“You can also earn Contribution Points from the Seven Luminaries Alliance for every Holy Race player you kill. Once the battle is over, you can spend these points to exchange for weapons and equipment. The top five contributors of this camp will also get to exchange for one Legendary Weapon or Equipment. So, I hope you do not disappoint me!”

Upon hearing Verdant Rainbow’s words, apart from a few ignorant youngsters, everyone else couldn’t help but be awed by the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s generosity.

The value of one or two Legendary items might not be significant to the various pseudo-apex powers, but it was a different story for thirty Legendary items. If it were them, they would definitely hesitate to give away thirty Legendary items for a single battle. After all, Legendary items were incredibly rare, and it was especially so in the Eternal Realm.

Rumor has it that the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s warehouse has the biggest and most complete collection of Legendary Weapons and Equipment in the Greater God’s Domain, and any class can find a corresponding weapon or equipment in it. Blood Emperor Garut licked his lips as he looked at Verdant Rainbow. It seems I can’t afford to take it easy in this battle.

Besides Garut, Aurebeth also couldn’t help but look at Verdant Rainbow, a hint of interest flashing in her eyes.

For experts of their caliber, weapons and equipment were of utmost importance. However, getting their hands on highly compatible Legendary items wasn’t easy because every Legendary item had different compatibility with different classes.

Generally, the best way to obtain Legendary items of high compatibility would be to get them custom-made. The only problem was that very few individuals could enjoy such a service, even among the various pseudo-apex powers. Meanwhile, if custom-made items weren’t an option, the next best option would be to find non-general Legendary items, also known as class-specific Legendary items.

To actually open up its warehouse… It seems the Seven Luminaries Alliance is serious this time. Shi Feng was also tempted by Verdant Rainbow’s words.

In the hands of the right class, class-specific items would usually perform 10% to 20% better than general items, even if both possessed the same Attributes. This was because class-specific items could not only enhance and make it easier to use the Skills and Spells of their corresponding classes, thereby increasing their users’ Skill and Spell Completion Rates.

However, compared to the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s rewards, what surprised Shi Feng, even more, was that the Ranger named Verdant Rainbow had appeared in this place.

Verdant Rainbow might be unknown to most players in the current Greater God’s Domain, but she was incredibly famous during Shi Feng’s previous life. Her title was even known by all throughout the Greater God’s Domain, as it was one of the few titles in the Greater God’s Domain’s history that carried the word “God.”

God Hunter!

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