Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3585

Chapter 659 – Holy Race Army

Following the Dark-Gold Combat Puppets’ alert, the several Large Grandmaster Magic Barriers protecting the resurrection camp seemingly came to life as they lit up with numerous magic patterns.

Immediately afterward, the several thousand Tier 5 magical class experts presiding over the magic barriers each took out an ancient scroll. Then, they began manipulating the magic array drawn on the scroll with all their might, their actions causing all mana within a 10,000-yard radius to congregate and form a mana storm in the middle of the resurrection camp.

As soon as the mana storm finished forming, the mana density within the resurrection camp rose rapidly, increasing by threefold in only three seconds. Players present within the camp even felt their control over mana improving greatly.

“What dense mana!”

“A Great Grandmaster Mana Strengthening Barrier?! The Seven Luminaries Alliance has even taken out such a strategic barrier?!”

“As expected of the most transcendental apex power. I’ve only ever seen pseudo-apex powers using portable Great Grandmaster Mana Strengthening Barriers on their primary Guild Cities in the Void Sea. Yet, the Seven Luminaries Alliance is using one just to defend a resurrection camp…”

When the various powers’ experts saw that the resurrection camp’s magic barriers and mana had been greatly strengthened, they promptly recognized the ancient scrolls the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s members had taken out, and they couldn’t help but be amazed.

Great Grandmaster Magic Arrays were extremely precious in the Greater God’s Domain. It was especially so for Large Great Grandmaster Magic Arrays that required 1,000 players to maintain. Meanwhile, the rarity of portable Large Great Grandmaster Magic Arrays was even greater, and even pseudo-apex powers would have difficulty getting their hands on a full set.

Apart from Great Grandmaster Magicians being incredibly rare, another reason for this was the scrolls used to house the Large Great Grandmaster Magic Array.

Scrolls were much more fragile than the walls of towns, cities, and fortresses. If players wished to engrave something as powerful as a Great Grandmaster Magic Array onto a set of scrolls, the scrolls in question would need to be of very high quality. At the very least, they must be made from Legendary materials.

Meanwhile, the average Large Great Grandmaster Magic Array would need at least 1,000 scrolls to house it completely. Even for a pseudo-apex power, it would put a huge dent in their coffers if they were to produce a full set of such scrolls. Because of this, the various pseudo-apex powers only had a very limited number of portable Large Great Grandmaster Magic Arrays. Unless they were looking to defend a location of great importance, they would never use these portable magic arrays.

They’re here? When Shi Feng saw the resurrection camp’s magic arrays going into full swing, he couldn’t help but glance at the dark forest in the distance.

While Shi Feng was gazing at the distant forest, the various powers’ executives started to prepare their forces for battle. As for the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s side, Verdant Rainbow flew straight to the edge of the magic barriers with the rest of the Alliance’s Tier 6 experts and quietly gazed at the distant sky.

Not long after, in the direction Verdant Rainbow was looking at, a train that was 30 meters wide and 2,000 meters long appeared. The train traveled across the sky rapidly, and following behind it was a dense swarm of Holy Race experts. These Holy Race experts flew with the help of wings made up of holy patterns, the glowing wings brightly illuminating the gloomy sky.

Shortly after its appearance, the sky train arrived within a few thousand yards of the resurrection camp and directed its side toward the camp. At the same time, numerous barriers made of holy patterns lit up across the train’s entire length, protecting the 300-plus energy cannons and 1,000-plus Holy Race experts within the train’s carriages.

When the human players within the resurrection camp saw the Holy Race experts aboard the sky train, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. After all, of these Holy Race experts, over a thousand radiated auras stronger than Tier 6 Divine monsters despite being only at Tier 5, and over 50 were at Tier 6. That was more than twice the number of Tier 6 experts the Seven Luminaries Alliance had stationed in this resurrection camp.

“No need to fret. The Holy Race’s Legacies are more comprehensive than ours, making it easier for them to advance to Tier 6. But we humans are superior when it comes to strength utilization. The combined might we can exhibit also far exceeds them,” Verdant Rainbow calmly stated to everyone, unfazed by the sky train and the Holy Race experts aboard it.

“We will deal with the Holy Race’s Tier 6 experts. The rest of you only need to focus on the others,” Verdant Rainbow continued. “Once gaps start to appear in the barriers, all forces are to barricade them immediately. Do not let any of the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts inside!”

The various powers’ members felt slightly relieved when they heard Verdant Rainbow’s words.

They might not be a match for the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts in one-on-one combat, but they had the numerical advantage. If several of them fought against one of the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts, combined with the help of a Bronze Battle Array, they could still achieve victory.

Aside from a difference in Basic Attributes, Tier 6 players had access to Tier 6 Skills and Spells that Tier 5 players did not. The effects of the combat techniques they used would also be stronger. Even with the help of a Bronze Battle Array, Tier 5 players would have difficulty mitigating these differences.

“It looks like a tough battle is inevitable.” Frey’s expression grew serious when she saw the Holy Race army that covered the sky. Immediately, she had the Red Dragon Nation’s 100-man battle array team prepare for battle.

Apart from the Holy Race experts aboard the Voyage Train, over 200,000 Tier 5 Holy Race experts were still waiting to invade the resurrection camp as soon as the opportunity appeared. These experts might not be as strong as those on the train, but they still radiated auras close to that of Tier 6 Divine monsters. They weren’t opponents the average fourth-floor expert could hope to resist in one-on-one combat.

Meanwhile, on Azure Fang’s side, Garut and Aurebeth each led a 100-man battle array team to the edge of the resurrection camp, their eyes focused on the Voyage Train’s energy cannons.

During this time, a young man with a dark-blue holy eye imprinted on his forehead appeared on top of the Voyage Train. Then, before the various powers’ battle array teams could get into positions, the three-eyed young man waved his hand and shouted:


Following the young man’s command, the Voyage Train’s 300-plus energy cannons fired on the resurrection camp simultaneously. In response, Verdant Rainbow commanded the resurrection camp’s Magic Elven Cannons to fire at the Voyage Train.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, it was as if the sun had risen in the Deadzone Forest as blinding light drowned the area around the resurrection camp. Deafening explosions also rang across tens of thousands of yards. Meanwhile, as a result of this exchange of cannon fire, the energy barriers of both sides shook violently, and the area between them turned into an empty void.

After the first round of bombardment, subsequent rounds quickly followed. Following each bombardment, the distance between both sides also shortened. When the gap shortened to less than 1,000 yards, cracks finally started to appear in the barriers on both sides.


“Stop them!”

Commands to charge into battle were issued on both sides simultaneously.

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