Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3586

Chapter 660 – Whose Attack Is That?

Less than a thousand yards currently separated the two sides. For any Tier 5 expert, this was a distance they could cross with just several steps. For Tier 5 Holy Race experts with superior Basic Attributes, fighting at this distance would be no different than Tier 4 players fighting within a hundred yards of each other. Naturally, this distance would be even more negligible for the pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts.

In the blink of an eye, the Holy Race’s Tier 5 experts were already within 500 yards of the resurrection camp, while the pseudo-Tier 6 experts were already within 200 yards.

As for the Tier 6 Holy Race experts aboard the Voyage Train, although they remained in their positions, they started attacking the resurrection camp’s magic barriers, preventing the barriers from recovering and widening the existing cracks.

Seeing more than 50 Tier 6 Skills targeting the magic barriers, the various powers’ members inside the resurrection camp couldn’t help but feel unnerved.

The magic barriers were their greatest defensive measure. If the cracks in the barriers became overly large, they would allow more Holy Race experts to infiltrate the resurrection camp, increasing the difficulty of dealing with the Holy Race experts. It would be especially so for the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts. Each of them was capable of great destruction, and it would be a nightmare for Tier 5 players to fight them without the assistance of a battle array.

Optimally, each crack in the barriers should only allow five or six pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts to enter at a time. If it was only that many, their 100-man battle array teams could easily send them flying back out of the cracks before they could react. But if ten or more pseudo-Tier 6 experts entered at the same time, their battle array teams’ attacks would no longer have enough firepower to send all of them flying out of the magic barriers. And if some of these pseudo-Tier 6 experts manage to gain a foothold within the resurrection camp, they would become much harder to deal with.

When the Tier 6 Skills were about to connect with the magic barriers, though, Verdant Rainbow suddenly drew her longbow to its limit and fired a glowing silver arrow into the sky. Once the silver arrow flew out of the magic barriers, it turned into hundreds of chains that spread out to form countless flat World Barriers, the barriers blocking more than half of the incoming Tier 6 Skills.

At the same time, the rest of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Tier 6 experts used their Tier 6 Skills and Spells one after another, blocking the rest of the Holy Race’s Tier 6 Skills and preventing any further damage to the magic barriers.

“What an incredible defensive arrow!”

Everyone, whether human players or Holy Race players, couldn’t help but be stunned by the arrow launched by Verdant Rainbow.

Usually, Tier 6 experts originating from apex powers could exhibit power at the standard of Tier 6 Gods when they used Tier 6 Skills. If several dozen of these Tier 6 experts attacked together, the combined might of their attacks could overwhelm even the defenses of Ancient Gods at the same level. Yet, Verdant Rainbow had stopped over 20 of such Tier 6 Skills with a single arrow, without the help of any Skills or Spells. If speaking solely in terms of defensive capabilities, Verdant Rainbow was definitely at the standard of Ancient Gods.

“Is that woman Verdant Rainbow, the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s chosen one of this generation?” When the three-eyed young man in charge of the Holy Race army looked at Rainbow, he quickly identified her based on the intelligence his organization had collected. He also couldn’t help but be a little surprised as Verdant Rainbow was a lot stronger than the reports stated.

However, the three-eyed young man’s surprise lasted only briefly before he resumed commanding the Tier 6 experts on his side to attack the magic barriers for a second time. It was as if he did not care that Verdant Rainbow’s team could neutralize all of their Tier 6 experts’ attacks.

Subsequently, an intense exchange of firepower occurred between the Holy Race and the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Tier 6 experts. In the meantime, under the support of the Voyage Train’s cannon fire, the Holy Race’s Tier 5 experts recklessly charged through the gaps of the magic barriers, paying no heed whatsoever toward the attacks coming from the human players inside the barriers.

In just a few seconds, multiple groups of pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts successfully infiltrated the resurrection camp. In response, the Dark-Gold Combat Puppets, Sacred Glory Battle Array team, and many other battle array teams charged forward to engage these pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts in battle, intending to expel them out of the magic barriers before more of them could gather.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Because of their massive numerical disadvantage, even though the pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts had superior Basic Attributes, they failed to react to all of the attacks directed at them and ended up getting hit numerous times.

However, following the end of the first round of bombardment, everyone on the human side couldn’t help but be shocked by what they saw.

“How can this be?!”

The number of attacks each of the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts had received would normally be enough to blow even Tier 6 tanks into smithereens. Yet, these pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts had lost less than one-third of their HPs.

In fact, before anyone on the human side could react, multiple heals had landed on the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts, instantly bringing their HPs back to full.

Upon seeing this scene, even Garut and Aurebeth couldn’t help but knit their brows.

While they remained confident they could win against the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts in one-on-one combat, they definitely couldn’t defeat their opponents quickly with how frightening their Defense was. Unless they could somehow prevent their opponents from being healed, killing them would be impossible, and they could only watch as more Holy Race experts infiltrate the resurrection camp.

Tier 6 Holy Bodies? Verdant Rainbow’s complexion darkened a little when she noticed the peculiarity of the pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts.

Unlike the Eternal Realm’s various pseudo-apex powers, the Seven Luminaries Alliance possessed an in-depth understanding of the Holy Race. Meanwhile, based on the Alliance’s investigation and research, Holy Race players innately possessed Physique that was much stronger than human players. Combined with the Attribute Strengthening effect of Holy Aura, even the tanks of human players could not hope to match Holy Race players of the same tier in Defense and the various Resistances.

But still, it should be impossible for a Tier 5 Holy Race expert to take so little damage after getting hit by more than a dozen attacks from Tier 5 human experts. She even saw that these Holy Race experts didn’t bother to dodge the attacks coming at them, choosing to resist them directly. Meanwhile, the only explanation she could come up with for this situation was that these Tier 5 Holy Race experts possessed Tier 6 Holy Bodies.

The Holy Body of Holy Race players was similar to the Divine Body of human players. It was qualitatively superior to the Tier 5 body in Physique, Resistance, and damage reduction. As a result, Tier 5 players would have great difficulty damaging anyone with a Tier 6 Holy Body. Unless they could overcome the upper limit of the Holy Body’s damage reduction, the damage they could cause would be considerably limited.

“It’s too late to notice now.” When the three-eyed young man using Tier 6 Skills aboard the Voyage Train saw the panicking human experts within the resurrection camp, he curled his lips in disdain. “Do you think those rabble powers you’ve fought thus far can compare to a royal power like us?”

Compared to the human race’s Greater God’s Domain, the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domain was much bigger in size, and the competition there was much more intense. Yet, even under such conditions, only ten royal powers existed, and they ruled over the Greater God’s Domain like an emperor. Among them, each royal power had varying trump cards.

Meanwhile, the ability to let Tier 5 players have a Tier 6 Holy Body was only one of many trump cards the various royal powers possessed.

Now that the first batch of Tier 5 experts with Holy Bodies had infiltrated the magic barriers, so long as they held on for some time, many more experts with Holy Bodies would join them.

It also wouldn’t matter if the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Tier 6 experts decided to take action. After all, if the human experts chose to do so, their Tier 6 experts could simply take advantage of the situation to attack the magic barriers, creating more cracks in the barriers and letting even more experts infiltrate the resurrection camp.

However, just when the second batch of experts with Holy Bodies tried to infiltrate the resurrection camp, several dozen dazzling stars shot through the cracks and targeted these experts. Although these experts had promptly reacted to these oncoming stars and entered defensive stances, the collision still sent them flying over 200 yards back and depleted over half of their HP…

“Whose attack is that?!”

The advancing Holy Race experts were immediately startled by this sudden turn of events.

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