Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3587

Chapter 661 – God-ranked Expert

Deadzone Forest, Resurrection Camp:

Immediately after several dozen Holy Race experts with Tier 6 Holy Bodies were sent flying, the other Holy Race experts present couldn’t help but turn to look at the origin of the dazzling stars, a hint of panic appearing in their eyes. The various human powers’ experts also turned toward the origin of the stars, their hearts filled with shock and curiosity.

The first batch of pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts that had infiltrated the resurrection camp had already thoroughly displayed the strength of a Holy Race expert with a Tier 6 Holy Body. Even when struck by over a dozen attacks from Tier 5 human experts, they barely lost one-third of their HP.

It should be known that the Tier 5 human experts in question weren’t ordinary Tier 5 players. Not only did they possess Basic Attributes at the Tier 6 standard, but even the weakest among them could use Advanced Silver Combat Techniques. They could probably already exhibit power at the Tier 6 Peak standard in all their attacks. If over a dozen of these attacks landed on a Tier 6 human tank, they would absolutely perish if they did not activate a Lifesaving Skill. Simply put, the reason the pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts had lost only one-third of their HP definitely wasn’t because the human players attacking them were weak.

Meanwhile, the several dozen dazzling stars clearly originated from one attack. Yet, each of those stars had managed to deprive a pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race expert of more than 50% of their HP. The might they displayed was simply unfathomable.

After everyone turned to look at the origin of the dazzling stars, the first thing that caught their attention was a cloaked young man carrying a longsword by his waist and wielding a black longsword with crimson patterns in his right hand.

“Black Flame?”

“Guild Leader Black Flame!”

“A God-ranked expert?”

Many of the human experts present recognized Shi Feng immediately. It was especially so for those familiar with him, such as Frey, Unrestrained Lionheart, and Aurebeth. And, without exception, everyone couldn’t help but be shocked and confused as they looked at him.

The name of Black Flame was no longer a stranger to the Greater God’s Domain’s players. As one of the Sacred Glory List’s top powerhouses, many powers and experts felt that Black Flame had a strong chance of entering the Divine Glory List in the future.

Previously, when Black Flame revealed his status as a Tier 6 player, he had also caused quite a huge commotion. However, compared to his current feat of sending several dozen pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts flying, the commotion he previously caused was insignificant.

Tier 6 players might currently be considered apex existences in the Eternal Realm, but there also existed significant differences between Tier 6 players. It was similar to the difference between titled experts and fifth-floor experts. If they were only talking about a single Realm, titled experts could indeed be considered apex existences and mainstays of the various powers.

However, if the scale was expanded to cover the entire Greater God’s Domain, titled experts would seem ordinary, and the various powers would consider only fifth-floor experts as core members.

Meanwhile, Black Flame’s attack had undoubtedly reached the standard of Tier 6 Gods. Moreover, it wasn’t just a normal attack from a Tier 6 God. After all, the attack was much stronger than that of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Tier 6 experts, and it should be known that they were all equipped with Legendary Weapons. The Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Tier 6 experts would probably have to use Tier 6 Taboo Skills or Curses to match Black Flame’s attack. And if the attack was at that caliber, it was already enough to heavily injure Level 180 Divine monsters.

Furthermore, as everyone present was not an ordinary expert, they could tell that Black Flame’s attack was only a normal attack as it did not exhibit any mana fluctuations. The only players capable of achieving such a feat in the Greater God’s Domain would be the rumored God-ranked experts.

God-ranked experts!

Typically, Tier 6 players must be fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment to achieve this standard. But after reaching this standard, players would become capable of trading blows with Tier 6 Gods, and upper-ranking hegemonic powers would have to start to treat them seriously. It also wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one such individual could be equated to an entire pseudo-upper-ranking hegemonic power. As for pseudo-apex powers, they would also do their best to recruit such individuals.

A God-ranked expert, huh? Verdant Rainbow’s eyes lit up with joy as she looked at Shi Feng, who stood close to the resurrection camp’s core circle. She never expected Zero Wing to give her such a surprise.

Just now, Verdant Rainbow was very close to commanding the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Tier 6 experts to expel the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts. After all, the camp’s magic barriers were designed to defend against external attacks. If too many pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts infiltrated the resurrection camp, not only could they cause devastating damage to the Tier 5 experts inside the camp, but they could also sabotage the magic barriers from the inside, causing them to fail before they reached the end of their 24-hour duration.

“Good! With a God-ranked expert here, none of those pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts should think of infiltrating the camp!” a black-clad elderly man casting a Tier 6 Defensive Spell said, sighing in relief. “At this rate, we should have no trouble holding on until we occupy the camp.”

The other Seven Luminaries Alliance members nodded in agreement, their tense expressions loosening significantly.

The forces the Sun Dynasty, the royal power attacking them, dispatched had far exceeded their expectations, so their chances of successfully defending the resurrection camp were originally very low. However, things were different now that they had a God-ranked expert.

Setting aside whether they could defeat the Sun Dynasty’s army, they should have no trouble defending the resurrection camp until the end of the occupation process. At that time, they would have completed the mission assigned to them by the higher-ups.

While Verdant Rainbow and the others were feeling relieved, the three-eyed young man standing aboard the Voyage Train knitted his brows slightly.

“Where did that God-ranked expert come from? Why do we have no information about him?” the three-eyed young man coldly questioned the people around him after double-checking the intelligence reports he had received.

“There is nothing wrong with our information, Your Highness. That human isn’t a member of the Seven Luminaries Alliance,” a tall young man standing nearby hurriedly explained. “Going by the information we’ve collected on the human race, he should be Black Flame, the Guild Leader of an upstart Guild in the Eternal Realm. He has also recently become one of the Sacred Glory List’s top powerhouses.”

“How fortunate of the Seven Luminaries Alliance,” the three-eyed young man coldly said. “But since this punk dares to stick his head out for the Seven Luminaries Alliance, we need to teach him what it means to make an enemy out of the Sun Dynasty. Have the Three Fist Saints take care of him. I do not wish to see him still existing in God’s Domain by the end of this battle.”

“Isn’t that too much, Your Highness?” The tall young man broke into a sweat when he heard the three-eyed young man’s words. “The Three Fist Saints are here to ambush the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s chosen one. It simply isn’t worth having them target Black Flame.”

The Three Fist Saints were Core Elders of the Sun Dynasty, and every one of them was a God-ranked expert. To devastate the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s younger generation and make a great contribution to the Sun Dynasty, the three-eyed young man had deliberately invited the Three Fist Saints to erase Verdant Rainbow from God’s Domain.

But if the Three Fist Saints were to prematurely expose themselves to deal with Black Flame, the Seven Luminaries Alliance would definitely take precautions to protect Verdant Rainbow. At that time, it would become nigh-impossible to target her.

“You don’t need to worry about this. Have the Three Fist Saints move out. I do not wish to see the other five occupy a camp before me,” the three-eyed young man said without hesitation, giving the tall young man a dissatisfied glare.

“Understood! I’ll notify the three Elders right away!” The tall young man dared not say anything else and quickly contacted the Three Fist Saints.

TL Notes:

[1]God-ranked expert:

The “God-ranked expert” term that will appear from this chapter onward will be referring to “experts capable of rivaling Tier 6 Gods” rather than merely “experts who had reached Tier 6.”

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