Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3588

Chapter 662 – Fist Saint

Meanwhile, standing among the Holy Race army were three elderly men with many holy patterns covering their bodies. Despite the three old men radiating near-solid Holy Auras, hardly any of the surrounding Holy Race players noticed them as they quietly advanced with the army. Even the few Holy Race experts who noticed the three old men simply deemed them ordinary.

This was because despite the thick Holy Aura they radiated, the three old men’s Life Rating was only at the Tier 5 standard. While it was true that their superior Holy Auras would grant them stronger strengthening effects, they could, at best, rival the average Tier 6 human expert. In the Holy Race army, such experts were a dime a dozen, so there was no reason to pay any particular attention to the three old men.

However, if any of the Tier 6 experts aboard the Voyage Train saw these three old men, they would know that the three elders were, in reality, bona fide Tier 6 players. Moreover, their Holy Auras could strengthen their Physique and Basic Attributes to match Tier 6 Dragons. Paired with their Legendary Weapons and Equipment, they could easily match the human race’s Tier 6 Gods.

If these three old men were to work together to execute an Advanced Silver Holy Art, they could annihilate even a Tier 6 player’s soul.

When the three old men arrived within 500 yards of Verdant Rainbow, the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s chosen one, they immediately prepared themselves to take action. Once the Voyage Train’s energy cannons fired again, they would use the distraction created to close the gap and execute their Holy Arts against Verdant Rainbow, forcing the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s chosen one into permanent retirement.

However, as the three elders were waiting for the right opportunity, they suddenly received a message that caused their eyebrows to twitch.

“We are to eliminate Black Flame instead?” After reading the message, the elder with no hair on his head couldn’t help but grow a little dissatisfied. “His Highness really knows how to make trouble for us.”

“Isn’t that better? Rather than eliminating a heavily guarded chosen one, it would be much easier to eliminate an upstart Guild’s Guild Leader,” the elder with a long beard said, chuckling. “Regardless, we can still repay that person’s favor.”

“In that case, let’s do it!” the elder with holy patterns in his eyes said. Then, after taking a deep breath, he began slowly advancing to where Shi Feng was.

Seeing this, the two other old men quickly followed.

Although they were known as the Three Fist Saints, only one of them actually went by the name of Fist Saint, and that was Earthen Fist Saint, the person with holy patterns in his eyes. When Earthen Fist Saint gathered his Holy Aura in his fists, his punches could devastate the land and tear apart the sky. Even the human race’s Tier 6 Gods would stumble by half a step when receiving his punches.

As for how the three of them came to be known as the Three Fist Saints, it was because all three of them fought using gloves, and they happened to slay a Tier 6 God from the human race when working together in the past.

Now that Earthen Fist Saint had decided to target Black Flame instead, they naturally wouldn’t raise any objections.

Three minutes later, the three old men arrived within 400 yards of Shi Feng. At this time, the battle had become much more chaotic as the Holy Race army had moved much closer to the resurrection camp. Explosions kept occurring all over both sides’ energy barriers, neither side giving up on bringing down the opponent’s energy barriers. After all, once the opponent’s energy barriers failed, they would be able to cause maximum damage to the other side.

In the meantime, many Holy Race experts kept fearlessly charging through the gaps in the resurrection camp’s magic barriers. As more and more gaps appeared in the resurrection camp’s barriers, even Shi Feng could only afford to target the Holy Race’s pseudo-Tier 6 experts, leaving the rest to the others.

However, even after seeing this, the Three Fist Saints did not rush to attack Shi Feng. Instead, they patiently infiltrated the resurrection camp with the other Tier 5 Holy Race experts.

Meanwhile, inside the resurrection camp’s magic barriers, all of the various powers’ members capable of exhibiting power at the Tier 6 standard worked together with the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Dark-Gold Combat Puppets and Sacred Glory Battle Array team, trying their best to restrict the Holy Race experts from causing havoc inside the magic barriers.

Among them, the main combatants responsible for resisting these Holy Race experts were the various pseudo-apex powers’ new-generation chosen ones and Vice Guild Leaders. Out of all these talented individuals, the one with the most outstanding performance was Azure Fang’s Blood Emperor Garut.

Meanwhile, with the help of Torrential Thunder, Garut had already killed over 20 Holy Race experts thus far.

When Garut saw three elderly Holy Race experts crossing the magic barriers through a gap near him, he charged at the trio and swung his axe at them without hesitation.

Torrential Thunder!

Immediately, Garut’s crimson axe transformed into a huge thunderbolt that threatened to wash over the three elderly Holy Race experts.

However, the instant Garut executed his attack, his sixth sense immediately warned him of danger. Although initially confused by this unexpected development, when Garut saw that the three elderly Holy Race experts remained unaffected by his Torrential Thunder’s space-time suppression, he instantly broke out in a cold sweat. He also couldn’t fathom how this situation could have happened.

While he might only be at Tier 5 right now, he was in possession of the Peak Hidden Class Dragonblood Warrior and the Demidragon Bloodline. In addition, he was equipped with the Legendary-rank Blood Axe and a full set of Legendary Equipment. Even if he were to face off against a true Tier 6 player, he could still put up a good fight. Not to mention, when he executed Torrential Thunder against the pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts previously, he managed to immobilize all of them and send them stumbling several steps backward without exception.

Yet, when he used the same attack against the three elderly Holy Race experts, the trio didn’t get immobilized in the slightest. This led him to think of one frightening possibility.

God-ranked experts!

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