Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3589

Chapter 663 – Experts Meet

Three God-ranked experts?

Garut’s eyes twitched when he saw that the three elderly men were unaffected by his Gold Combat Technique. He retreated almost instinctively, not daring to be anywhere near the three.

Most players in the Greater God’s Domain only knew that the term “God-ranked expert” represented players capable of rivaling Tier 6 Gods and that they shouldn’t try to offend these existences. They didn’t know exactly why they should fear and try to avoid offending God-ranked experts.

However, it was a different story for the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers and pseudo-apex powers. They had a much better understanding of God-ranked experts, and they knew exactly why players shouldn’t offend these existences.

Soul Annihilation!

Once a player reached the standard of Tier 6 Gods, they would become strong enough to annihilate even the Immortal Souls of Tier 6 players. While there wasn’t a 100% success rate, the fact that the possibility existed was more than enough to instill fear into the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers and pseudo-apex powers.

It was not easy for the various powers to nurture their talented newcomers. The resources spent were one thing. A more crucial problem was finding talented individuals to recruit and nurture. If their young talents suffered Soul Annihilation, they could no longer log into God’s Domain for the rest of their lives. Their talent would also become meaningless.

If a power had all of its mainstays eliminated from God’s Domain one after another, it would only be a matter of time before it faced destruction. Unless, of course, it was willing to pay an astronomical price to resurrect the dead players. But the price of resurrecting players who had suffered permanent deaths was incredibly costly even to the various apex powers, let alone the various pseudo-apex powers and upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

Currently, as Garut was only a Tier 5 player, even one God-ranked expert would be enough to annihilate his soul, let alone three. If he tried to fight these three God-ranked experts, his retirement from God’s Domain would be virtually guaranteed.

“You reacted quite quickly. It seems you should also be a power’s chosen one,” the old man with the long beard commented when he saw Garut abruptly retreating. “In that case, die!”

Ignoring the effects of Garut’s Torrential Thunder, the bearded old man punched out with his right fist, his movements slow and silent. However, when Garut saw this seemingly ordinary punch, he immediately felt the approach of death, and he had no idea how he should even resist it.

The bearded old man’s punch might seem ordinary to the average person, but as an expert who had mastered two Basic Laws, Garut could tell that the old man’s punch was anything but ordinary. This was because the old man’s fist was actively disrupting and scattering the magic elements around it.

It should be known that Skills and Spells relied on the flow of magic elements to form, so the bearded old man’s punch could essentially nullify any Skills and Spells it came into contact with!

Am I going to die, just like that?

When Garut saw the energy fist that came from the bearded old man, he couldn’t help but feel a little depressed.

In reality, with his strength and talent, he could already challenge his Tier 6 promotion and complete it without fail. Meanwhile, so long as he was at Tier 6, even if he were to face off against a God-ranked expert, he was confident he could trade many blows with the other party. He could even escape with his life if needed.

However, for the sake of creating a better Divine Body, he had chosen to delay his promotion. Because of that, he was now going to have his soul annihilated…

But just as the energy fist was about to connect with Garut’s retreating figure, a tall and lithe figure suddenly appeared between them. The figure belonged to a female Blood Elf, and as soon as she appeared, she swung the longsword she wielded at the energy fist.

Subsequently, it was as if time had stopped flowing in the Deadzone Forest, and all mana within a several thousand-yard radius disappeared, causing everyone to experience a sense of suffocation. Then, a speck of scorching white light formed at the tip of the Blood Elf’s longsword as it collided with the bearded old man’s energy fist.


Immediately, a deafening explosion echoed throughout the resurrection camp, followed by a powerful shockwave that shattered a huge chunk of the magic barriers.

“What the heck?”

“How is that a fight between Tier 5 players?”

Everyone in the resurrection camp immediately had their attention attracted toward the Blood Elf and bearded old man. But when everyone saw that the two individuals were only Tier 5 players, they couldn’t help but gape in shock.

It should be known that the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s barriers were strengthened by a Great Grandmaster Mana Strengthening Barrier. Normally, even Tier 6 players would need to attack it several hundred times to create a crack. Yet, now, the shockwave created by two Tier 5 players had made a hole so large that it could let several dozen players through it simultaneously…


Garut couldn’t help but be stunned as he looked at the Blood Elf before him. He never expected Aurebeth to come to his rescue. He also never expected Aurebeth to be able to block a blow from a God-ranked expert.

“A Limit Breaker?”

When the bearded old man saw that Aurebeth’s hands were only trembling slightly from blocking his attack, he also couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

It might look like he had nonchalantly threw his punch, but it was actually enhanced by a Silver Holy Art. If it connected, even a Tier 6 player might get killed on the spot or, at the very least, become heavily injured. Yet, despite being at Tier 5, Aurebeth remained standing even after blocking his attack. Not only that, but she didn’t even stumble or take any damage. Apart from Aurebeth being one of the rumored Limit Breakers, he couldn’t think of anyone else who could accomplish such a feat.

“We absolutely cannot let this girl live!” Earthen Fist Saint coldly stated as he looked at Aurebeth. “Old Ape, you stay here and get rid of her. Old Scorpion and I will take care of Black Flame!”

“Leave it to me,” the bearded old man named Heavenly Ape Saint said, nodding.

After Heavenly Ape Saint finished speaking, he stopped hiding his strength and unleashed a frightening aura onto his surroundings, his aura immediately immobilizing Aurebeth and Garut. Then, he readied himself to execute an all-out punch against Aurebeth.

According to the information they had gathered, the human race’s so-called Limit Breakers were all owners of Primordial God Legacies. If these individuals were allowed to grow to their full potential, they would become extremely frightening existences that even the Sun Dynasty would have to be wary of. Now that a budding Limit Breaker had appeared before them, they naturally had to eliminate her.

While Heavenly Ape Saint was creating a commotion, Earthen Fist Saint and the bald elder used the opportunity to close in on Shi Feng. They intended to eliminate him before the various human experts could react and provide support.

“Can you block his attack again, Aurebeth?” Garut couldn’t help but ask when he saw Heavenly Ape Saint was preparing to throw another punch.

Now that the three elderly Holy Race experts had exposed themselves, the Seven Luminaries Alliance definitely wouldn’t let them run rampant in the resurrection camp. So long as Aurebeth could stop Heavenly Ape Saint’s second attack, the two of them would have a much greater chance at survival.

“Do you really think I’m a Tier 6 Sword God?” “Aurebeth answered as she kept her eyes on the bearded old man before her. “I had to exhaust myself completely just to use that attack. I can’t even move right now, let alone fight.”

“It seems we’re doomed, then…” When Garut saw that Aurebeth indeed couldn’t move, he understood that Aurebeth had truly exhausted herself and their fates were sealed.

Just as Garut was thinking of putting up a final struggle, though, a peerless beauty suddenly appeared in front of them. At the same time, several figures also appeared around Earthen Fist Saint and the bald old man.

“A Tier 6 player?” When Heavenly Ape Saint saw the female Berserker who had appeared before Aurebeth and Garut, a hint of contempt appeared in his eyes. “Do you think you can block my attack?”

After saying so, Heavenly Ape Saint immediately punched out with his fist, sending a gigantic fist flying forward.

“How would I know if I don’t try?”

In response, the female Berserker simply smiled and raised the greatsword she wielded. Then, while stirring up a chaotic storm around her, she swung the heavy weapon down at the approaching fist.

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