Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3590

Chapter 664 – Snow Goddess


When fist and sword collided, the resulting shockwave destabilized the space within the magic barriers and caused the Tier 5 experts within a several hundred-yard radius to stumble backward.

She blocked it?

Looking through the smoke clouds, Aurebeth couldn’t help but be astonished when she saw the greatsword-wielding peerless beauty standing firmly.

The others nearby might not be aware of how frightening Heavenly Ape Saint’s Strength was, but Aurebeth, who had clashed once with the bearded old man, knew of it very well.

Heavenly Ape Saint’s punch might seem inconspicuous, but there was no doubt it carried the power of Tier 6 Gods. If the average Tier 6 expert tried to block it, they would die on the spot unless they were a tank with a Lifesaving Skill activated.

This was also why Garut had felt he would face certain death if he received Heavenly Ape Saint’s punch.

If Aurebeth hadn’t previously used the Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique Dark Moon, she would have died when she tried to block Heavenly Ape Saint’s punch.

As for the female Berserker, while she might be a Tier 6 Berserker God, even if Heavenly Ape Saint’s punch didn’t outright kill her, it should have still caused her substantial damage. After all, she had only blocked the punch with a normal attack. She never used any combat techniques or Skills.

Yet, the female Berserker was unscathed, displaying unbelievable Strength.

Another God-ranked expert?

Apart from Aurebeth, Garut was similarly shocked by the peerless beauty’s performance. He was especially shocked to see the six-winged emblem the woman wore.

God-ranked experts were exceedingly rare in the Greater God’s Domain. Each stood at the very apex of the Greater God’s Domain, and their existences were few and far between, even among the various apex and pseudo-apex powers. Naturally, because of their extraordinary strength, most God-ranked experts were well-known individuals in the Greater God’s Domain.

It was one thing for Zero Wing’s Black Flame to be a God-ranked expert. After all, Black Flame’s name had already been known across the Greater God’s Domain for quite some time, and many people acknowledged that he could most certainly become a God-ranked expert.

But how in the world did another God-ranked expert emerge from Zero Wing?

What Garut found even more unbelievable was that, despite being a Vice Guild Leader of the pseudo-apex power Azure Fang, he had never even heard of the peerless beauty before him.

“How interesting. No wonder you dare to come forward.”

Standing in mid-air, Heavenly Ape Saint couldn’t help but be a little surprised when he saw another God-ranked expert appearing. However, his surprise lasted for only a moment before he retracted his fist and took a step forward.

Immediately afterward, Heavenly Ape Saint vanished from where he stood, leaving behind hundreds of afterimages as he threw one punch after another at Gentle Snow from varying directions. Since he couldn’t overpower Gentle Snow in Strength, he would overwhelm her with speed.

Heavenly Ape Saint might be of the Holy Race, but he knew that the human race’s Berserker class was a Strength-focused class that lacked dexterity. It was unlike the Holy Race’s Fistfighter class, which was balanced in all Basic Attributes.

Not to mention, Gentle Snow was a Berserker armed with a greatsword, a weapon with obvious pros and cons. The large weapon might give her attacks a lot of power, but its Attack Speed was at least 10% to 20% slower than other Berserker weapons.

Meanwhile, the usual tactic a Berserker like Gentle Snow would employ against an opponent with high Attack Speed would be to move around constantly to reduce the number of attacks she needed to face. It was a tactical retreat, so to speak.

However, if Gentle Snow did that, she would fall right into his trap.

As a God-ranked expert himself, Heavenly Ape Saint understood there was no easy way to conclude a battle between God-ranked experts quickly. Even if he managed to overwhelm Gentle Snow with his high attack frequency and land some attacks on her, there was no way he could kill her in a short time. In that case, rather than waste his time against Gentle Snow, the smarter thing to do would be to annihilate the souls of the human race’s chosen ones, particularly Limit Breakers like Aurebeth.

Limit Breakers were usually individuals with Primordial God Legacies, and they would become incredibly tough opponents to deal with once they advanced to Tier 6. If Aurebeth was allowed to develop, she would definitely become a thorn in the Sun Dynasty’s side when it came time to occupy Holy Ring City.

However, contrary to Heavenly Ape Saint’s expectations, Gentle Snow did not choose to kite him. Instead, she calmly held up the Chaos Windblade horizontally before swinging it at the several hundred afterimages around her.

Silver Combat Technique, Twelve Extreme Slashes!

Immediately, twelve sword lights flew toward the oncoming energy fists.

Is she crazy? Heavenly Ape Saint couldn’t help but be confused when he saw Gentle Snow standing her ground.

While it might be incredible for a Berserker to execute twelve attacks instantaneously, Gentle Snow would have to be crazy if she thought she could stop several hundred of his punches with just twelve slashes. She would be fortunate if she could even block half of them. As for the rest, they would most certainly connect with her body.

It should be known that each of his punches carried the power of a Tier 6 God. If over a hundred of them connected, it wouldn’t even be strange if Gentle Snow got eliminated on the spot.

Aurebeth and Garut were similarly stunned when they saw Gentle Snow’s actions. They couldn’t understand why, of all the methods she could have used, she would try to fight Heavenly Ape Saint in speed. What she was doing was no different than throwing an egg against a rock.

However, when the twelve sword lights fanned out, Aurebeth and Garut were quickly stunned once more.

This was because powerful storms could be seen stirring in the places where the sword lights had passed through, and these storms generated wind blades that collided with the surrounding energy fists, causing them to melt away like snow.

Meanwhile, these wind blades were none other than the result of the Chaos Windblade’s hidden ability, and this hidden ability was what gave Gentle Snow the confidence to stand her ground against Heavenly Ape Saint’s rapid attacks.

By the end of Gentle Snow’s Twelve Extreme Slashes, not only did all of Heavenly Ape Saint’s afterimages and energy fists disappear, but Heavenly Ape Saint himself had also reappeared 500 yards away from Gentle Snow with his right arm trembling slightly.


Before Heavenly Ape Saint could even process what had just happened, Gentle Snow promptly followed up her small victory with another attack.

Bronze Combat Technique, Triple Sword Flash!

While only a Bronze Combat Technique, Triple Sword Flash was the fastest offensive combat technique in Gentle Snow’s repertoire. When she paired it with her Chaos Windblade’s Strength and God-ranked Mana, her attacks could overwhelm Tier 6 Gods of the same level.

Subsequently, three sword lights tore through space as one and instantly arrived before Heavenly Ape Saint. They moved so fast that even Tier 6 Assassins would have trouble reacting to them.

However, Heavenly Ape Saint was an expert at the Extrasensory Realm. While startled by the attack that even his five senses had trouble tracking, he followed the warning from his sixth sense and instinctively gathered all his strength and punched out.

Holy Art, Heaven Bombardment!

For a brief moment, an illusory giant several hundred meters tall appeared in Heavenly Ape Saint’s place and punched at the oncoming sword light.


Following a loud explosion, Aurebeth and Garut’s eyes went wide as they saw Heavenly Ape Saint getting sent flying several hundred yards away. And although the bearded old man landed on his feet, his arms were shaking, and his HP had fallen by roughly 5%. He had obviously lost to Gentle Snow in a competition of Strength, and the difference was far from a little.

After looking at his trembling arms, Heavenly Ape Saint hurriedly shouted into his team chat, “Old Scorpion, help me! I can’t hold this place by myself!”

His exchange with Gentle Snow might seem like it had lasted for some time, but only two seconds had passed thus far in reality. If he didn’t ask for help, he’d become a corpse before the minute was even over.

But even after Heavenly Ape Saint waited for some time, he did not receive a reply from Tailless Scorpion, the bald old man he had called out to. Just as he was about to get angry, Tailless Scorpion finally made a response.

“No! You come and help me, Old Ape! I’m the one who’s having trouble holding on!”

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