Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3591

Chapter 665 – Zero Wing’s Experts

Tailless Scorpion’s words stunned Heavenly Ape Saint for a moment. Then, while defending against Gentle Snow’s attacks, he angrily said, “Stop joking around! I’m facing a God-ranked monster here!”

When it came to combat standards, he was indeed superior to Gentle Snow. In fact, Gentle Snow wasn’t even at the Extrasensory Realm, so she couldn’t appropriately respond to most of his attacks and evasive maneuvers. However, when it came to the Strength Attribute, Gentle Snow was superior to him by a large margin. The strength of her mana was also no different than that of Tier 6 Gods. These factors combined allowed her to exhibit significantly stronger Skills and combat techniques.

Not to mention, Gentle Snow could whip up powerful storms every time she attacked, and these storms covered a large area. Because of this, even when Gentle Snow was only using Bronze Combat Techniques, it felt like she was a Tier 6 God using a Tier 6 Skill.

While Heavenly Ape Saint might have God-ranked strength, that was only true when he was using Advanced Silver Holy Arts. Moreover, even when using Advanced Silver Holy Arts, he could only fight against a Tier 6 God who wasn’t using any Skills or Spells. If he tried to fight a Tier 6 God who was using Tier 6 Skills and Spells, he would not be a match whatsoever.

Currently, he would lose about 5% of his HP every time he traded blows with Gentle Snow. Even if he had various Grandmaster Recovery Potions in his bag, he wouldn’t last long against her.

Meanwhile, Tailless Scorpion was only ambushing Black Flame with Earthen Fist Saint. Even if multiple Tier 6 human experts attacked them, it should still be child’s play for them to deal with their opponents.

However, after hearing Heavenly Ape Saint’s angry rant, Tailless Scorpion responded with an even angrier shout.

“God-ranked monster?! So, what?! You only have to deal with one on your side! Do you know how many I have to deal with here?!” Tailless Scorpion said in a mocking tone.

“How many?” Tailless Scorpion’s words caught Heavenly Ape Saint once more, and he couldn’t help but feel that the other party was intent on messing with him.

Even in the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domain, experts on the level of the human race’s Tier 6 Gods were incredibly rare. So, even less needed to be said for the human race. While an ancient apex power like the Seven Luminaries Alliance might have many such experts under its command, the most it could afford was to station one God-ranked expert in each camp.

Even if many human powers had joined forces with the Seven Luminaries Alliance this time, each resurrection camp shouldn’t have more than two God-ranked experts.

As for the resurrection camp they were currently targeting, the fact that there were three God-ranked experts here could already be considered an anomaly. So, how could Tailless Scorpion and Earthen Fist Saint possibly be going up against multiple God-ranked experts?

Refusing to believe Tailless Scorpion’s words, after blocking another one of Gentle Snow’s Triple Sword Flash, Heavenly Ape Saint quickly turned to look at a location roughly 1,000 yards away. Only, what he saw dumbfounded him.

How can this be?!

Currently, Tailless Scorpion and Earthen Fist Saint could be seen fighting against eight Tier 6 experts. But contrary to Heavenly Ape Saint’s expectations, his two comrades did not have the upper hand in battle. Instead, they were being beaten into submission. As for why this was happening, it was because all eight of their opponents possessed mana rivaling Tier 6 Gods.

On Earthen Fist Saint’s side, he faced four opponents, of which one was a female Assassin who moved so quickly that his senses utterly failed to keep up, and one was a female Cleric providing support from the side. As for the remaining two, they were a male Swordsman and a spear-wielding female Berserker who could trade blows with him evenly. Because of these four opponents, Earthen Fist Saint was so preoccupied that he didn’t even have time to speak. Even then, he was still losing HP rapidly.

As for Tailless Scorpion, he was in an even more precarious situation. Simply resisting the joint attacks of the male Berserker and female Swordsman he faced already took a huge toll on him. Yet, he still had to guard himself against the sneak attacks of a female Assassin and a female Elementalist. If not for the Grandmaster Recovery Potion he had just consumed, he would have long been killed already.

However, the fact that Tailless Scorpion and Earthen Fist Saint were being cornered still wasn’t the part that surprised Heavenly Ape Saint the most.

What truly surprised Heavenly Ape Saint was that whether it was those eight Tier 6 experts, the female Berserker facing him, or their elimination target, Black Flame, they all wore the same six-winged Guild Emblem.

All ten of these God-ranked experts came from the same Guild… How was this even possible?

At this time, Heavenly Ape Saint wasn’t the only one finding this situation unbelievable. Everyone was shocked by this situation, whether it was the human players in the resurrection camp or the Holy Race players attacking the camp’s magic barriers from the outside.

“Ten God-ranked experts?! What kind of Guild is this?! Why haven’t I heard of it before?!” Chalk Splendor, the three-eyed young man commanding the Holy Race army from the Voyage Train, bellowed.

According to the Sun Dynasty’s investigations, the human race’s Greater God’s Domain only had several apex powers. Among them, the one with the deepest foundation was the Seven Luminaries Alliance, which was why the Sun Dynasty had made ample preparations for the attack on the human race’s resurrection camps this time. Chalk Splendor had even recruited the help of the Three Fist Saints of his own accord to surprise the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

Yet, a power even more frightening than the Seven Luminaries Alliance had suddenly appeared in the resurrection camp he was assigned.

Ten God-ranked experts.

That was probably as many God-ranked experts as the Seven Luminaries Alliance had in total in the World Ark. Yet, he knew nothing about this power. How could he not be furious?

However, compared to the Holy Race players, those familiar with Zero Wing, such as Aurebeth and Frey, were even more shocked by this turn of events.

Since when did Zero Wing become so strong? Frey was in disbelief as she watched Zero Wing’s members suppress the Three Fist Saints.

The others present might not be aware of Zero Wing’s circumstances, but Frey had watched Zero Wing take its first step out of a miniature world.

At the time, apart from Shi Feng, Zero Wing didn’t have any other fourth-floor experts, let alone God-ranked experts. It also wasn’t anywhere close to rivaling ordinary hegemonic powers, let alone upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates like the Galaxy Conglomerate.

Yet, Zero Wing now had ten God-ranked experts under its command. Although most of them barely reached the threshold of God-ranked experts, they were still experts that the various pseudo-apex powers had to treat with great caution. They were also existences that Frey, a Vice Guild Leader of the Red Dragon Nation, had to treat with respect.

Meanwhile, over on the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s side, the Alliance’s members were both shocked and overjoyed. After all, a force of ten God-ranked experts was more than enough for them to win this battle.

“I’m afraid the Three Fist Saints won’t last much longer, Your Highness. Should we retreat? Or…” the elderly man standing beside Chalk Splendor asked quietly.

The battle’s current situation was clear for all to see. Once the Three Fist Saints were defeated, Zero Wing’s God-ranked experts would be free to cause havoc on the battlefield. At that time, even retreating would become a challenge for the Holy Race army.

Of course, that wasn’t to say that their army was under any threat of annihilation. After all, they were from the Sun Dynasty, one of the Holy Race’s ten royal powers. The Sun Dynasty had foundations superior to the Seven Luminaries Alliance, and it had made ample preparations to secure the World Ark’s inner resurrection camps. Their army, in particular, even had a Divine Artifact prepared.

“It seems it is time I show these aliens what true power is!”

Instead of calling for a retreat, Chalk Splendor took a step forward before jumping off the Voyage Train, a crescent blade appearing in his right hand as he made his descent. Then, just as he was about to land, his body started rapidly growing in size.

Thirty meters… One hundred meters… Three hundred meters…

A 1,000-meter-tall version of Chalk Splendor appeared outside the resurrection camp in the blink of an eye. Then, before anyone could react, Chalk Splendor punched out at the resurrection camp’s magic barriers, his fist instantly shattering the Large Grandmaster Magic Barriers maintained by thousands of Tier 5 magical class players.

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