Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3592

Chapter 666 – Sunlight Blade

The battlefield fell deathly silent following the destruction of the resurrection camp’s Large Grandmaster Magic Barriers. The various human experts, in particular, were filled with shock and fear as they looked at the thousand-meter-tall giant responsible for this destruction.

It should be known that the resurrection camp’s barriers were 1,000-man Grandmaster Magic Barriers. They had also been strengthened by a Great Grandmaster Mana Strengthening Barrier. Under normal circumstances, they should last a long time, even when attacked by multiple Tier 6 Gods. Yet, the giant that had abruptly appeared outside the camp had shattered all these barriers with one punch…

“An Ancient God?”

“How can the Holy Race summon an Ancient God?!”

The various human powers’ executives couldn’t help but be stupefied as they looked at Chalk Splendor’s mountainous figure. Even battle-seasoned chosen ones like Aurebeth couldn’t help but feel a sense of powerlessness at this moment.

It should be known that the current Chalk Splendor was no different from the Greater God’s Domain’s Ancient Gods. His figure was towering and reached into the clouds, and even 100-meter-tall Tier 5 Dragons would look like infants before him. As for Tier 5 players like themselves, they were no different than ants before Chalk Splendor, and he could probably kill many of them with a single stomp.

Meanwhile, with Chalk Splendor’s participation and the destruction of the resurrection camp’s magic barriers, there would no longer be a battle to speak of. What followed next would be a one-sided slaughter.

“Is that the rumored Sunlight Blade?”

“The Sun Dynasty must be crazy! Why would it mobilize one of its Seven Arcanas just to capture a resurrection camp?! Are they not worried other royal powers would steal it?!”

The Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Elders fell into a daze as they looked at Chalk Splendor’s thousand-meter-tall body and the resplendent crescent blade he wielded.

As one of the Holy Race’s ten royal powers, the Sun Dynasty possessed many Divine Artifacts. However, according to the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s investigation, the Sun Dynasty only regarded seven of its Divine Artifacts as its most prized possessions, which were also labeled as the Seven Arcanas. Each Arcana was a top-tier Divine Artifact and could easily rank among the human race’s Greater God’s Domain’s Ten Great Divine Artifacts.

Meanwhile, the Sunlight Blade was one of the Sun Dynasty’s Seven Arcanas. When paired with the Moonlight Blade, which was similarly regarded as an Arcana, they could let a Tier 6 Holy Race expert gain an Ancestral Holy Body and fight Primordial Gods of the same level.

Even when used separately, the Sunlight Blade and the Moonlight Blade could let Tier 6 Holy Race experts rival Ancient Gods. In the Sunlight Blade’s case, its Sunlight Body Skill granted the user a 90% damage reduction, a 10,000% increase in HP, and a battle recovery of 2% HP per five seconds. If a Tier 6 Holy Race expert activated Sunlight Body, even Ancient Gods could only damage them slightly.

Based on the information the Seven Luminaries Alliance collected, once the Sunlight Blade’s wielder activated Sunlight Body, even Divine Artifact wielders would have great difficulty killing them, and the only way around it would be to wait until the Skill’s duration ended. Hence, the Sunlight Blade was also known as the Immortal Blade.

“Get ready to withdraw, rainbow. This battle is over,” one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Elders said to Verdant Rainbow with a gloomy face. “There is nothing we can do to the Sunlight Body when it is active, and it has a duration of one hour. We simply can’t last that long.”

In reality, the Seven Luminaries Alliance wasn’t completely helpless when it came to dealing with the Sunlight Blade. One example would be Divine Afterglow, one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s most prized possessions. If they had Divine Afterglow’s power, even if the Sun Dynasty mobilized both the Sunlight Blade and the Moonlight Blade, they could still defend the resurrection camp.

However, setting aside the fact that Divine Afterglow was currently being used to protect the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s town on the Western Continent, even if it wasn’t in use, there was no way they would use such a valuable item to protect one resurrection camp.

“I understand.” Verdant Rainbow nodded. Then, she promptly issued a command, saying, “I will distract him while you all find a way to safely evacuate.”

Verdant Rainbow had read the report on the Sunlight Blade, so she knew they stood no chance against it. It didn’t matter, even if the World String she wielded was also a Divine Artifact. After all, Chalk Splendor could simply shrug off her attacks with his Sunlight Body and eliminate everyone else in the resurrection camp. So, the only thing they could do now was to withdraw and minimize losses, preventing more people from suffering Soul Annihilation.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Elders promptly went into action after receiving Verdant Rainbow’s command, organizing the various teams into an orderly withdrawal while coordinating their movements with the several hundred Dark-Gold Combat Puppets in providing cover for everyone.

“You want to leave? It’s too late for that! Die!”

When Chalk Splendor saw the human forces retreating, he promptly swung the Sunlight Blade at the Dark-Gold Combat Puppets covering the humans’ retreat.

With only a single swing of the Divine Weapon, several dozen Dark-Gold Combat Puppets, which could normally resist the attacks of Tier 6 players with ease, were cut in half. The mountain range several dozen miles away was also bisected from the waist, several mountain tops briefly becoming airborne before crashing back down.

Subsequently, just as Chalk Splendor was about to target the retreating human forces, Verdant Rainbow angrily bellowed:

“Your opponent is me!”

Verdant Rainbow no longer hid the World String’s power as she summoned strings of cyan-colored energy to form a bolt of silver lightning. Then, the summoned lightning quickly transformed into a silver arrow, which Verdant Rainbow proceeded to release at the gigantic Chalk Splendor.

When the silver arrow separated from the World String, it quickly split into a thousand lightning bolts that flew at Chalk Splendor. Then, these lightning bolts converged into 100 dark gray lightning bolts, each carrying power so strong that they could rival the Skills and Spells used by Ancient Gods. And should even one of these dark gray lightning bolts be allowed to connect, it could instantly destroy multiple large maps or knock a Tier 6 God unconscious.

When faced with a hundred of these terrifying lightning bolts, even bona fide Ancient Gods would have to be careful.

Meanwhile, these dark gray lightning bolts were the product of String of Divine Punishment, one of the World String’s Profound Skills. When paired with Ninefold Heart, a Gold Combat Technique that allowed her to merge nine sources of power into one to exhibit ninefold power, even Ancient Gods wouldn’t be able to come out unscathed after blocking it.

“Do you think you are worthy of being my opponent?”

When Chalk Splendor saw Verdant Rainbow’s attack, he simply scoffed and threw a punch.

Gold Holy Art, Setting Sun!

Immediately, Chalk Splendor’s fist turned into a miniature sun as it collided with the oncoming lightning bolts. Then, when both sides collided, the dark gray lightning bolts were deflected to the surroundings, forming an area of absolute nothingness around Chalk Splendor. Be it the players, the land, or the sky, everything within a several hundred-yard radius of Chalk Splendor ceased to exist.

A moment later, an earth-shattering noise echoed across the battlefield as a gigantic fist-shaped hole appeared in a mountain several dozen miles away. The several thousand Tier 5 human experts who happened to be in that location were also obliterated, and even the Fragmented Legendary Weapons and Equipment they dropped were reduced to nothing.

Subsequently, silence spread across the entire Deadzone Forest…

TL Notes:

[1]Divine Afterglow(神国余辉):

Divine Afterglow(神国余辉) can be roughly translated as “Divine Nation’s Afterglow,” but I don’t know if this is referring to the Golden Kingdom(黄金国度) or something else entirely.

I’ll come back to make changes if necessary when I have more information in the future, but for the time being, I will be assuming that Golden Kingdom and Divine Afterglow are two different items.

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