Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3593

Chapter 667 – First Battle Against a Divine Artifact

How can this be?

Verdant Rainbow couldn’t help but be stupefied when she saw the devastation caused by the energy fist that had flown right past her body.

Verdant Rainbow was well aware that even with the World String, there was no way she could defeat Chalk Splendor in direct combat. All she could do was try to distract him and minimize the losses of her allies.

However, what Verdant Rainbow didn’t expect was for her full-powered attack to be utterly useless against Chalk Splendor. In fact, if she hadn’t evaded Chalk Splendor’s energy fist, she would have even died on their very first exchange.

“Is this the power of one of the Sun Dynasty’s Seven Arcanas?”

The Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Elders were similarly shocked by the fact that Verdant Rainbow couldn’t even distract Chalk Splendor.

It should be known that even without the World String, Verdant Rainbow would still be an undisputed God-ranked expert. With the World String, she could rank among the Eternal Realm’s top ten experts. She could even rank among the top five if they were comparing purely in terms of Attack Power.

Yet, despite being such a powerful expert, Verdant Rainbow couldn’t even serve as a distraction to Chalk Splendor. This situation was so unbelievable that they couldn’t help but suspect the World String’s status as a Divine Artifact.

“So, even after all that, we still won’t be making it out alive?” Garut wryly smiled as he looked at the gigantic fist-shaped hole in the distance.

Previously, after escaping from the Three Fist Saints with his life and seeing Zero Wing’s ten God-ranked experts, Garut thought that their side had won and the battle would be smooth sailing moving forward. However, he never thought the tides of the battle would change once again so quickly and suddenly. It truly felt like he was riding on a rollercoaster of fate.

Meanwhile, if even an expert as powerful as Verdant Rainbow could do nothing against the Holy Race’s three-eyed youth, it goes without saying that nobody else could do anything against him. In fact, every human player on this battlefield might have to say goodbye to God’s Domain by the end of the battle.

After all, if Chalk Splendor could obliterate a mountain several dozen miles away, even high-tiered Random Teleportation Scrolls could not let them escape safely. Chalk Splendor could easily penetrate space and time to obliterate any player who tried to escape through a space-time passage.

As for the Zero Wing members distracting the Three Fist Saints, they also felt the threat of death looming over them after seeing Chalk Splendor’s attack, their complexions turning incredibly gloomy.

“Hahaha! That’s what you aliens get for trying to oppress us with numbers! You all are doomed now!” Heavenly Ape Saint couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Chalk Splendor taking action and the gloomy expression on Gentle Snow. “Now that His Highness has taken action, all of you will fall here today!”

“If His Highness had taken the Sunlight Blade out on loan, why couldn’t he have used it earlier?” Tailless Scorpion grumbled. While he felt fortunate over this turn of events, he also couldn’t help but feel a little resentful. After all, he currently only had one-third of his HP remaining. He might have gotten killed by Fire Dance’s group of four had Chalk Splendor taken action any later.

“The Sunlight Blade is incredibly precious, so His Highness will naturally try to avoid using it if he can. The penalty on his contributions will also be less severe,” Earthen Fist Saint said after putting some distance between himself and Hidden Soul’s group of four. “But the strength of these aliens truly is astonishing to force His Highness to use the Sunlight Blade. They can die with honor.”

Heavenly Ape Saint and Tailless Scorpion nodded in agreement. They similarly couldn’t help but feel a hint of admiration toward the human experts they fought.

The Sunlight Blade was a priceless treasure that only the Sun Dynasty’s successors were qualified to use. Moreover, each successor was only granted limited chances to use the Sunlight Blade. In the past, whenever these successors used the Sunlight Blade, it would always be for fighting against the chosen ones of other royal powers.

So, the fact that the human experts here could get Chalk Splendor to use the Sunlight Blade meant that they could rival the various royal powers’ chosen ones already.

Meanwhile, after dealing with Verdant Rainbow’s attack, Chalk Splendor immediately directed his attention toward Zero Wing’s Tier 6 members.

“You alien scum! How dare you make me use the Sunlight Blade?! All of you die!”

After saying so, Chalk Splendor threw a punch in the direction of Gentle Snow and the others, the chilling killing intent he radiated immobilizing all Tier 5 experts within a several thousand-yard radius.

When the Sun Dynasty’s members saw Chalk Splendor’s rage, they were not surprised by it.

If Chalk Splendor had only taken the Sunlight Blade out on loan and did not use it, he would, at most, expend some Guild Contribution Points. It wouldn’t affect the limited number of uses he had over the weapon. And if it wasn’t for Zero Wing’s members, the Sun Dynasty could have easily captured the Deadzone Forest’s resurrection camp without Chalk Splendor having to use the Sunlight Blade.

But because of Zero Wing’s members, Chalk Splendor was forced to waste one of his usage rights over the Sunlight Blade, which would, in turn, reduce his chances when competing for the Guild Leader position in the future. So, it was only normal for him to be furious at Zero Wing’s members.

Meanwhile, just as Chalk Splendor’s energy fist was about to reach them, Gentle Snow readied herself to use Chaos Incarnation and resist with all her might. However, before she could do so, numerous sword lights soared across the sky like shooting stars and struck the oncoming energy fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sword lights struck the mighty fist one after another, causing booming sounds to reverberate across the sky and everyone’s hearts to tremble.

Following each collision, the trajectory of Chalk Splendor’s energy fist could also be seen deviating slightly. After being bombarded by several dozen sword lights, the mighty energy fist that even Verdant Rainbow was powerless against flew past Gentle Snow’s group and struck a canyon several dozen miles away, instantly transforming the canyon into a bottomless crater.

“Guild Leader?”

Gentle Snow’s eyes were full of disbelief when she saw the familiar sword lights.

She, or more specifically, all of Zero Wing’s executive members, were very familiar with those shooting star-like sword lights. This was because they were the product of Shi Feng’s trademark move, Sword’s Orbit. It was a combat technique that could be used both offensively and defensively. Thus far, outside of Shi Feng, they had not seen anyone else using this combat technique before.

“Black Flame!”

“Guild Leader Black Flame?”

When looking at the man proudly standing in mid-air and the longsword marked by crimson patterns he wielded, the various human powers’ experts, especially those familiar with the player named Black Flame, couldn’t help but gape in shock.

“Am I dreaming?”

Frey couldn’t help but doubt her eyes as she looked at the incomparably familiar figure in the distance.

A Taboo-level existence!

A Taboo-level existence capable of deflecting Chalk Splendor’s attack!

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