Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3594

Chapter 668 – Astonishing Strike

“Who exactly is Black Flame, Elder Gray Eagle?”

When Verdant Rainbow saw the mighty energy fist getting deflected completely, unprecedented shock filled her eyes. Then, as soon as she snapped out of her daze, she promptly questioned the Elder responsible for escorting the various powers’ experts to the Deadzone Forest’s resurrection camp.

From what she could tell, the combat technique Shi Feng just executed wasn’t particularly complicated. At best, it was an Advanced Silver Combat Technique that any fourth-floor expert could master. It paled in comparison to her Ninefold Heart.

Yet, such a simple technique had successfully deflected Chalk Splendor’s energy fist. Even if the energy fist was merely the result of a normal attack from Chalk Splendor, it was still astonishing nonetheless.

At the very least, she would have difficulty replicating the feat if she relied only on Ninefold Heart.

“Me?” Gray Eagle, still feeling shocked over this series of developments, couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard Verdant Rainbow’s question.

Gray Eagle was only an Outer Elder of the Seven Luminaries Alliance. His status in the Alliance was vastly inferior to Inner Elders, let alone a chosen one like Verdant Rainbow. Normally, he wouldn’t even have the opportunity to talk with Verdant Rainbow, let alone have her take the initiative to ask him a question.

“Do you not know?” Verdant Rainbow asked with a frown.

Gray Eagle’s primary responsibility as an Outer Elder was to collect and organize information for the Seven Luminaries Alliance, so he was expected to know everything there was to know when it came to matters relating to the Seven Luminaries Alliance. It was especially so for the battle revolving around the World Ark’s inner resurrection camps this time. After all, if the Seven Luminaries Alliance didn’t properly understand the various powers’ strength, it would be difficult to ensure all six resurrection camps were at the same standard in terms of combat power.

Of course, the various powers would more or less keep some of their trump cards a secret. But as an Outer Elder of the Seven Luminaries Alliance, Gray Eagle should still have some general information about these hidden trump cards.

“I do know a little!” Gray Eagle hurriedly said. “Black Flame is currently Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. He also ranks among the top five of the latest Sacred Glory List.”

“The Sacred Glory List’s top five?” When Verdant Rainbow heard Gray Eagle’s answer, she couldn’t help but grow a little incensed as she felt that the other party was messing with her.

If Black Flame was only one of the Sacred Glory List’s top five experts, where would that put her?

The bottom of the Sacred Glory List?

Or was it the bottom of the Luminous Glory List?

“This is based on his last public performance,” Gray Eagle hurriedly explained. “We still do not know how strong he is exactly.”

“I understand.” Verdant Rainbow sighed, feeling very dissatisfied with the information Gray Eagle provided. After all, if not for Shi Feng taking action today, she would have missed the opportunity to get acquainted with such a powerful expert. “Once we’re done with this battle, I want you to utilize all available resources to investigate him. I want to know everything there is to know about him. Do not let even a single battle video slip by!”

Verdant Rainbow could also be considered a Taboo-level expert as she wielded the World String. Because of this, compared to the other players present, she had a much better idea of how astonishing it was exactly that Shi Feng managed to deflect Chalk Splendor’s attack with just an Advanced Silver Combat Technique.

It should be known that Shi Feng didn’t even possess a Divine Artifact on him. After all, if he wielded a Divine Artifact, there was no way he could have hidden it once he started attacking seriously.

For a Tier 6 player without a Divine Artifact to deflect Chalk Splendor’s attack, even if it was only a normal attack, they must have a heaven-defying secret. Meanwhile, in Verdant Rainbow’s opinion, there was an 80% chance Shi Feng’s strength came from a Primordial God Legacy and a 50% chance Shi Feng had constructed a Superior Divine Body.

Regardless of which it was, it presented hope for her to further improve herself.

“Understood!” Gray Eagle hurriedly responded.

On the other side, Garut the Blood Emperor was filled with shock and realization as he looked at Shi Feng’s figure in mid-air. He finally understood why Aurebeth, someone who was usually cold and indifferent toward others, would show such interest in Shi Feng, so much so that she would think nothing of Zero Wing’s provocation toward the Skylight Association.

So this is the secret you’ve been hiding all this time!

Garut couldn’t help but gnash his teeth as he glared at Aurebeth. Fortunately, he had found out Shi Feng was a Taboo existence before it was too late. Otherwise, he would make the mistake of offending Zero Wing once he started expanding into the Crystal City of Secrets.

Taboo-level experts were the apex of apex existences in the Greater God’s Domain, and they served as the foundation of the various pseudo-apex powers.

Garut wouldn’t have to worry about offending Zero Wing if it were outside the Eternal Realm. After all, Azure Fang had more than just one or two Taboo-level existences. Moreover, they were all at Level 230 or above and much stronger than the current Verdant Rainbow.

However, inside the Eternal Realm, Azure Fang did not have even one Taboo-level existence. So, if he provoked Zero Wing, he couldn’t even imagine what would become of Azure Fang’s Branch Guild in the Crystal City of Secrets. He might also be at risk of suffering a permanent death, which would remain true even if he got promoted to Tier 6.

The reason Taboo-level existences were feared by the various pseudo-apex and apex powers was that they could annihilate the souls of Tier 6 players with 100% certainty, and only Tier 6 players wielding a Divine Artifact could avoid such a fate. However, Divine Artifacts were incredibly rare, and even a pseudo-apex power like Azure Fang wouldn’t casually allow a Vice Guild Leader like himself to wield one.

While the various human players were immersed in shock, Chalk Splendor turned his attention toward Shi Feng.

“Interesting! Truly interesting! I never expected to meet someone like you here!” Chalk Splendor said, excitement and enthusiasm filling his eyes. It looked as if he was a starving wolf who had just seen a juicy cut of meat. “I, Chalk Splendor, can give you a chance. Give me a copy of all your Legacies, and I can spare your life. I will even spare the lives of your Guild members.”

Similar to Verdant Rainbow, Chalk Splendor also understood that Shi Feng was no ordinary expert and the other party must possess a Primordial God Legacy. Meanwhile, whether this Legacy was related to a Combat Technique, a Mana Technique, or a way to construct a Superior Divine Body, it would be invaluable nonetheless.

While a Holy Race player like himself wouldn’t be able to benefit from this Legacy directly, he could research it and find ways to put it into practice. And should he succeed, he would stand a much better chance when competing for the Sun Dynasty’s Guild Leader position in the future.

“Spare my life?” In response to Chalk Splendor’s confidence and demand, Shi Feng very plainly said, “You are nothing more than a second-rate Holy Child of the Sun Dynasty. Do you really think you are invincible in the Eternal Realm?”

The Sun Dynasty would nurture over a dozen successors every generation, also known as Holy Children. Meanwhile, as one of the ten royal powers of the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domain, there was no way the Sun Dynasty would let their core Holy Children enter the dangerous Eternal Realm. Only bottom-ranked Holy Children would brave the risk and enter the Eternal Realm.

So, the fact that Chalk Splendor was in the Eternal Realm indicated that his standing among the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Children was low. At best, he would be at the standard of second-rate Holy Children.

“You bastard!” Chalk Splendor instantly exploded into fury when he heard Shi Feng’s words.

Indeed, as Shi Feng surmised, Chalk Splendor’s standing among the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Children wasn’t optimistic. Out of the Sun Dynasty’s fourteen Holy Children, he ranked near the bottom at twelfth place. It was a major sore spot for him, and it was why he had come to the Eternal Realm to fight for achievements. Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s words had undeniably pierced this sore spot.

Immediately, Chalk Splendor executed the Setting Sun Holy Art at Shi Feng without hesitation, bringing forth another miniature sun onto the battlefield.

In response, Shi Feng raised his sword and flew toward the miniature sun.

Dark Moon!

This would be the first time Shi Feng was using the Dark Moon after constructing his Superior Divine Body, and it would also be the first time he could use the Mana Technique at its full capacity.

Suddenly, as the miniature sun descended onto the battlefield, a dark crescent blade of light emerged and cut across the sky.


TL Notes:
[1]At the very least, she(Verdant Rainbow) would have difficulty replicating the feat if she relied only on Ninefold Heart:

Just to recap, the attack Verdant Rainbow blocked was executed with Setting Sun(Gold Holy Art). So, Verdant Rainbow is saying/thinking that it’s not exactly impossible for her to block a normal attack from Chalk Splendor if she executed Ninefold Heart with a Skill/Spell/something else.

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