Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3595

Chapter 669 – Superior Divine Body’s Effects

Following the collision between the miniature sun and the dark crescent moon, cracks formed across the sky above the resurrection camp. Countless stars could be seen beyond these cracks, proving that the Eternal Realm’s World Barrier had been damaged. The resulting shockwave of the collision had also caused all players within a several-mile radius to shudder.

“Aren’t they a little too strong?! This is the World Barrier of a Realm we are talking about!”

“Is this a fight between Taboos?”

The various human experts were stupefied when they saw the stars scattered amidst the Deadzone Forest’s cloudy sky.

Every world and Realm possessed a World Barrier that isolated them from the rest of the Greater God’s Domain and protected them from invaders.

Depending on the size of a world or Realm, the strength of its World Barrier would also differ. The World Barriers of miniature worlds were among the weakest, while the World Barriers of the various Realms were among the strongest.

However, even a miniature world’s World Barrier was not something Tier 6 players could damage easily. As for the standard God’s Domain’s World Barrier, while there were precedents of players damaging them, it was a feat most Tier 6 players should never think of accomplishing.

As for the World Barrier of a Realm, most players present had never seen one being damaged. Yet, now, merely the shockwave generated by the clash between Chalk Splendor and Shi Feng was enough to crack the Eternal Realm’s World Barrier. It was simply unbelievable.

“He’s unscathed? How can that human be unscathed?”

“Isn’t that His Highness’s Setting Sun Holy Art? Could that person also be a Divine Artifact owner?”

Many of the Holy Race experts couldn’t help but be surprised when they saw Shi Feng coming out of the clash unharmed.

Chalk Splendor might be ranked twelfth among the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Children, but now that he wielded the Sunlight Blade, he wasn’t an existence the average Taboo-level expert could hope to match. If the average Taboo-level expert tried to defend against his Gold Holy Arts, even if they weren’t outright killed, they would still sustain heavy injuries. Yet, Shi Feng came out unscathed after blocking Chalk Splendor’s Setting Sun.

He blocked it?! Verdant Rainbow was also stunned as she looked at Shi Feng.

Verdant Rainbow had personally gone up against Chalk Splendor’s Setting Sun previously, so she knew just how powerful the Gold Holy Art was in Chalk Splendor’s hands. It had completely deflected her full-powered attack, and if she hadn’t dodged quickly enough, she would have even been heavily injured.

Yet, despite not having a Divine Artifact-ranked weapon, Shi Feng had managed to neutralize Chalk Splendor’s Setting Sun completely. The extent of his Strength was simply incomprehensible.

What a powerful Legacy! Chalk Splendor was similarly caught off guard by this development, his brows furrowing slightly. He didn’t think his full-powered attack would fail to injure Shi Feng. If Shi Feng was so strong, it would increase the difficulty of capturing him significantly.

“Miss Rainbow, I will distract this Holy Child while you take care of the rest of the Holy Race Army,” Shi Feng said to Verdant Rainbow via the team chat.

Hearing Shi Feng’s words, Verdant Rainbow promptly snapped out of her daze and gratefully said, “I will have to trouble you with him, then, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

Chalk Splendor was undeniably the toughest opponent on this battlefield. His presence alone had even forced her to call for a retreat. So, if Shi Feng could keep Chalk Splendor busy, dealing with the rest of the Holy Race army would become much easier.

After Verdant Rainbow finished speaking, she promptly commanded the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Elders to lead a counterattack on the Holy Race army. The human army might have sustained significant damage because of Chalk Splendor, losing several hundred Dark-Gold Combat Puppets and over a hundred Magic Cannons, but if Chalk Splendor was taken out of the equation, it was still possible for the remaining human army to defend the resurrection camp.

Subsequently, Verdant Rainbow drew the World String and executed Ninefold Heart against the Voyage Train. She intended to break the Voyage Train’s defensive barriers and bring both sides back to parity.

“Don’t even think of touching the Voyage Train!” When Chalk Splendor saw Verdant Rainbow firing a lightning arrow at the Voyage Train, he promptly ignored Shi Feng and swatted at the arrow with his palm.

For experts of their caliber, they would only need one attack to shatter most defensive barriers. Although the Voyage Train possessed powerful defensive barriers, if Verdant Rainbow’s arrow struck them, they would fare no differently than how the resurrection camp’s barriers had fared against his fist.

Hence, even if it meant risking an attack from Shi Feng, Chalk Splendor needed to block Verdant Rainbow’s attack. Not to mention, the Sunlight Body was titled the Immortal Body. He didn’t have to fear taking a hit from anyone.

However, before Chalk Splendor’s palm could get in the way of the lightning arrow, numerous star-like sword lights struck it, forcibly altering its trajectory. As a result, Verdant Rainbow’s lightning arrow flew past Chalk Splendor’s palm unhindered and pierced through the Voyage Train’s defensive barriers, shattering them completely.

In the blink of an eye, both sides were on a level playing field again.

“You despicable bastard! How dare you hinder me?!”

Chalk Splendor glared at Shi Feng with wrathful eyes before promptly executing Setting Sun against Shi Feng again.

Now that the Voyage Train’s barriers were shattered, the Holy Race army could no longer attack from safety and would have to engage the human army directly. Even if the Holy Race army ultimately won, it would have sustained significant losses, which would, in turn, adversely impact his contributions.

Meanwhile, in response to Chalk Splendor’s attack, Shi Feng executed Dark Moon again without hesitation, the collision of their attacks causing more cracks to form in the sky.

“So what if you’re a Limit Breaker?! I refuse to believe you can keep on stopping me!” After seeing his attack blocked again, Chalk Splendor bellowed as he executed another Setting Sun at Shi Feng.

At this point, Chalk Splendor already understood that so long as Shi Feng was present, he would not be able to intercept Verdant Rainbow’s attacks. Only after eliminating Shi Feng could he start to deal with the other humans.

Meanwhile, although Shi Feng’s Dark Moon was astonishingly powerful, it was bound to be costly to use. This was also a common flaw among the human race’s combat techniques and Mana Techniques. In terms of cost-effectiveness, they simply couldn’t compare with the Holy Race’s Holy Arts.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The rapid exchanges between Shi Feng and Chalk Splendor caused the state of the sky to rapidly switch between dazzling bright and pitch-black, and nobody could stay within 1,000 yards of them.

How can he still use that move?

After more than a hundred exchanges, Chalk Splendor’s expression started to turn ugly, and he couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in confusion.

Even if Holy Arts didn’t cost as much Stamina and Concentration to use as combat techniques and Mana Techniques of the same caliber, Chalk Splendor still felt a little tired after using a Gold Holy Art over a hundred times in quick succession. Yet, even though Shi Feng had clearly used a Primordial God-ranked technique an equal number of times, he looked no different than he did at the start of their battle.

This Legendary Superior Divine Body truly is incredible. When Shi Feng sensed the Stamina and Concentration he had expended thus far, he similarly couldn’t help but be surprised.

Although Shi Feng had constructed a Superior Divine Body in his previous life, it only ended up at the Epic rank. Previously, he had assumed that a Legendary Superior Divine Body only provided a slightly greater boost to Physique and Mana than an Epic Superior Divine Body. However, after using Dark Moon continuously, he finally realized what separated a Legendary Superior Divine Body from an Epic one.

The Legendary Superior Divine Body’s Stamina and Concentration recovery speeds were at least double that of the Epic Superior Divine Body. The same goes for ease of manipulation. Previously, when he executed Dark Moon at Tier 5, it felt as if 1,000-kilogram weights held his arms down, and moving them was a huge challenge. But now, it felt like he was merely swinging a 100-kilogram greatsword. While it was still tough, it was much better than before. Combined with his amazing Stamina and Concentration recovery speeds, he could easily execute Dark Moon two or three hundred times consecutively.

Dammit! I can’t keep wasting time on him! Chalk Splendor thought as he abruptly turned away from Shi Feng and threw his fists in the direction of the human army, sending out several hundred energy fists. He did not give Shi Feng any opportunities to execute Sword’s Orbit.

At this point, Chalk Splendor understood that the Holy Race army would be doomed if he wasted any more time fighting Shi Feng. After all, Verdant Rainbow could kill Tier 6 Holy Race experts like it was child’s play with her Divine Weapon, let alone the weaker Holy Race experts.

“So, you’re finally getting serious.”

Shi Feng smiled when he saw Chalk Splendor ignoring him. Then, he smiled as he pulled the Feather of Oath out of his bag.

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