Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3596

Chapter 670 – War Goddess Battle Array

Deadzone Forest, Resurrection Camp:

While Shi Feng and Chalk Splendor clashed in the sky, an intense battle also took place on the ground.

Tier 6 human experts fought against Tier 6 Holy Race experts, Dark-Gold Combat Puppets fought against pseudo-Tier 6 Holy Race experts, and Zero Wing’s nine Tier 6 members fought against the Three Fist Saints and over a dozen Tier 6 Holy Race experts!

At the same time, the Voyage Train eliminated thousands of Tier 5 human experts with every round of cannon fire, while Verdant Rainbow rained countless lightning arrows on the Tier 5 Holy Race experts, permanently erasing several hundred Holy Race experts from God’s Domain with every volley of arrows she fired. Although some of the targeted Holy Race players managed to react to Verdant Rainbow’s arrows and defend themselves with their weapons, the impact still depleted all of their HP instantly regardless.

After both armies clashed for only three minutes, the battlefield’s total casualties had already exceeded 100,000. The intensity of the battle far surpassed the intensity of any team battle. Even the casualty count for fifth-floor experts had already exceeded 10,000.

“All Elders, target the Voyage Train!” Verdant Rainbow commanded as she switched her target to the Voyage Train.

The Voyage Train’s several hundred cannons might have long cooldowns, but their attacks were incredibly powerful. Even when the human army was positioned loosely, the cannons together could eliminate several thousand players each time they fired. The human army was already at a numerical disadvantage, to begin with, so giving the Voyage Train free reign would put the human army at an even greater disadvantage.

Upon receiving Verdant Rainbow’s command, many of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Tier 6 Elders immediately began bombarding the Voyage Train with attacks.

In response, the Holy Race’s 50-plus Tier 6 experts also promptly moved to intercept Verdant Rainbow and the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Elders’ attacks. However, their effort was futile as none could block Verdant Rainbow’s attacks, and her lightning arrows landed squarely on the Voyage Train.

Although the Voyage Train possessed powerful defensive capabilities, Verdant Rainbow still destroyed over a hundred of its cannons with her lightning arrows. So long as she fired another two or three volleys, all of the Voyage Train’s cannons would be rendered useless.

But before Verdant Rainbow could attack the Voyage Train again and secure a small victory for the human army, she suddenly felt a chill crawling down her spine. Then, she immediately noticed Chalk Splendor’s thousand-meter-tall figure throwing several hundred energy fists at the human army, the gigantic fists akin to meteors raining down from the sky.

“Everyone! Dodge!” Verdant Rainbow instinctively shouted. At the same time, she drew the World String and executed Ninefold Heart, hoping to block as many energy fists as she could.

The pairing of the World String and Ninefold Heart yielded incredible results, as every lightning arrow Verdant Rainbow launched carried as much power as the descending energy fists. Unfortunately, Verdant Rainbow only had enough time to launch several dozen lightning arrows, whereas Chalk Splendor had thrown several hundred energy fists at the human army.

The several hundred energy fists also covered a combined radius of over 10,000 yards. Combined with the speed of their descent, even the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Tier 6 Elders wouldn’t be able to escape out of their range in time, let alone the tens of thousands of human experts and ten thousand Holy Race experts caught within range.

“All of you, die!” Chalk Splendor sneered as he looked at the struggling human experts.

Previously, Chalk Splendor had only chosen to leave Verdant Rainbow and the others alone because he wanted to incapacitate Shi Feng as quickly as possible. However, if he was serious about targeting the human experts, not even Shi Feng could stop him.

After all, while Shi Feng might be able to deflect his attacks, that was with the use of over a dozen sword lights for each of his attacks. If Chalk Splendor launched several hundred energy fists simultaneously, Shi Feng would need to instantly launch several thousand sword lights to counter, which was simply impossible.

It also wouldn’t matter even if Shi Feng used Dark Moon. The Mana Technique could, at best, block a small portion of his energy fists. Meanwhile, although each energy fist might only contain the power of the average Taboo-level expert, their large size allowed them to cause destruction on the scale of Large Destruction Spells. Even if only a handful of energy fists ended up landing on the battlefield, at least 10,000 human experts would cease to exist.

Is His Highness crazy?! Why is he targeting us as well?! Heavenly Ape Saint’s complexion turned pale when he looked up and saw the descending energy fists.

Of the several hundred energy fists Chalk Splendor had thrown, over half were targeted at the heart of the battlefield. If they connected successfully, even God-ranked experts would get vaporized on the spot. Moreover, there was a real possibility they would suffer Soul Annihilation.

The other Holy Race experts fighting in the heart of the battlefield similarly despaired. They never thought Chalk Splendor would be so ruthless as to use an indiscriminate large-scale attack on his own allies.

However, just as the energy fists were about to land on the battlefield, six pillars of light suddenly appeared in the sky. At the same time, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat as they felt six distinct and powerful auras washing over them. In front of these six auras, even the Three Fist Saints’ auras paled in comparison.

Upon turning to look at the origin of the six intimidating auras, everyone on the battlefield gasped.

“Tier 6 War Goddesses?!”

“Am I hallucinating? How are there six Tier 6 War Goddesses here?”

Everyone instinctively thought they were hallucinating when they saw the six War Goddesses in the sky.

War Goddesses were the human race’s trump card. They were also the epitome of technique. They could exhibit the power of Gold Combat Techniques with their every move, and those who had reached Tier 6 could even fight Tier 6 Gods. Moreover, these weren’t your average Tier 6 God they were talking about. Instead, they were Tier 6 Gods who were armed to the teeth.

In addition, as War Goddesses leveled up, they would also master increasingly frightening Skills, Spells, and Gold Combat Techniques. Upon reaching Level 180 and beyond, they would even start to have Advanced Gold Combat Techniques in their repertoire.

Currently, all six Tier 6 War Goddesses in the sky were at Level 187. Simply in terms of levels, they were more than ten levels higher than Chalk Splendor. Not to mention, these Tier 6 War Goddesses radiated auras far stronger than any of the Tier 6 War Goddesses they had seen outside of the Eternal Realm, and each felt only slightly weaker than Chalk Splendor…


The instant the six War Goddesses appeared, they uttered a word in unison. Then, they moved their bodies as if they were dancing.

Gold Combination Technique, Thousand Stars.

In the blink of an eye, the six War Goddesses created a thousand afterimages across the sky, each afterimage colliding with one of Chalk Splendor’s energy fists. Then, all of Chalk Splendor’s energy fists disappeared as if they had never existed…

As expected of one of the Goddess’s most prized possessions. No wonder she can fight Primordial Gods just by summoning twelve War Goddesses. Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw the War Goddesses thoroughly neutralizing Chalk Splendor’s indiscriminate attack.

Originally, Shi Feng thought the War Goddesses could, at best, neutralize the attacks targeted at the center of the battlefield. After all, he had yet to repair the Feather of Oath, whereas the Sunlight Blade Chalk Splendor wielded was a complete Divine Artifact.

However, it would seem that he had underestimated the Feather of Oath. Now that he had reached Tier 6, the Feather of Oath could finally exhibit its true potential and summon six Tier 6 War Goddesses. Meanwhile, when these six Tier 6 War Goddesses entered their War Goddess Battle Array, the buffs they received were enough to put them on par with Tier 6 Gods of the same level. Paired with a Gold Combination Combat Technique, they could fight Taboo-level existences in the truest sense.

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